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Found 64 results

  1. Beware the rise of the blood moon [SNACH] Scalawags Naval & Charter Haus We are the scourge of the sea always looking to expand our international navy of scalawags who are not afraid to shed some blood upon the decks of our enemies. Our focus is PvP/RvR and are part of the all-call rats ready to join any battle anywhere. We also dabble in econ and have a few blacksmiths and shipwrights ready to build armed fleets for our squad and others. Simple requirements: Participation - Be ready for the call to arms. Be willing to help fill the warehouse with reals, doubloons, resources, and materials for our blacksmiths and shipwrights. Be willing to participate in the grind helping everyone to rank and gain ship knowledge. Be willing to help build our ports. Be willing to use your labor hours for materials. Communication - Once in clan we need you in TS as often as possible, even if it is only to listen. We are primarily English speakers with a couple French-Canadien. Maturity - Be an adult. Be courteous to all, even our enemies. Be confident. Be courageous. Be ruthless. Pixel Fodder - Remember this is just a game. Don't be afraid to lose a ship or few, for they can be replaced if everyone does their part. OG Founders: Big Balls Buck - Squadron Commander, Ball-dragger extraordinaire, Hunter of the big buck - USA TZ Nek Von Kraak - Diplomat - CAN TZ Yonar YawWalker - Diplomat - CAN TZ Dread TakeFam - Diplomat - USA TZ Poonhound - Officer - USA TZ Farrago - Officer - USA TZ Rhumb - Officer - AUS TZ Vinnierial - Officer - USA TZ van der Clam - Officer - USA TZ Onbekende - Officer - USA TZ Scalawags: billy bowlegs - Officer - USA TZ Captain Grundal - Officer - CAN TZ Egregious Twat - Officer - AUS TZ Harley Davison - Member - USA TZ John Jean - Member - CAN TZ Mishmash - Member - USA TZ One Eye One Horn - Member - USA TZ Purple People Eater - Member - USA TZ Speedy Gonzales - Member - USA TZ Be not afraid to shed some blood and join the SNACH squadron!
  2. SOLO player? Tired of waiting for your clan to come back? Are you the last man standing in your current clan? JACKS is looking for NA time zone players to join the Graveyard Crew. We have a solid base all around, our EU crew is running strong, currently looking to fill in the other side of the time zones. Need Ships? We got ya Need Cannons? We got ya. Need a group of solid players to join? Yeah we got ya. We have a steadily growing Market in our Pitts Town Port, many max level ship builders both in Baracoa and Nuevitas. If you are new to the game we help all new Captains in getting set up, not only with your ship but with how to play the game, sailing tips and tricks, economy and trade. We participate in both PVP and PVE activities. On weekends we usually have group events, PVP roams and xp grind sessions. Port battles , hostility defense we always try to participate. North American weeknights may be slow but that's where the Grave Yard Shift takes advantage on Econ and Cargo runs to keep our coffers full. Our atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, but when it comes to combat (PVP or PVE) we always watch each others backs, work as a team and communicate. If you are interested in joining us regardless of time zone see the following captains: EU Time Zone - Hefestus NA East Coast / Central - Tango Fox NA West Coast - Topher Bing or Blackcloud
  3. And...discuss. Make more suggestions if you think rat roe should return #BringBackOutlawBattles with changes
  4. And we are suggestion dropping the 11 nations thing and go to 4 core nations and 1-2 pirate/privateer nations. We have way to many nations, some of them weren't in this time zone even involved. RUSSIA never had any involvement, Poland had some troops sent there, Prussia 200 years before had a port, but by this time had little to no Navy. So why not make all these special nations a Privateer nation for folks that want to play them? Why just Poland? Why not the other nations that aren't suppose to be here? I don't get...oh cause the few players that wanted Poland aren't active any more and it's a dead nation that maybe 10-20 players are keeping alive? I don't see why we can't combine more than one suggestion on the same basic view of things? PS don't forget to put tags in the post or Admin/Devs won't look at it.
