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  1. I am a little amazed by what I read here. I mean I get the logic, the way you put it makes perfect sense. It encourages battles, etc... But don't you think there's something wrong when players are reticent in risking their hard earned ships in a battle in the first place and would then rather use their daily DLC one instead? I don't know... What you wrote there might make sense for some, but to me it looks like an excuse for a poorly balanced risk/reward mechanism. And if you really mean what you said, that DLC Ships are there to encourage fighting and risky behaviors because the real adv
  2. I don't understand what will happen with this part here. I saw in the discussion that La Nav was mentioned and I have a lot of stuff in there. So what will happen to me (brit), my buildings and my clan warehouse at La Nav after the update?
  3. Logic. First class logic. The decision to add more DLC ships is not just bad. It's almost insulting.
  4. Few pics from the Renomee - Barra since the images in the original post are no longer working. Totally worth it.
  5. You seem to think that we are possibly hesitating to move to war server, and that this feature would make us all switch over on your side. It is not the case. I don't care what happens on war server, I will not set foot there. This is a request coming from a PvE crowd, for the PvE server. If devs see an opportunity to bring positive changes to war server along the way, then they definitely should make it happen. But the initial idea is meant to be applied to peace server as an opportunity for more content. And for the smart boiz posting PvE server description as a way to dismiss the valid
  6. To all you PvP boiz : What's the point of ruining the debate on a PvE suggestion? Why so much aggression on a fine suggestion to make the game better for some, and add content and possibilities? All I read here convinced me that it is not poor RvR/PvP balancing mechanisms, or total wipe, or even consensual PvP that will drive away players from PvP server, it is you, the players.
  7. I still have a hard time figuring whether you are being sarcastic or if this is some form of roleplay. In all honesty I would rather have an answer such as : "This cannot be implemented within current schedule and resource allocation and would delay our release plans. We take note of this great suggestion and make a decision not to implement it in our current plans. We may consider adding it in the future." This I can understand and accept without a problem. Not that nonsense I read above.
  8. We have mermaids though... This is why I cannot accept admin's answer. Usually, it's the players that make games unbearable more often than game mechanics themselves. Fortunately the ignore function does wonders (don't know if reporting has any effect though).
  9. Aaargghhhhhhh all the gold chest missions I found yesterday and lost in between 😫 ah well... Shit happens. At least I did not lose my white vic hahah (was in battle when crash occured). Thanks for the infos and the compensation, very appreciated.
  10. 🤣 Oh my... I was about to say that I fully support the idea... I was also about to say that if the "on/off" idea is not viable for whatever reason, one alternative may be to make the AI hostile in patrol area only... But anyway. We got our answer. That settles it. I am so amazed by this answer that I feel the need to edit my post. You know what? NPC fleet roaming around me like sharks are making me anxious and are ruining my relaxation and my tranquility. Please remove all NPC fleet. 🤣
  11. Agree, if they remove trader tool then sextant should be baseline. I just liked to use trader tool to estimate distance and set direction better than sextant. Never failed with that. Also agree that the giant text above port is crap. I feel like it would make more sense to be able to click it from distance and have a target box in the upper right corner with port info same as for any ship or wreck we see in OW, with the option to enter port also available from there. Since we're talking about port it would also be great to see wind direction without having to leave port.
  12. No no I was not making any suggestion regarding Le Req. I'm fine with how it is right now.
  13. Well if the change is due to a global change applied on whole game, then they are probably free to do it. But if they focus on a specific feature of the ship (like moving it to 5th rate, removing carro possibility on it, etc), not sure they can.
  14. Hahahah this drawing is the best explanation I have seen in a while 😛 By the way, what's the point of the "random" firing mode? I have used it about 3 times, all by mistake...
  15. Oh dayum. I thought this was about OW speed. the 4 knots minimal speed is too extreme x)
  16. The question is are they free to change ship features after DLC has been published and bought by players?
  17. I like the overall idea. It would not hurt to get few additional shallow water ships. Descubierta looks like a mini Bucentaure ♥ but the french ones really are ahead of the pack in terms of design...
  18. This exactly. By the way those hints should be present somewhere ingame, maybe not immediately to let each person be creative and try on their own with their own methods... But maybe they should show up after I don't know... 3 failed attempts or something. At this stage of the game it is not shocking to have to come on forum to find that kind of info, but once the game has been released it should definitely be IG. I find the exam to be just annoyingly difficult, I just can find no fun in it, it's not enjoyable content, so I skipped it for now. Might give it a try at some point if I get bo
  19. Le Rekt x'D well done hahahahah. PvP wise I cannot tell, but from a PvE perspective it's still a monster. Sailing profile is insane, damage is excellent, full crew in every section, you can take on light frigates quite easily with it. And it's so sexy that Playboy's thinking of putting it on cover page for game release x)
  20. I have asked in general feedback and have no answers, only a few thumbs up. I would really love to hear what's the point of storms in areas of interest such as patrol or shipwreck areas. It adds no challenge that engages any sort of skill, no challenge you can do something about, it's pure luck based, and it can lead to a player wasting 1h30 circling around and finding nothing. It may have sense on PvP... But on PvE it simply has no reason to exist. If you are aiming for player engagement of course. I'd love to have @admin's view on this...
  21. I really don't like the idea they have announced. I see only constraints and little to no fun. I'm all up for a PvE version of port battles. The ideal would be to have the same combat mechanism, without affecting port ownership. As we cannot compete VS other players, a good compromise might be to have some sort of blockade on highly populated ports, making it impossible to buy or sell anything in there unless the AI has been defeated.
  22. I thought that was common sense. You learn something new every day. 🤣
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