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  1. Ahah! Ohoh! The old tradition of annexing Poland by Russia and Prussia I see.
  2. I agree on PvP server can be fun to loki into a battle, but PvE players play on server for many reasons. I sometimes go on PvE because is quite relaxing, friendly, co-operative and suits current playtime, but i love PvP to - each to their own.
  3. I guess is about balance; to be chased by AI to much is annoying, to little boring, and being vastly overpowered frustrating. Would be nice to have AI sometimes mix things up a little in OW though, maybe if they attack you can pay some reals for quarter (avoid battle) 500 reals per ship rate or something. Thats just me though would make for some interesting situations, and perhaps something similiar in pvp where attacker can offer quarter Payment for passage.
  4. Overall yes, increasing the entry timer a little perhaps to maybe 3-4 mins would make harder to farm due to possible emergency response time from captains able to get to capital. Should discourage noob farmers though, kinda like big creature spawns in mmo's to prevent bot farmers.
  5. I take offence at that remark! I'm a lesbian trapped in a mans body and identify as a moose.
  6. 🤣😂😂 Sorry for my reaction, just made me chuckle . I'm sure will be sorted out.
  7. British navy experiment with new Fireship equipment
  8. I don't really care as hardly play these days, but with the plethora of upgrades, gold ships, and trims i do question why a new buff was needed.
  9. That is a heartening post , I think the devs talking to level headed new guys like yourself would be a wise move to get a different view on things. If I was them at least it is what i would try to do, and they probably are already. Naval Action is the only game like it out there, leeway, sail control, mass battles and has a lot going for it. Hoping for the best, and an ocean filled future .
  10. It's good that things are being done now for new guys, but ideally should have been considered pre release. The devs are and have been listening but to vets who wanted to style the game for their own enjoyment, but in doing so created a perfect storm for new players to be farmed (6th rate pvp kill missions, removal of zones around capital area's for example) to cater for the test players wishes. So here we are a few months after release and mostly what we are left with are those same players that advised the devs and little else. It's easy in hindsight to lay blame, but i do believe all sides in the forming of current situation 99% did so in good faith. Out of curiousity I restarted fresh after ports were taken etc and what i noticed was alarming after release and server pop was over 1k. When game was released it was easy to hunt AI out of neutral ports, skill etc as players/clans/nations were more concerned about establishing their max rank/economy than PvP, enemy AI ships were everywhere. After all ports were taken and the PvP increased on server, the new guys had to go into enemy waters to find AI ships above 6th rate and in home waters only enemy AI you see was in capital zone. So along with less options in terms of AI (discounting missions which lets face it loot extremely poorly for refits), came the horde of pvp groups hungry for combat marks to fund RvR/port upgrades. Basically new guys had a harder time than vets in this time and thats when server pop really crumbled away. The Loki rune although kinda fun is yet another thing that will cause grief to newer players, this evening i absolutely destroyed a poor US guy in his connie with a rune it spawned me in an essex and basically cored him out staying on stern. All it does is impede new player progression, and yet again satisfy the PvP hungry vets for e-peen kicks. While a great idea i think it's again affected newer guys way more than older players, maybe make the loki rune much rarer? Not sure what the answers are tbh, and just hope it's not to late to rescue game from where we are but one thing is certain we need better retention for new guys or game will die. Sorry if i sound negative, I don't mean to trash talk just saying things as i see them, and perhaps an understanding of how we came to be here is a way to aid to formulate solutions without replaying past mistakes. I really do hope balance can be achieved for game to be the success it deserves to be.
  11. The thing is balance in games i think is the hardest to achieve, hopefully the right mix will come.
  12. I think that while i agree with you about game being less fun now that it's more due to players than the devs tbh. Firstly we had on release experienced players in the main gravitating to 2 nations which i guess is understandable, but has created an oxymoron where stated hard nations are the easy ones lol. Nothing i think devs can do really about this, but as time goes by more have switched to the power houses or quit (look at server pop). Also before someone says russiaphobia or whatever, you can't really blame players either for joining with those that they enjoy playing with. Changes made after release are based on viewpoint of experienced players which although is valuable data takes zero account of new guys, perhaps this is a reason we have such bad player retention? Viewpoint on things from a new player and veteran will be totally different perspective on game. Finally without player retention you end up with dying game pop, and so less targets, less fun. I would wager that a large % of players we see in game atm are those that played pre release (numbers are about the same more or less). So basically pre release players gave advice for devs that created a game not for all but to satisfy the vet players with no regard to new player experience. Maybe i'm wrong but server pop has returned to pre release levels overall , but seems there has been an increase overnight for US time zone.
  13. In short i think the people who were updating the info have left, but the map felix has created is a good source and mucho respect for him doing it.
  14. I really don't get all the anx about delivery missions, people complained about not enough targets in OW and the missions provide that with easy kill trader brigs. As for economy it's all magic beans (worthless beans to be counted and used), NA is a grind fest as it is and low player retention so does it really matter? What i see are players who have used delivery missions to get established and only now they grumble :D, it's all really sad tbh. Also they seem to be complaining that they are encountering people insta surrendering thier trade brig when attacked by warships lol...... why should they bother to fight? I had 6 guys in 4th rate/5th rates attack my lone T-brig, and yes i surrendered one i would have stayed and bothered to give resistance....... no point fighting, and am bemused why they all attacked hardly worth doing (both in terms of "fun" and "reward") except for shits and giggles. Personally i don't care either way, but for newer players (which we can't keep), all that nerfing deliveries does is make their grind harder and won't aid game pop overall at all imo.
  15. TBH I don't get all the anx about ingame inflation, after all is all magic beans at the end of the day. If people start to charge to much people won't buy, simples.
  16. Solo play isn't to bad tbh, you can always buy national port build ships but getting gold/purple ofc is much harder as a solo rather than crafting and getting over time.
  17. People interested in playing but not facing the russian zerg should perhaps start using the words comrade, potato, and Putin. Along with a nation change to Russia, you will know when the zerg is at an end by watching when VCO jump nation 😂 .
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