  5. Malice Aforethought ("Intent to Kill") is a Pirate Cabal looking for mature dedicated players. We currently have several players that have been involved in the game since before open world was an option. Message "Guyana Punch, Freshen Up" or "Gator9358" on steam for recruitment information. We have a teamspeak and welcome all to join (no matter your experience or rank, we will help you). Further, you can also find us on the Pirate faction chat in game. We look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully, Captain Bruce and Captain Gator
  6. So just wanna confirm the ROE really. We joined a patrol area battle today and split our fleet in two. One group joined the Spanish one group joined the British and we had a epic battle of much enjoyment. Is the ROE meant to be like this ? Either way was really fun and better than us just rolling into one side and ganking some poor sods. See screenshot
  7. As I see it there is a big problem dividing the player base and degrading gameplay quality for all involved, especially those involved in RvR. That problem is the conflict of interest between solo players and clan members. We want to make ports and RVR meaningful. However any advantage or benefit given to a clan member for owning a port inherently gives them an advantage of a solo player who can’t capture ports, and in our current system clan members and solo players play alongside each other in direct competition. My solution is to stop beating around the bush and separate solos/non-clan players and clan players while still allowing cooperation between them. While I recognize that RvR is somewhat on hold while the UI and other mechanics are worked out, it is important to continue civil discussions of what a good system is and if we don’t put out our suggestions/desires we can’t complain if we don’t get what we want. Also spoilers are confusing, privateers is kinda hidden inside pirates. Even if changes aren’t going to happen in the short term, we need to talk and find decide what changes we want when they do start happening. I also recognize that there have been a lot of threads on this subject but considering the size and complexity of this suggestion I feel deserves its own topic, and considering how it includes pirates, privateers, clans, and big changes to RvR, ports, open world AI, etc it doesn’t quite fit with those topics either. It carries similar elements to topics proposed by numerous other people, including Banished Privateers merchant ships, and I know Christendom has campaigned for giving clans a lot more control over their ports. Basically, this is an idea or model designed to work as a compromise that improves gameplay for all players making for more interesting RvR and, as opposed to the very one-sided suggestions frequently thrown around, introduce gameplay styles/niches that fit solo players as well. At the very least, this is an interesting thought experiment. It would make alts basically useless, or at least easy to catch and stop, it would give clans a real reason to take/protect ports, and it would make inter clan relationships more important as they will depend on each other. Aside from that it would give solo players more interesting stuff to do and add pirates as a more realistic portrayal into the game. Not to mention no more derpy ass “flipping” Here we go. First of all, separate players into separate character types. National players (all in clans) They fight for their clan and to a lesser extent the nation, clans have total control over their ports (to be explained.) This also encompasses traders (vital to clans) Pirates: Ditch “pirate nation” it offers no unique game-play. New more realistic pirates, semi perma death, extreme risk extreme freedom. Infamy based progression system, reward for nationals for sinking a pirate is tied to their infamy + rewards posted by clans. (clans can see who is raiding their shipping and damaging their town (to be explained) Privateers (pirate who has taken letter of marque from a nation or national who has no clan. Privateers have no official clan affiliation, but cooperate and work with clans to help one or more nations and contribute to RvR in ways to be explained below) Rework towns, clans, RVR, and open world AI. Basically, because non-clan affiliated players have a niche (privateering and piracy) clans can get total control over their captured towns. This control includes entry rights, IE what clans or privateers are allowed entry. It also includes who can use clan amenities like repairing, the port’s market, docking ships, placing contracts, and docking fees as Christendom suggested. They can also decide who can build or craft ships there, importantly whether privateers can enter. Also of note there could be two types of entry allowance/denial. Players/clans could be permanently whitelisted or given temporary entry permits. For instance, if a clan tasked a trader from another clan with bringing in a shipment of goods but they aren’t comfortable giving that clan permanent access, they offer him a temporary whitelist. Another option would be replacing the “enter X” button with a “request entry to X” button. If a player is whitelisted, they enter like normal. If not, clan officers would receive a request and can grant, ignore, or openly deny said request. (possible different officer positions with