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  1. Are both servers hosted on the same infrastructure / same company? Would be interesting to get to understand how PvE (lower pop, lower player interaction) has so many crashes where PvP is running just fine.
  2. A nice suggestion with good intentions. Thank you. I'm not 100% with you on the terms which grant you your new rank, but I like the idea overall. The bland XP grindfest is a weak excuse for content. Tweaking it and adding certain conditions to pass your rank would feel much better indeed. I was more thinking of some sort of balanced, formal exam along the lines of what we currently have ingame, but this time with a purpose. I also agree on the reward part, but not necessarily with the "getting a new ship for each rank" as I fear this might cripple the economy. The reward should be di
  3. Aloha, Any news regarding the server crash that occured this Sunday? Following Ink's announcement I was hoping to see something yesterday. Is there any way to redeem goods that were lost that day?
  4. Fully agree on that, at least for PvE. On PvP I already played games that have similar clan mechanism, and I chose to join or create solid, competitive clans to get those benefits. It always, systematically led to player extinction pretty much. Within 6 months we had like 4 big clans left, and 2 months later those 4 big clans were empty too. Dead game. I will keep following the updates and will get in from time to time to test a few things out, but right now I'll just be waiting for the release candidate to see whether this game suits my needs or if I'd better invest my time into ano
  5. If mods and books are getting a "massive nerf", I hope the changes apply to AI ships aswell.
  6. Please read just a few lines above. Not all reviews are legit, trust me.
  7. Welp I missed my name on that screenshot, and I'm pretty damn sure I wouldn't post a lame ass "review" like that one. I have reported both the review and the fake account. @admin you should get in touch with Valve asap.
  8. I wish the tutorials would grant a little amount of XP too, on top of exams reward XP. Some of my returning friends are currently doing those to get some XP to get to bigger boats, and unfortunately some of the exams are just too hard for beginners. What's the point of granting XP on exams that you will pass only once you get enough XP ingame, potentially reaching max rank before passing the final exam. As for the difficulty, it's just over the top. Not fun nor engaging in the slightest way. The 5th rate roid rage AI really is a pain in the ass and that's about it, and it does not fe
  9. The DLC was added on March 21 and I'm pretty sure they said something about currently having 49 paints available in game and planning to add 50 more in the month following DLC release. Few days left, let's see what happens...
  10. Hell no. The exams XP rewards is what helped me convince some friends to come back AND stay because they could not bear the grind on 7 and 6th rates.
  11. So last week we had that big speech telling us that you will basically no longer communicate with the community, yet what i see is quite the contrary. New posts requesting feedback on DLC Ships, and no patch notes. Can we expect some news on patch content, and maybe an update on the original post for the 1st half of 2019 dev plans?
  12. Wow... I am speechless. After reading your reactions and responses I believe you have taken the right decision by choosing to stop with the comm part as it is now. Good luck with the final months and let us all hope for a smooth and successful release.
  13. @admin I may be slow on understanding as well but your post seems to have no conclusion. Is it a warning? A question? A decision? I don't get it. Anyway. I have read a post from you on a suggestion earlier this morning and you stated that with a team of 2 and current deadlines, you will not be able to implement any new feature and that you will stick to current roadmap, which is fine. Sad for the game development, but fine as a statement. But then I wonder, is there still a need for a "suggestions" thread, and in the same logic is there still a need at that time period, so close to r
  14. Come on... There is not a slightest problem with that 🙄 (I know this is not exaactly what you meant but still, this broadside angle is just too much x'D)
  15. Heh. Had this problem few times this WE. Thanks for posting this suggestion. Not sure it's the best way to fix it, I'd rather let devs figure it out. Looks like a timer/player loading issue...
  16. Again, this is not a question of PvP content or PvE content. It is a matter of how mixed content can be best used. As in same content, different server rules. Extreme mindsets never survive the test of time. We can debate on the reasons why people left PvE in the first place for hours. I will use the same method you are using. Has the PvE community left the game because majority of the content was beyond stale... Or is it the fact that 100% of devs focus and developped content was going towards PvP? This is so easy... Yet it proves nothing. Pure speculation with a massive confirmation bia
  17. Not willing to sound like a sith lord but I sense great fear in your words and those of your like. Fear that consensual PvP on PvE might drain the last bit of players from PvP server. And if my interpretation of your messages is wrong and you have no fear because you are all having a great time on PvP, then let me ask you why are you even commenting on a thread that will have zero effect on your PvP Server routine? Right now PvP server benefits from 100% of the content this game has to offer, under unbearable conditions for the regular PvE crowd. If they made that extra effort to bring al
  18. Is that a crime? Just asking because you seem to want pvp on your terms and your terms only as well.
  19. I have not noticed these before today tbh. Admin said something about adding up to 50 paints in the 30 days following DLC release so this may be the content we should soon have...
  20. That was my exact thought just a few minutes ago while I was disconnecting. Opening a gold chest only to find your 3rd Prince permit... Which can be bought anyway from Admiralty... Pfff come on. What's the point? I've been wanting to craft a Niagara for a few days now, welp, can't find a permit... Not even from other players. What's the point? It's a Niagara, not a Bismarck xD And I fail to see what it is supposed to bring to the game.
  21. I know it sounds curious. Truth is I am fooling around with admin's justification, even though I really think DLC ships should be craftable. Rare, but craftable. I understand why he put it that way, and I also get your point here. There's lots of games where similar DLC principle applies. Like the many games where you can either grind to get a very powerful vessel, or pay to either unlock the ship for free, or get coins to purchase it IG (GTA does both, WoWs might only do the coin purchasing part, not 100% sure). At the end of the day they still get the dineros. Your point is valid.
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