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  1. There's nothing scarier than a pissed off german đŸ€Ł
  2. This... The way you guys handle your project and communicate with people testing your game shows ZERO respect for their time and money investment in your product. No roadmaps = no commitment, just do as you please, whenever you please. Such a great mentality. You are disgusting.
  3. Yes, all things come to an end, I am aware of that. I am interested in what the admin said precisely about PvE Server.
  4. Agree with you Azenya. There has been a few words exchanged on this topic with @admin on latest patch feedback topic, and they assure that the only change ever made regarding this is that ship spawn location has been spread out a bit more on their route. Sounds a lot like a "working as intended" answer, which is sad for the PvE population.
  5. You should go for the BMW orange, which is hideous but seems to be the most visible under all light conditions I think white is fine, anything different from that may look a bit too cartoony. The other solution would be to simply display actual ships full stop in line formation firing bullets with smoke and all... Just to show battle location. A bit like the shipwreck thing.
  6. I fully agree with you OP. I keep spamming everywhere that server rules on PvE should not be the same as on PvP. Different population interaction and dynamics = Different server rules.
  7. This is probably the right mindset. We all knew this was an alpha, and we all know what that means. There's even a warning message on Steam for those who don't fully understand what it implies. However, grinding all of it from scratch will for sure lead to vets calling it quits and even people who already participated and left to never return. I am trying hard to pull my friends back online to test the game in its current state and the first thing they all ask is "Is the XP grind still as unbearable as it was before?". I'm the only one who had enough patience and made it to rear admiral.
  8. L'admin a annoncĂ© une coupure du serveur pour une maintenance durant le weekend afin d'implĂ©menter quelques modifs basĂ©es sur le feedback et les logs qu'ils ont dĂ©jĂ  pu rĂ©colter. Le serveur sera relancĂ© dĂ©but de semaine prochaine (28-29 Janvier). Si vous vous Ă©tiez dĂ©jĂ  lancĂ©s en chasse des 25 kills et abordages, vous pourrez reprendre lĂ  ou vous vous ĂȘtes arrĂȘtĂ©s Ă  la rĂ©ouverture, le compte sera maintenu.
  9. Cela retrouvera peut-ĂȘtre un intĂ©rĂȘt lorsqu'ils auront implĂ©mentĂ© les NPC hostiles qui te prennent en chasse, pour autant qu'ils prennent le paramĂštre visibilitĂ© en compte. Perso, mĂȘme si ça complique effectivement la tĂąche en cours, j'aime le concept. J'ai l'impression qu'on ramassait plus souvent des tempĂȘtes Ă  l'Ă©poque, et je trouvais ça vraiment bien, y compris dans les fights...
  10. Is that a Naval Action boys band name? Le Requin is absolutely insane. I used to love the Privateer and it feels a bit like his big brother, big guns, large crew while also having good escape/evade abilities and top notch maneuverability. It feels a bit too powerful for a 6th rate, but too squishy for a 5th. A pleasure to sail and a treat for the eyes.
  11. I'm okay with the "keep your XP and knowledge" compromise, but I can totally understand why someone who spent 1k+ hours grinding to get that golden ship would be discouraged and give up doing it all over again. I'd be in the same situation if I played that hard too. One way to do it would be to allow alpha players to pick one, max two ships they can keep into release and make them untradeable. I can also understand why a full wipe seems necessary, fresh start to give a fair chance for everyone and remove the possibility to screw up the economy from day one. I guess it is theirs to take bo
  12. This here is a great suggestion. Indeed. Came back after a good 6 months break only to find a game in a less engaging state than it was before. Making the game engaging is key.
  13. That's exactly why the population on this server is going extinct. No content, no fun, no players (I am exagerating, although some players do see it that way). That doesn't mean nothing should be done for PvE content. People know it's an alpha. They come, play a week / month, get bored by the lack of content, and leave. And they will eventually come back 2-3 months later to see how the game improved. If no improvement is made on PvE side, then the game will lose it's PvE players for good. People will come back 2-3 times, see there has been no improvement for months and will forget about th
  14. Interesting post admin. My vote goes to: Open world PVE: epic events, more variety of fleets, more missions (incl delivery missions) 222 votes [25.64%] I have not played on PvP servers yet because I was expecting it to be gankland. An absolutely unbalanced gankfest influenced by how population spread between each nation/faction/whatever. And balancing PvP is quite hard, one of the reasons being you can never satisfy whole playerbase. The Open World PVE system looks like a safe bet. It is actual game content available for everyone willing to try it out. It's free entertainment (whi
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