different tasks such as economy, port security, merchant defense, admiral, etc.) They also control economic factors for their ports. Ports don’t just sit there, they are integral to open world trading and they are reliant on it. They provide their clan with income, but this income is not fixed nor guaranteed. A clan’s income comes from trade with other clans, or taxes on that trade. The best example I can think of on the spot is mount and blade “prosperity.” All ports consume basic supplies like food supplies, iron, woods, etc. However, ports also have special needs and abilities just like currently. Mines, forests, farmland, or industrial capability, special industries, etc. They also need all the resources to supply and operate those industries. These demands must be fulfilled by traders, AI or player. Towns could automatically generate and send AI ships to supply the town, by purchasing those goods from towns that produce them and clans can micro manage this to the extent they want. These ships would replace current open world AI, which is just there for boring, no risk grinding as is. Resources like food supplies and iron will be available nearby and can be done with AI with high success, but more rare resources like gunpowder or rare wood types require long trading runs during which and AI would be almost certain to be intercepted by pirates, privateers, or hostile clans/nations. An AI supply ship would, upon being hailed in the OW, reveal its starting point and destination, allowing clans and privateers to target their attacks to weaken enemy ports. These missions would be done by player traders, often with clan escorts. Ports could supply themselves with some food supplies by fishing, (interesting way to add fishing vessels to the game) but these fishing fleets would be vulnerable if unprotected. (another thing for pirates to do besides raiding merchants and possibly smuggling contraband) The fights to protect and attack shipping would lead to pvp. In many cases it may be more important to ensure the escape of the merchant vessel or secure its demise than to keep your ship. Captains will be less likely to flee these battles, and if they do this will still be a victory for the attacking clan even if they sink no enemy players: They got the enemy shipping and weakened their infrastructure. Clans would be able to make trade deals with other clans to ensure steady supply of resources and prevent backstabbing and scumbaggery. (If a nearby clan was bribed by “foreign interest groups” to suddenly pull the plug on resources for a different clan without any warning it could seriously screw over that clan. Mutually agreed upon trade agreements that can’t be backed out of without warning would stabilize trade and increase prosperity (kinda like in real life.) Town prosperity, income, and defensive strength would be tied to these economic factors, and taxes. A town that gets 100% of supplies it needs while safely selling 100% of its produce with a low tax rate will have a high prosperity (1 to 100 or whatever scale is used). Ports with higher prosperity: · Provide higher income to the clan Are harder to take. The current open world AI really wouldn’t be missed. Totally rework pirates and add privateers. What I, a largely solo player, would be most excited about! Pirates as is are just another nation… one of 11? 10? A lot. Anyway, they are nothing unique. This at the same time as there are two problems: Lack of gameplay niches for solo players and complete lack of representation of actual pirates: outlaws and privateers which were important at that time. So important that controlling them was a key reason for the construction of the US navy’s six original frigates including the famous USS constitution. In fact, the charter to build these frigates included a clause immedidately scrapping the ships’ construction should the threat of piracy be eliminated through a peace treaty with the barbary states. (If Wikipedia is to be believed) Here is how pirates could work.
  8. Вот и настало время нам тоже заявить о себе. Русскоговорящий Пиратский клан [VC] Victory ,с сервера PVP One Eu, приглашает в свои ряды всех желающий. Мы рады как опытным капитанам, так и людям которые первый день в игре. Новичкам помогаем "встать на ноги ", а закоренелым морским волкам предлагаем свою веселую компанию. Про политику: Наш пиратский клан относится дружественно к Датчанам, Испанцам и Французам. Союзов не с какими их кланами пока не заключали , этих наций, но стараемся не нападать на их корабли. но если игроки сами нападают , то естественно мы защищаемся. Врагами клана объявляем , естественно, Британцев, Американцев, Голландцев и Шведов. Цели и интересы клана: ПВП, ПВЕ, захват вражеских городов, обучение новичков, крафт. Состав клана: на данный момент наш клан насчитывает 47+ человек. Перечислю только офицеров к клана. К которым вы можете обратится, чтобы вас приняли в клан. Anderson - создатель и глава клана Smertyshka Fernando Cortes de Monroy Levan Тhomas Boyle kill hook Osaka Vitkulov На сегодняшний день в клане имеется 2 золотых крафтера (50лвл), но в скором времени их будет больше. Так же чтобы легче было нас найти в пиратском чате всплывает реклама : Ведется набор в команду "Victory" [VC] для совместного хождения по морю и вылазок. Обучение новичков. Всем удачи, будем рады видеть вас в наших рядах.
