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  1. @admin Are there any plans to re-balance any ships? Is there anyway we could see the stat lines on current ships? Average damage taken vs done. Number of fights vs players vs AI?
  2. Phaserburn

    PvE Invasion Fleets (New Epic Event)

    They need to add 2nd rate trade galleons. And have this idea with trade fleets
  3. Phaserburn

    Black Veil Griefing

    I was in an Indianman and was tagged by a traders brig with no cannons. I proceeded to attack him, and he ran/escaped. Later his friends showed up. And the no-cannon tbrig tagged me again so they could catch up and join. I lost to a req that was in the party. Idk if how this game intends to work long term. But I don’t think much can be done to stop this type of action. Same with screening for rvr. If he wants to tag and run, there’s no way to really stop that...
  4. devs would have to calculate destination warehouse space to make sure it can accommodate any remote crafting. Also we should view that and ship hold details remotely. This would solve that fee problem
  5. Phaserburn

    PVE AI?

    My girlfriend actually loves this game over any other I play, on that ground alone. I can sail around or an hour and just “chill”. If I find something it’s game time. Otherwise I’m just causally sailing shooting the shit and taking in the scenery. Maybe I’m crazy. But while yes I think more population would be good, I don’t think over population would be good.
  6. The fee makes me panic. And every time I hit teleport I’m cursing myself. I don’t need that “fear” behind clicking so simple of a button. Even more so when some days I just want to hop around ports and see what’s there to bid on
  7. I have stopped trading until this gets changed. Not because I want too, but the 5 times a day the ports that normally dropped trade goods and woods don’t anymore. I don’t even see contracts on them, they’re just not there.
  8. A few months back you made a forum comment that exp ranks wouldn’t be wiped, and ship/books probably wouldn’t be wiped. I bought this game after I read that post, hoping you would probably listen to yourself and not wipe.
  9. Phaserburn

    remove skill books

    I think stacking mods and books allows for very diverse ship builds. And with woods/lucky trim a player can make any ship able to fit in almost any role. You can do some really tricky changes to stats for some ships, that will really confuse you opponent and waste their time giving you an advantage you normally wouldn’t. I don’t see devs just removing this, after the uproar of even just wiping it...
  10. The top two carro decks feel worthless. Been using this ship a lot lately, and past 200 meters you basically don’t pen with them... Close brawler it’s decent, but it’s lacking compared to other 4th rates in first speed, then that ranged penetration for your top 2decks. Then also because of the height of those decks, fighting smaller ships presents a problem up close. You’ll just shoot over them, or because of the 4 total decks, the vertical dispersion causes you to get screwed. Overall, this ship needs a lot of love. Do something to help it. 32/24 for the bottom two decks to give it that punch to low lying ships hugging it. Or up the top 2 decks of Carros, to give it that mod range punch. Also .2-.3 speed boost would do wonders to match its usefulness in agility. It feels great sailing, but the top speed hurts and makes it a HUGE target.
  11. I honestly don't know how this is 11 pages... but to the people who say they should wipe the game. Please consider time is someones life, and they probably don't want to waste it doing the same thing twice. I'm 29, almost 30. Every minute of my time is EXTREMELY precious, due to a lot of real life responsibilities. So any grind I do I want to do it as efficiently, and quickly, as possible. Lets say you earn ~1000 exp every ~30 minutes. This is the best grinding rate I can get I might add. This isn't include waiting to find AI ships, or go back and repair. 4 knowledge slots on a connie classic costs 15800 exp I don't know how much the 5th slot is. This site is out of date on it's info- http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Ship_Knowledge Any API on exp slots? That means it's ~8 hours of grinding (At MAX efficiency) for a single 4th rate ship, to only get to 4slots. Lets say you want 2 ships per class (5th rate and up only for this grinding.) You're looking at ~80 hours minimum for just ship grinding 10 ships to four slots. 1st longer, 5th shorter. I'm assuming it averages out. That time is just to get slots. You can get exp also via pvp of course. But not everyone always wins in pvp to get exp. Sometimes you really do need to just grind it out, and for those that have, and those that will, lets not have to spend that time twice by wiping.
  12. Phaserburn


    I don’t know if anyone every played the game “cutthroats” but I’d love to see that type of City building/raiding/capturing applied here somehow.
  13. Phaserburn

    PvP or PvE Battle?

    The second open world battle I had in this game I joined a russian cutter in their attack against a brig. Fearing that Russians demise against so strong an opponent. The AI and I engaged in a boarding action and proceeded to fight back on the decks of our ships. That cutter then proceeded to kill my crew as I fought the brig in said boarding battle. I died trying to help that russian, by that russian. I’m never “helping” a rando someone open world again. I’d advise you just always join the defense. That way you know you’re fighting a player.
  14. Prussian capital waters has have tons of fish and bottles. I don’t know what you mean.
  15. Phaserburn

    Naval Action Meme collection

    This is a meme collection page. Can we get back on topic?