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  1. I understand your frustration with the PvP Server, I played there for years, but gave it up and now fully enjoy the PvE Server. (And my blood pressure has come WAY down!) On PvE you get to fight when and where you want. There are many different levels of difficulty you can choose - there are solo AI Ships, Fleeted AI Ships, Elite AI Ships. For a Group hunt there are Raid missions and the Trincomalee 8+2 home "Privateer" Fleets to engage. You can sail the entire map without fear of getting ganked; trading or fighting as you see fit. You can join a Clan and then get to participate in a
  2. I think they are either building a railroad or a canal across Cuba, that way Ships can "teleport" rather than sail around ...
  3. @admin I would like to suggest another influx of realism into the game, by having MORE Econ Delivery Missions offer Doubloons in payment for the successful completion of the delivery, BUT, the Doubloon portion of the reward would only be paid out if the Delivery is expedited: Maybe 1 day for a 3 day Passenger delivery; and 3 Days for a 10 day Cargo delivery.
  4. As a member of the FPM Clan on PvE, I would add the following comment: We (FPM) are a very big and very active Clan, and even though we have co-ordinated Battle Plans and use Comms during the "Defend Against the RAIDERS" Port Battles; wins for us are not common. I don't see a small Clan as having even the slightest chance to win vs the RAIDERS. Which means that these smaller Clans/Nations don't even bother attempting to defend their Ports. Which makes the RAIDERS Port Battles a moot point - simply uncontested wins.
  5. yes, agreed! "Fine Woods 3.0" implementation tells me we are still in the testing phase of Development. Also, why is the Leopard given such Thickness? Is she a 3rd Rate in disguise?!?? (I'll hold my breath until she is NERFed )
  6. I have had similar issues, they always resolve themselves after a few "try the books in a different order" and "log-offs/log-ons" ...
  7. Because the game has so many Alts, what @admin should be tracking is not "How many Russians logon per day / week" or "How many Dutch logon per day / week" but rather "How many Player hours are spent as Russians per day / week" and "How many Player hours are spent as Dutch per day / week." This way, if I have 3 Alts and use each one at least once per day / week, but play 4 hours as a Russian and 1 hour each as Dutch and British: Rather than counting Population as "1 Russian, 1 Dutch and 1 Brit", count it as "4 Russian, 1 Dutch and 1 Brit." In this way you will glean a much more reali
  8. No time to test this, and how would a "joe" player know which Ships belong to which Nation (according to the Devs) ? If you want Specialization, make it so a Level 1 Shipyard only Produces 6ths and 7ths; a Level 2 only Produces 4ths and 5ths; and a Level 3 only Produces SOLs. This, however, would force ALL Crafters to buy the "Extra Buildings" (Admiralty Connections?) DLC ... The idea seems to be a non-starter.
  9. No wonder the first exploit of the "Frontlines" mechanic involved the taking of Santiago de Cuba ...
  10. Could be good, but could open up a whole new can of worms through bugs, and untested exploits. If the game is to be released soon, there isn't sufficient time to properly implement.
  11. Maybe Sextant should be free to all, not just "folks who bought after a certain date."
  12. I think the Port Battles need to change the Map, unless 99% of the map is Neutral, but a Neutral Map might be too boring. As per War server, Player's could do Hostility missions, (and a new mechanic - the ANTI Hostilities Mission could be added to allow the Attacked Nation a way to respond), to try and generate Port Battles in certain locations. But maybe there would be a limit to 2-3 PBs for any one Nation over the course of a week. If Players fail to generate Hostilities, then random Ports would be chosen for a Nation's offensive Port Battles. THEN, the Ports involved in a Port Batt
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