  9. История сообщества начинается в далёком 2004 году в игре под названием Бойцовский клуб, спустя год мы появились в Арена Онлайн, еще через полгода клан открыл свое представительство в LineAge II. Этот этап можно назвать переломным, именно тогда клан получил статус меж игрового и стал активно осваивать онлайн миры: Requiem, BFG, Combat Arms, WoW, PW, Aion, AA, Tera и многие другие. Подробнее об истории сообщества можно почитать на нашем форуме. Гильдия постоянно развивается и обретает новые грани. Мы будем рады видеть вас в наших рядах. О Гильдии в Naval Action Нация: Пираты . - Основное направление развития Клана - PvP; 1.1 Гильдия представляет меж игровое сообщество Bandits в игре Naval Action 1.2 Гильдия объединяет русскоговорящих игроков, но не является закрытой по языковому или иному признаку. 1.3 Гильдия играет только на первом/топ сервере (тут будет название) . 1.4 Философия Гильдии: приоритеты Гильдии важнее приоритетов игроков входящих в состав Гильдии . 1.5 Официальный язык Гильдии – русский. Допускается использование английского языка. 1.6 В качестве голосовой связи Гильдия использует TeamSpeak 3 (далее ts). Скачать ts можно здесь. 1.7 Форма правления в Гильдии: Монархия. В Гильдии есть самое главное правило стоящее выше других правил. Вступив к нам Вы обязаны постоянно находится в TeamSpeak. За не посещение TeamSpeak во время игры без уважительной причины (которая так же будет рассмотрена офицером на свое усмотрение, является Ваша причина уважительной или нет). Если Вы находитесь в игре, Вы обязаны быть в TeamSpeakе, исключение тем кто играет с работы и не может установить TeamSpeak на рабочем компьютере. Грозит немедленное исключение из Клана. Прием в Гильдию открыт. Для этого вам необходимо пройти регистрацию у нас на форуме , ознакомиться с уставом , заполнить анкету в разделе игры , ждать пока вам назначат собеседование , зайти в ts в назначенное время .
  10. I have an idea how to change the Pirate nation into something more similar to real pirates. As many of us here are aware, the Pirate nation right now works like every other nation in the game and we basically have nothing that would allow people who want to be free and PvP whoever they want – do this freely. But since you already changed the game from nation-oriented to guild-oriented, we could actually have a nice mechanic, which would allow people like me to be nationless and also be able to sail, earn cash and be happy. My idea is quite simple. Change the Pirate nation into whatever nation you want – even Italian. And then allow players to be nationless. At the beginning players without a nation will be able to enter any port in the game, in whatever ship they want. But later everything will depend on guilds that hold a specific port. Some can ban some players because of whatever (they don’t like some guys etc). After some time, this would lead to creating small groups of buccaneers/pirates who are allied with some guilds, which should be similar to the real word. A nationless player would be able to have bases and build buildings only in free ports (like La Tortue) – these would be the center of their activity (they are centers even now, tbh). This idea/mechanic would allow players like me, who don’t want to be attached, cooperate with some friends who are spread over all nations. At the same time, we will be able to earn cash and prosper. Maybe I’m wrong (you will tell me ), but IMHO right now people who want to be like Pirates and roam freely are mostly in Prussia. And to earn cash, they have to use many alts accounts.😊
  11. With the recent removal of the outlaw battles, I can see why developers decided to remove it. I can’t blame them. However I have a suggestion. The best part of being a pirate is the freedom to do whatever you want. I liked the ability to have rival pirate gangs and the ability to keep pirates away from a place you are hunting at by killing them in an outlaw battle, such as marking your territory and keeping the hunting ground under your control. Why not bring clan vs clan battles under pirates? Where it can be only 1 clan vs another clan outside the pirates reinforcement zone. Say I am a pirate and I wanted to hunt and establish my pirate raiding zone in the french territory and I operate out of aves and I discover in combat news that there is another pirate hunting in the waters taking my potential targets from me, then the hunt is on. The hunter becomes the hunted and I could rally up my clan to fight this other clan raiding in the area we claimed as ours. Would make things interesting and would allow tests on clan wars like what was brought up before. Just a suggestion, give it some thought, let’s hear everyone’s opinions 😀
  12. (page intentionally left blank) Please discuss politely (as if we ever do differently ).
