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  1. Phaserburn

    Survival Bug

    Please also fix boarding bug.
  2. Phaserburn

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    New York or NYC? Because I'm in NYC, and I'd be interested to see that boot camp haha.
  3. Phaserburn

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    Also, while talking about “flipping” that area and not showing to PB... that is a prime Prussia pve zone. Your ports there will get high hostility always from just hansa’s daily pve fun. GL with that.
  4. In the aspect of trading, over the last two days I went to close to 20 ports. Each one was empty of any trade goods to buy. Completely empty. That’s broken and needs to be fixed.
  5. Phaserburn

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whistleblower @Shocktrooper Basteyy
  6. Phaserburn

    [ALOHA] Limited Clan Recruitment

    After being in this clan for roughly 4-5 months. It's a very solid group of guys to be friends with. Always fun with good fights and trolling.
  7. If two battles happen near each other with the same “factions” the battles merge to the first battle started. Of course it will be at an increased range. But at least you can try to sail 20 minutes to your friends. This way you don’t get tag separated when still being near eachother. Near each other would maybe be half of visible range? I honestly don’t know, but make it pretty big... I don’t know how his world work for port battles... maybe find a way... I would say do always open for both sides over patrol zone shrink in ow
  8. Phaserburn

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    Please look at the health of the enemy player in my battle, and tell me he had the intention of “fighting”. Even more so when tagging me around a Prussian fleet? He never fired a shot at me.
  9. Phaserburn

    blame prussia

    Prussians shot JFK
  10. Phaserburn


    Focusing on the name of the topic. Can admin comment on the question posed by the OP about the Essex design/guns.
  11. Can’t wait for wapen buffs admin! Thank you for looking into this. And the problem isn’t that the wapen is weaker then other 4 rates, it’s that it’s weaker then 5 rates because of profiling. Also the wapen for boarding isn’t that great, because you lose the ability to fire deck guns.
  12. I 100% agree I'm an idiot for not realizing what the 40 br... Same time, I still think this is pretty much an exploit and should be removed. If you're a basic cutter, you shouldn't be able to grind AI damage in the patrol zone. I believe it was discussed before by the admins, but when is this getting patched?
  13. I mean, forum pvp is they best pvp! Also one of the blueprints listed it as draught, and another depth. Which I find funny. admin, where can we find a list of ingame draught? Pretty sure the api shows them as just shallow / deep... but I’ll need to look again.
  14. http://www.navsource.org/archives/09/86/86104.htm You’re reference states “unknown” about this subject. Which neither proves your point, or disproves my sources. Not trying to be a dick, but thanks for the link. I’ll stick with the multiple references which do also reference nice books.