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  1. At least will provide some more RvR content, even if is against AI. I await the moment the AI double flip a nation while PvP port battle is scheduled lol .
  2. Sounds ok, and happy to hear PvE server is getting some love even though i play on PvP. Another DLC ship some will like, and after all is a choice to buy or not buy. Can you bring diana back into the game as non DLC perhaps, or is this also destined for the same fate?
  3. Perhaps a solution would be to hard cap different rate ships at different max speeds.
  4. Not at the moment, but think the devs did say somewhere they are looking at some way of bringing RvR into PvE no idea how or when though.
  5. They are towns that make up the capital region, to attack the towns you need to take the capital first.
  6. No idea just repeating what i've been told, whatever is happening i have seen players insta-disappearing from open world, The latest one south of Fort Oranje could not have been a mission unless he had recently left dutch nation with legacy mission (can't take missions in enemy ports). Anyway enough from me, there is really no point saying what happens when devs state is all fake news etc.... I've never seen the likes of it before, total refusal to believe in an exploit when is being seen so often. .
  7. I've been told by a few people now that they pull their ethernet cables to achieve this, I would test but tbh after response from devs i really can't be bothered.
  8. Lol take me off there, i'm by no means a pro. Tbh i don't care who the best is ingame, my ego doesn't expand that far . Much better to ask people that give a damn, i'm all outta caring after basically being called a liar for reporting an exploit.
  9. I think have found how is done thanks to a pirate friend, but as is fake news won't bother explaining.
  10. Ahh Well guess see if occurances stop, but what i witnessed was very odd.
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