  13. Let me begin by saying this post is not a reaction to what's been going on on pvp global. Within my clan, and within the game, we've been thinking about what the role of pirates should be for some time, both to make the game more interesting for everyone and also to make being a pirate more interesting as an option. Lets get the screams of no from the current pirates out of the way first: Pirates should not be able to capture ports. Pirates should not be able to build anything above a pirate frigate and it should be insanely difficult for them to own/run anything above a 3rd rate. In fact I'm not even sure if they should be able to own anything above a 3rd rate. Why? Because pirates never rocked up in Victory's - they never had the resources to build/maintain such ships, that required a national effort. So what should pirates get to make up for these restriction? They should be able to make ports in places where other people can't, maybe in 6-10 locations around the map. They can build an outpost and move their ships for free once a week via TP. That would allow them to suddenly appear in an area and cause trouble. The nation force in that area would have to deal with it. If they did, the pirates could melt away again. They should be able to raid ports, allowing them to raid all the resources they can carry - up to a maximum of 50% of the resources of each player in the port (They see just the totals of each resource and then it gets removed from players resources on a percentage basis). Each port can be hit once a week. That would force nations/clans to look after their hubs. They should be able to be hired by nations to do thier dirty work - temporarliy sailing under the flag of that nation whilst fulfilling missions for them. They get to fight outlaw battles with each other. I think this would make pirates an interesting option and something different instead of how they are now, which is a nation with additional benefits. Currently everyone should play pirates in order to have a level playing field. All other nations are at a disadvantage.
  14. After being in battle against a national (both in pirate frigates) I thought how pirate mechanics are supposed to offer a different gameplay - but a pirate only ship (pirate frig), through game mechanics can be sold for gold or w/e, which means the chance (certainty) that a national will be purchasing one. I suggest : When you are pirate - the armaments on your ship changes to the upgraded fit when you dock, unless it is already pirate statistics. Such as the pirate frigate vs the frigate. Same ship - different cannon fit, sail/speed bonus or whatever (the bonus/statistic change is not really relevant to the suggestion, no flamewar plz) An example of how it works: -capture a ship from a national/AI -dock at a port -captured ship then updates to its pirate statistics This can also work the opposite way if you are a national capturing a pirate: -capture a pirate ship from a pirate -dock at port -captured ship reverts to its civilian/navy statistics This would allow you to temporarily use a pirate fitted ship until you next dock, after which it reverts back. This way the nationals wouldn't be able to sail our ships whenever they want, because they would have to be a pirate to get access to the alternate fitting for the ship, or capture a pirate ship off a player and use it until you next dock. The ships would look exactly the same, but have better class, more crew, or whatever the bonus is for the ship based on how pirates used the ship differently, or w/e. No flame :^)
  15. I have a few suggestions for fixing the pirate nations. First off, a little bit about me, the most recent wipe will have been the 3Rd wipe I've been through. My first outing as a player was on the pve server getting my sea legs. Soon after I transferred over to global to start sinking players! I'm not by any stretch an expert at pvp and I rarely participate in rvr as I find it rather boring so take the following observations and suggestions for what they're worth. 1. The Pirates as a "national power" is simply absurd. How this managed to make its way in to a game rooted in so much realism is simply beyond me. This should not and can not be. As it stands, smaller nations act more as pirates (or privateers if you rather) than the Pirates do themselves. They should be based around open world pvp with the occasional sack of a town here and there. - Suggestions: - Pirates should be a faction based solely around pvp where only the most veteran players find success and Profit, thus pirates should receive higher rewards for capturing and or sinking ships. Furthermore pirates should also receive a significantly higher sell price for ships back to the port. To offset this, pirate pve missions should remain open and visible for the duration of the mission, as any ship being attacked would certainly be signaling frantically for help while being attacked. Player engagement timers are fine the way they are. Other national factions should receive a slight buff in income of pve missions, and a significant buff in income from sinking pirate players as they are a scourge on the open seas. (maybe also receive a slight buff to income for sinking war targets if the alliance