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  1. I know the primary focus has always been given to PvP. It's just a shame that PvE is completely neglected in their content design and implementation. This game is no longer in Early Access yet the content is being released as if it still was EA. As asked above, how do you prepare yourself for that kind of fleet? There's no deadline I am aware of for providing feedback. Some people got rekt or discovered this newly implemented feature this evening and the fact that admin wrote that it will be disabled on PvE does not prohibit players from sharing their super engaging ingame experience. And the fact that so many players learned about this feature ingame direclty by losing ships and cargo shows how well documented and accessible the patch notes are. Is it really that hard to add a "Patch Notes" button in game menu? That's what we should have in "Important Information", not moderation rules as it is now...
  2. We gave you so much feedback, so many suggestions on how to implement this in an acceptable way. I'm all in for agressive AI in areas where it makes sense, in areas where they have a purpose. Patrol Area hello? I even suggested regions at war where the AI will chase you down and where players could form dedicated fleet to go into fights and pacify the region... This could potentially change trade routes from time to time, might bring interesting stuff... So many possibilities. I'm all in for mixed fleet too, as long as the same rules and game mechanics apply to both players and NPC. Mixed fleet with first rates? Okay then : Max OW speed should be the one of the slower ship, as is the rule for the players. Yet again you went for your roid rage OP AI strategy where the AI plays under a different set of rules and you don't seem to understand why this frustrates people which amazes me. So here are my questions for you : - What's the strategy against these agressive fleet? - How do you avoid them when they are faster than your traders? - How do you fight back as a single player? - What's the interest of making this particular mixed fleet agressive? - What's your intention behind that (not the agressive AI itself, but the way you've done that, with mixed fleet and impossibility to escape from them)? - Finally, what were your expectations?
  3. I like the idea, but I fear how these guys would implement it. Their tendency to go for the lazy choice makes me think that it'll be random all over the map at any time, which is a big phat NOPE from me. If it was focused in certain areas, or at certain times, this would force you to plot your course more wisely, I feel like it would add something to the game.
  4. A roadmap. And before I get corrected by Admin (as he did last time by pointing out that "lol look there is a roadmap open your eyes") I do not mean a "first half of 2019" post, but rather a real roadmap, a long term roadmap, the real thing, with milestones and stuff. Don't know bout the others, but I was expecting the "S2 2019" beginning of June. We're mid July and there's still no sign of activity. I would have been fine even with a post saying something along the lines of "hey guys now that the game has hit release and that there's no major issues preventing you to play we're gonna take a 2 months break to enjoy seksi summer time and will be back in august with more news". Instead, we got silence.
  5. You have a few pages worth of feedback already. The Pandora is a nice gesture, but a bad gift overall. Perf wise it is crap, and visually it's just not extraordinary. As a result, I build 6/5 rates that either look better or have better stats and break up the Pandora on a daily basis to get some free mats. You have the tools so get the stats... Pandoras overall time sailed VS other ships time sailed... How many redeems > break ups... This should give an idea on how appreciated that ship is. Nice gesture, bad gift.
  6. In the weeks prior to release I managed to land between 20 and 30 leaks with one single broadside on a steady basis on 3rd and 4th rates, with a santi, and the result is quite spectacular as the enemy ship would sink in less than 30 seconds x) so it still works. Might not be as effective when fighting equal rates though.
  7. Ah this would have been great... The nation swap is among the worst ones to me. As you said, it would make total sense to be able to pay a massive sum to be able to swap nations. Even for like 20'000'000 reals and 100'000 dubs.
  8. Fully agree. But let's be real... Game depth has never been a priority for this dev. And customization DLCs overall sell pretty well.
  9. It's not really about battle lengths, or the method used, it's about a feeling the game induces. That's what happens when you buff the NPCs to make it feel harder. Same cheap way to increase difficulty as Diablo's rifts, or most MMO's normal/epic/whatever modes or normal/elite npc's. It's not harder because the AI uses smarter tactics, it's just harder because it has better stats. This has been debated over and over again, and in the end admin has made his choice and has released it as is. No surprise some people would come and complain about it. It was expected.
  10. That's the most recent thing I read from Admin regarding paints. No deadlines, no commitment.
  11. Another nerf carried out with a combine harvester. How do you like your 250CM 1.25% navy loodsman reports? 🤣 It's such a shame because you could achieve a pretty interesting build by mixing different elements to gain a few bonuses here and there, and it felt good. Nerfing the whole thing because some made some OP stuff by stacking bonuses is the nobrainer solution, and it's also a poor choice, again. Quite a bad habit with this game, guess we'll have to live with it.
  12. I fully agree with you. I'm pretty sure I have seen some valid suggestions regarding the "tutorial" and exams, including splitting them and not having them at the same place, tuning the rewards for each type of activity, having basic exams and advanced exams for SoLs, lots of good ideas to consider...
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