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  1. I have had similar issues, they always resolve themselves after a few "try the books in a different order" and "log-offs/log-ons" ...
  2. I am really enjoying this new patch: The Wind Boosts are an incredible addition to the game! It takes the tedium out of trade runs, and I really enjoy the way sometimes the Boosts line up like the "Trade Winds" might in real-life. I will add that having Port Battles on PvE has added a lot of excitement to that Server. Thanks!
  3. Because the game has so many Alts, what @admin should be tracking is not "How many Russians logon per day / week" or "How many Dutch logon per day / week" but rather "How many Player hours are spent as Russians per day / week" and "How many Player hours are spent as Dutch per day / week." This way, if I have 3 Alts and use each one at least once per day / week, but play 4 hours as a Russian and 1 hour each as Dutch and British: Rather than counting Population as "1 Russian, 1 Dutch and 1 Brit", count it as "4 Russian, 1 Dutch and 1 Brit." In this way you will glean a much more realistic view of the National population situation.
  4. Devs said, ""Earliest would be Wednesday evening, Kiev time. That hour has come and gone. So it could happen at any moment...
  5. Add a Naval Clock, Navy Loodsman, Port Bonusses and a few other Speed Books n Upgrades!
  6. @admin Congratulations! I was very happy to see the "Fleeting of DLC Ships" Exploit corrected. Looking forward to the Release!!
  7. My last question / suggestion is that the game get promoted or advertised: Otherwise there may NOT be any surge of new Players coming in upon "Release," and this game desperately NEEDS a surge of new Players to make it successful. I also would hope that us veterans will see it to police ourselves and NOT engage in Capitol area "Seal-Clubbing" of the newbie Players as they do their initial AI missions and scurry aimlessly to and fro. Otherwise, many of the new Players will be simply driven away in frustration, as they won't know the history or the fact that we were completely Wiped. This will have to be an individual decision made by each and every one of us for it to work... Here's to hoping the game will not be DOA.
  8. No time to test this, and how would a "joe" player know which Ships belong to which Nation (according to the Devs) ? If you want Specialization, make it so a Level 1 Shipyard only Produces 6ths and 7ths; a Level 2 only Produces 4ths and 5ths; and a Level 3 only Produces SOLs. This, however, would force ALL Crafters to buy the "Extra Buildings" (Admiralty Connections?) DLC ... The idea seems to be a non-starter.
  9. No wonder the first exploit of the "Frontlines" mechanic involved the taking of Santiago de Cuba ...
  10. If you force Alliances, players can still pick and choose where to play, so the % of Players in a coalition could very easily vary wildly - especially once the game is released globally as "Final Product" and a surge of the population occurs. The only Alliances in game have to be Player driven. Also, please note, your rationale states that small Nations have no chance. This is flawed logic. Look at the numbers: Russia 9% , then LOOK at the Map. Small Nations CAN and do win. I would argue that a large part of Great Britain's players are either brand new to the game, or casual players who have little interest in RvR. Many Players START as British, then decide to play for other Nations once they gain some skills.
  11. @admin Great Britain captured County Capitol, Port-Au-Prince. This should therefore only allow for Great Britain to capture the under-lying county Ports. However, France has captured Jeremie. This is a bug in the "Frontlines" mechanic, as a Nation that is not allowed to capture a certain Port has done so. Luckily, the fix appears to be easy to implement: Whenever a Player generates Hostility, whether it is 1% or 100%, the game code needs to ask: "Is this Player's Nation allowed to capture this Port?" If the answer is "No", then all the Hostility generated needs to be ignored and none of it applied. If the answer is "Yes", then the Hostility is applied normally. My opinion: The "Frontlines" mechanic is a great idea and improves the game. However, if it can be by-passed this easily, then it may as well be scrapped.
  12. Could be good, but could open up a whole new can of worms through bugs, and untested exploits. If the game is to be released soon, there isn't sufficient time to properly implement.
  13. AND, to kill the exploits of the Frontlines system, when a Nation scores Hostility vs a Port, have the code check, "Is this Nation allowed to gain Hostility here?", if the answer is "No", then Hostility level for that Nation should be reduced to 0%, AND, if it already was 100% through size of the battle, then the Port Battle set by this Hostility would be nullified. In any case, there needs to be more time for testing.
  14. I whole-heartily agree. Players have been banned for less...
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