system were to come back, which I think it should, pirates would not be able to participate in diplomacy) 2. Pirates should neither be able to capture nor lose ports. - Suggestions: pirates should not be holding regional capitals, that's absurd. Instead the Pirates should have a total of 4-6 ports spread across the map from which to base out of, free towns would be a good idea, they would also be the only faction able to teleport between free towns so they may move around and plunder different areas with impunity. Raising hostility would do 2 things. First stolen or contraband good would be produced only in ports that the Pirates have raised hostility in. The goods would be extremely cheap and have very high sell prices in other portions of the map which does 2 things, brings more traders to the are where the hostility is raised and offer more gentle players in the pirate nation a valuable trade good to generate cash. The amount of these goods available should reflect the amount of hostility in the region. Another interesting thing would be to raise pvp rewards for killing pirates where the hostility is above a certain percentage. The weight of said goods should reflect the value. Should the Pirates set a port battle, the port battle should be a "raid". If the Pirates succeed in the raid, they should hold the port for 3 days after which it reverts back to its original nationality prior to the raid. After the port reverts, the port can not gain hostility for a week and the hostility will drop x amount per day back to 0 before the 7 days has elapsed. During the occupation, pirates receive a 25% discount on all resources in the port both npc and player contract items. This could extend to ships on sale as well. Pirates also would have free repairs and crew replacement in the port during the occupation. 3. Pirates in lineships -Suggestions: pirates should be limited to the construction of a level 2 shipyard. With a discount on the amount resources for crafting 5th and 6th rates. I would say that pirates should have no access to lineships at all but I feel that would take out a lot of fun for the faction, perhaps pirates sailing a sol would suffer speed, reload, and maneuverability penalties. National powers should receive a discount on the crafting of 1St, 2ND, and 3Rd rates. These discounts would also vary a slight amount based on the amount of regions held by the nation. 4. Victory marks Suggestions: since pirates would have no way of obtaining victory marks, I think a variant of the conquest mark system should be implemented. Once a region reaches 100% hostility, pirates should get an injection of x amount of combat marks instantly, however only players that get a certain percent of the hostility will receive them. Also, if the port battle is won they should receive x amount of additional combat marks each day the port is in their possession which would again apply to only the players present at the pb. This would hopefully encourage the Pirates to open up multiple fronts against multiple nations. These are a few of my suggestions and ideas. Let me know what you think.
  16. Bueno, esto es en la puerta de la habana; deberíamos hacer algo al respecto, a ver si se quedasen sin barcos y dejasen de dar por culo.
  17. Dear Devs, we know that Pirates love to abuse their uniqe abilitys. Sadly I have to report the new following abuse. We spottet only minutes ago 2 pirates with ships in fleet. The pirates were: 1x Privateer with 1x Indefatigable and 1x Traders Brig ins fleet 1x Basic Cutter with 1x Mercury and 1x Traders Brig in fleet The moment we got near them and had them in the middle of our fleet (3 surp 1 indef) they attacked each other to generate a outlaw battle. As soon as the battle startet, they sailed as close as possible to the wind and just sailed next to each other. Thanks to the unfinished ourlaw battle mechanic their fleet ships were safe cause they were not in the battle. You can also read the chat, that they told us that they fire against each other but are just bad shooters.... So they know they were abusing the system and thus made fun over it. This belongs punished. Please take away their ships which they used (and the fleet) as well as the money they earned by that travel away from those players. And change this system! As you can see the players are named: Roger Churchill and Chief Blue. Best Regards, Twig
  18. Clan Solo is for those within the Pirate faction on PVP Global who choose the solo player experience. It is not a clan in any traditional sense, it is merely a means by which to identify yourself as a dedicated solo player. We solo players value, above all else, our freedom and independence to do whatever we want, whenever we want, with no one to answer to except ourselves. We accept total responsibility for our actions and set our own course through the many challenges facing those who choose to go it entirely alone in this rather hardcore game. We collaborate, or not, with other solo players and other clans on an as-available, as-interested basis. We ask nothing of others and promise nothing in return. If you would like to wear the [SOLO] tag to signify your commitment to the solo player experience, PM me on PVP Global and I'll be happy to add you.
