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  1. I agree. However I have no clue how national laws apply and interact on an international scale, and some countries still have very poor regulations when it comes to "what happens on the internet". And I also did not want to mix this specific topic which is about a form of compensation following frequent server crash with the overall game development and funding method.
  2. I'd expect nothing. As annoying and discouraging as it may be, remember that we're still pre release. My view is that it's a nice move from them to give us a form of server wide compensation with zero questions on what has been lost etc. Low time consumption, good damage mitigation, WIN.
  3. Are both servers hosted on the same infrastructure / same company? Would be interesting to get to understand how PvE (lower pop, lower player interaction) has so many crashes where PvP is running just fine.
  4. A nice suggestion with good intentions. Thank you. I'm not 100% with you on the terms which grant you your new rank, but I like the idea overall. The bland XP grindfest is a weak excuse for content. Tweaking it and adding certain conditions to pass your rank would feel much better indeed. I was more thinking of some sort of balanced, formal exam along the lines of what we currently have ingame, but this time with a purpose. I also agree on the reward part, but not necessarily with the "getting a new ship for each rank" as I fear this might cripple the economy. The reward should be different from one rank through another, and I would see it come in a form of help to getting the ship you want, be it in mats, reals, dubs, permits, etc, with the occasional free ship every X ranks. I was also thinking of having the 1st passage reward you with a shipyard lvl 1, 2nd passage rewarding you with mats to craft a ship, 3rd with a trade ship, etc... This would encourage people to at least TRY crafting, or trading, and if it's just not what they are looking for they can still sell the goods or whatever. But it would add some interaction with other aspects of the game, which is a good thing. How to implement that and how the rewards distribution should take place is up for debate.
  5. Telling me that this new orange juice is great because it's more balanced and natural explains nothing. You are not telling me how this will positively affect the overall player experience. What I see however is that the XP grind required to reach same crew cap is absolutely disgusting as it is. 161'000 XP was previously necessary to reach max rank, if I am not mistaken. Now with the same amount of XP you get to Rear Admiral, that is 900 crew. And the XP required to reach the last 2 ranks is just mad. I get the part where you say that the different thresholds will avoid skipping through ranks, and I agree with that. One possibility would have been to redefine XP caps within the same 161k ish XP range that we currently have. You get the "more balanced and natural" flavors, without adding more grind.
  6. Aloha, Any news regarding the server crash that occured this Sunday? Following Ink's announcement I was hoping to see something yesterday. Is there any way to redeem goods that were lost that day?
  7. Fully support the questions and ideas raised here by Tenet, CdC and Joe. ♥
  8. You know what's fun? Having all ships accessible, trying them all out till you get bored to sail those 1st rates and return to shallow patrols because there is fun in sailing frigs, then maybe picking a 3rd rate and going for a hunt, going back and forth. Grind is not fun, grind is NEVER fun. EVER. Nor is it content. So I will ask again : What is the positive outcome expected from those additional ranks?
  9. Same thing on PvE would have encouraged teaming up for large fleet hunts. I would love to know what motivated such change, and what the expected positive outcome is.
  10. Crazy how things could be very easily contained or even solved with a bit of communication eh? Who would have thought.
  11. It's a shame you closed down the general feedback thread. And it's also a shame you have increased buildings price in dubs tenfold. I know it's for testing purpose, I know there's nothing final, I know it is subject to change just as with rare woods price. But please. Communicate. It looks like we've reached the point where your smart changes are about to drive away the last RL friend I brought back to this game. Shipyard Level 2 at 25k dubs... Well done guys. Good job. "Yes but we're so hardcore yknow" #thuglife. Wow. I am so impressed by your fictional badassness, I'm litterally shivering. I give no importance to my small clan or myself. I am nothing. But consider this for a sec : Out of the 6 potential players that bought your game, we were down to 2 players, and finally, I'm again the only one left. Out of 6 people. Now imagine the same on a wider scale. Imagine if those complaints were heard, confirmed, taken care of... Imagine if you left some space for other play styles? Something tells me that the pop could be triple of what it currently is. But maybe that's not what you are looking for. Either way. It would be great if you could get a competent community manager to drive this small community with, say, regular updates on heated topics.
  12. How? What is it you were trying to prove with your cute Christian VS 5th rates example? I think you have a severe case of tunnel vision, please be safe, don't try to overthink or you might collapse.
  13. He is not looking for human behavior, read again. Just this, just that. Did you read his post at all? He said that he's doing fine and has not lost a single ship. And he also said that it can get tiresome. I completely feel the same. Haven't lost a ship in a while, yet I'd rather play another game at the moment because I have no pleasure playing against roid rage AIs, it just feels, well, unfair... And this is valid only for the more persevering players, because the other ones left. I managed to get 4 friends back in the game and they all left within what, two months? Specifically because of the reasons mentioned here AND the lack of communication on the matter.
  14. I find it surprising to ignore rates and national classification and put such a strong emphasis on the 9 pounder argument when everyone goes full carros anyway. What's the point?
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