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  1. Commonwealth nations respond to Russian fleet Superiority.
  2. Nice to see some of changes, see how they work out but think is right direction. Perhaps look at wider BR range on ports though and maybe making it needed to take smaller ports in a county before capital (50% or over of smaller ports in region to hit capital maybe). Would allow for smaller BR limit battles to take place for settlements building up to taking the capital which is higher BR, and bring smaller ports back into RvR.
  3. I forsee a near future where most of the server pop goes russian lol. They may as well go and take as many ports as they are able to hasten the inevitable, personally i would find it all hillarious :).
  4. Agree 100% When so many players are afk sailing either watching netflix or playing another game it is quite sad really.
  5. nvm. No idea what can be done, but it is kinda funny seeing all the opinions. I guess see over time if server pop picks up or drops off to oblivion.
  6. Not sure what the answer is but the server pop seems to be on a general decline and lets face it RvR is effectively almost dead (although it twitches now and then). You can't really blame a nation alone, but as things stand something needs to change i think. Personally I can't be bothered with RvR atm, you often meet with an army of screeners that make the whole time consuming process asinine.
  7. Apparently you can disappear when entering a Saudi embassy.
  8. It's a good job you don't moderate my real life, I am guilty of both both singularly and together. (daughter, mother, girlfriend, sister etc)
  9. No idea if he is a paid employee or not, but if he is doing modding voluntarily it's something i would have no wish to do Mods on all the game forums i have ever been on at times get questioned about their stance on things, and reply with their views. Some i have seen politely say they disagree personally with way things are going but say is devs decision, very rarely do you see mods not get involved with conversations about game. I see what you are saying but i think you over estimate the influence of forum moderators on game devs tbh. Perhaps i am wrong though as have no idea about the arrangements between mods here and game labs. I have disagreed at times with Hethwell but overall i think he does a good job, not a thing i would like to do tbh. Mods are often damned if they say something and damned if they don't.
  10. Eventually someone will catch it happening with video or stream. I'm just concerned more about game as a whole, and have seen how exploits or whatever totally wreck a game as more and more do the same. Perhaps is missions, voodoo, alien ship abduction i don't know but however is done needs to be closed or could become a big issue.
  11. Thing is he is also a player, so should he not be allowed an opinion on things also? As long as his opinions and moderation are seperate then is not an issue i think. For example if he started banning all that disagreed or had a different opinion then i would say is an issue, but from what i've seen he just posts his own view on things in the main. As for agreement with the devs on some things, perhaps it is just his view and nothing more. We all have differing views on things, it is just the fabric of humanity.
  12. Thing is though tow to port no longer exists in game afaik, so not sure how would be possible. Anyway we are just players, is up to devs really to figure how etc.
  13. I suspect the AI will be a tool they will counter with, well i hope is the case. Perhaps more someone camps an area then over time the AI have increasing chance to respond to the camper(s). Other games use the similiar methods to prevent hunt bots farming area's by spawning something that will kill bots in an easy area, easy to avoid if playing but lethal if a farming bot. I guess AI could be used to the same affect, with chance of AI response increasing longer someone camps a port/area.
  14. Perhaps the AI acting will have an effect on seal clubbing. Guess we will see. @Atreides - good to bring this up, killing new guys doesn't help game at all. Yesterday i tagged a GB indiaman in my snow and he had 120 crew..... i let him kill me for a lift home . If we all were more lenient with new guys perhaps the server pop would grow.
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