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  1. Same here, agree with these two points. Yesterday I wanted to craft a 5th rate for the shallow patrol and since I got a paint for Reno (and I love the Reno) I thought let's go with that one... Nope. FU Zlat. You need a permit. Asked in global and nobody had one. Then I thought okay I have a paint scheme for the Niagara aswell, let's go with her. Nope! FU Zlat! Finally someone accepted to sell me a Reno... But still, I was not able to craft it myself. I just lost 1h to get this ship. The only thing that comes to my mind when I think of those permits is : BOOOOOORRIIIIIIIING! Second point, I don't know if you adjusted something to NPCs or if it was just bad timing/luck but patrol areas this week felt way too empty (PvE). I gave up on Thursday's patrol after 1h30 of circling around and finding nothing, and yesterday it took me 2 or maybe 3 hours to painfully achieve 70k damage. You should really do something about that.
  2. Few pics from the Renomee - Barra since the images in the original post are no longer working. Totally worth it.
  3. Few days ago we went on a 2 VS 11 1st rates hunt, and as I was just not as good at getting the kills, I got 11 assists. I did damage, I set ships on fire, I stil got around 8k xp from the fight altogether, but zero registered kills on missions. Any chance we could have assists counted in Hunt/S&D missions? This would really encourage teaming up and playing together.
  4. The possibility to add friends from other nations on PvE.
  5. Sorry to come back at it but really USSUS and Connie have nothing to do in the 3rd rate section. They are hello kittying terrible in there. The only plus side at having them in 3rd rate category is that it facilitates the Hunt/S&D for 3rd rate missions, but other than that it's just a major annoyance. Yesterday I was thinking of taking that gold Connie in the patrol area (4th rate) over my usual Agamemnon choice, just to break the habit a little... Well FU Zlat. There's something odd in the rating system between Ussus, Conne, Aga and Wasa.
  6. Comparisons with IRL battles are quite irrelevant. IG speed is greatly increased, else we'd fall asleep, and I would not want to reach the point where the crew surrenders based on morale, casualties and eventually captain's leadership after one single broadside. That would be terrible.
  7. I was thinking of having a repair chest... Just as money chest or upgrades chest... Problem solved!
  8. Agree. Love the Turbo T Lynx trips around the map. Removing the possibility to do so wouild be a total bummer.
  9. I don't care about PvP. It is a fun feature. Fun is love. Fun is life.
  10. You seem to think that we are possibly hesitating to move to war server, and that this feature would make us all switch over on your side. It is not the case. I don't care what happens on war server, I will not set foot there. This is a request coming from a PvE crowd, for the PvE server. If devs see an opportunity to bring positive changes to war server along the way, then they definitely should make it happen. But the initial idea is meant to be applied to peace server as an opportunity for more content. And for the smart boiz posting PvE server description as a way to dismiss the validity of this idea, keep in mind that we are talking about consensual gentlemen's duels, as in mutual agreement, for the sport. Which totally respects below description : - No negative interaction with human players - Great place for friendly peaceful gameplay Mutual agreement is key to understand this idea.
  11. Love this new firework party. Focused fire works great. Might need to tune it down but really not by much.
  12. To all you PvP boiz : What's the point of ruining the debate on a PvE suggestion? Why so much aggression on a fine suggestion to make the game better for some, and add content and possibilities? All I read here convinced me that it is not poor RvR/PvP balancing mechanisms, or total wipe, or even consensual PvP that will drive away players from PvP server, it is you, the players.
  13. I still have a hard time figuring whether you are being sarcastic or if this is some form of roleplay. In all honesty I would rather have an answer such as : "This cannot be implemented within current schedule and resource allocation and would delay our release plans. We take note of this great suggestion and make a decision not to implement it in our current plans. We may consider adding it in the future." This I can understand and accept without a problem. Not that nonsense I read above.
  14. We have mermaids though... This is why I cannot accept admin's answer. Usually, it's the players that make games unbearable more often than game mechanics themselves. Fortunately the ignore function does wonders (don't know if reporting has any effect though).
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