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  1. Just completed it out of curiosity, and I don't have one single positive thing to say about the exam, the reward, or those who designed it. Quite the opposite really. I passed it by demasting both ships and then stern raking them to oblivion.
  2. A roadmap. And before I get corrected by Admin (as he did last time by pointing out that "lol look there is a roadmap open your eyes") I do not mean a "first half of 2019" post, but rather a real roadmap, a long term roadmap, the real thing, with milestones and stuff. Don't know bout the others, but I was expecting the "S2 2019" beginning of June. We're mid July and there's still no sign of activity. I would have been fine even with a post saying something along the lines of "hey guys now that the game has hit release and that there's no major issues preventing you to play we're gonna tak
  3. Ah this would have been great... The nation swap is among the worst ones to me. As you said, it would make total sense to be able to pay a massive sum to be able to swap nations. Even for like 20'000'000 reals and 100'000 dubs.
  4. Fully agree. But let's be real... Game depth has never been a priority for this dev. And customization DLCs overall sell pretty well.
  5. That's the most recent thing I read from Admin regarding paints. No deadlines, no commitment.
  6. I fully agree with you. I'm pretty sure I have seen some valid suggestions regarding the "tutorial" and exams, including splitting them and not having them at the same place, tuning the rewards for each type of activity, having basic exams and advanced exams for SoLs, lots of good ideas to consider...
  7. I have studied beached NPCs behavior with a well known prussian captain and trust me, things that get flipped onto their side don't sink. They do catch fire though, a magnificent show, though I was a bit worried for the forests just a few meters further. I love the idea Comte, and I fully agree. Like it or not, the existence of elite NPCs combined with the absence of port boni made crafting (and the economic movements related to crafting) obsolete.
  8. Why would you need answers to those when you got awesome wikipedia facts to fill in the void? 🤣
  9. Can we expect the promised 50 aditional paint jobs by release time? You're already months late on that.
  10. Every time we make valid, long term benefit PvE oriented suggestions that would help the game overall we get just as much unnecessary back lash from PvP forum warriors. Is there a point trying to prove who started first, or who's the worst? Your current posts in other sections of the forum just show that you typically don't understand PvE needs, which is specifically what I mentioned above. It is honorable from you to try and understand those needs though.
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