  19. IDEA FOR NEW NATION MECHANIC This system would address the following issues: 1. Would provide a good starting point for new players to run missions, explore the map and trade where there would be less PVP ganking, as only pirates would be a threat. Would then have option of entering the PB RvR world later if they wished through 'privateer-naturalisation route'. 2. Ends the utterly daft and unrealistic situation of Pirates as a nation sailing in fleets of SOL's and threatening the Ports of large powers. (Which imo is currently ruining the entire Pirate experience atm). Pirates would now have to behave like Pirates and would be heavily outgunned at National Hubs having to make use of 'Hit and Run 'tactics . Being a Pirate would be HARD (The big pirate clans need to just just go and join a nation like everyone else if they want to RVR/PB/sail 1st Rates) 3. Would make Free Ports (and Safe Ports*) far more interesting hubs of trade and commerce 4. Would create some interesting dynamics with regard to the use of 'Privateers' in RvR skirmish and hostility raising 5. Would make 'Pirates' a real threat but (probably) less numerous and spread more evenly across the map 6. Would allow players to explore different aspects of the game and would provide more 'fluidity' in nation Balance of power 7. Would rid need for 'forged papers' and players would now never be in a 'dead end' with regard to their playing careers 8. Allows players the option of a Merchant/Trading Profession without national constraints 9. Would also open the possibility of 'WANTED' Bounty Hunting Rewards (killing Pirates) 10. Has more 'historical accuracy' than current system displays IDEA: Every Player begins as an 'Independent Free Trader'. NOT a member of any nation More Free Ports added to Map and they would be in 2 Categories: 'Free Ports' and 'Safe Ports' The only difference being that 'Safe Ports have a protection area around them (as national ports do currently). INDEPENDENT (FREE) TRADER This would be the starting default setting for the beginning player. They: - Can ONLY sail, fleet or build 5th - 7th Rates!!!! - Do NOT have National Ports - CANNOT take part in Port Battles - CAN dock at ANY Port but must pay a tariff (except at Free/Safeports) (dont pay if smuggler flags enabled) - CAN build outposts and Buildings at Safe Ports or Free Ports - CAN teleport from Free/Safe Port to Free/Safe Port (*except below) - CANNOT attack other players (*except Pirates see below) - CANNOT be attacked by other players (*except Pirates see below) (or if smuggler flags enabled) This provides a safe(er) envronment in which new players can learn the game, trade, explore the map and be (relatively) safe from pvp gank, while they decide how they wish to play the game. The player then essentially has 4 Options: 1. Remain an Independent Free Trader 2. Become a 'Privateer' for any 'adopted' nation (NOT simultaneously) 3. Become a Privateer for an adopted nation and THEN 'Naturalize' and become a National 4. Become a Pirate (Players will have the ability to revert back to any of these states, but at a heavy price, see Below) PRIVATEER: AT ANY TIME Independent Free Traders can sail to a Nation Capital and acquire (buy) a 'Letter of Marque' (Ref 'Kotles' idea June 2) for that Nation. When activated the Player is a 'Privateer' for that nation and: - Can ONLY sail, fleet or build 5th - 7th Rates - CAN dock at (adopted) National Ports (no tariff) and Free/Safe ports - CAN NO LONGER dock at any Port (except as smuggler in trade ship in usual way) - CAN be attacked by any players of other (warring?) nations - CAN attack players of other (warring?) nations (not 'Independent free traders') - Can build outposts and Buildings at Free/Safe ports - CANNOT build outposts or buildings at the (adopted) National Ports (yet) - CAN teleport from Safe/Free port to Safe/Free port (but NOT national Ports (yet) - Can raise hostility and skirmish during PB's (although not enter the PB itself) (Becoming a) NATIONAL: After a certain amount of experience is gained while a Privateer for an adopted Nation the player then has the option to become 'naturalized' and become a member of the nation in the normal (current) way. (Thus unlocking 4th-1st Rates, Port Battles, Teleporting between and building Outposts and Buildings in National Ports) Then able to Build Outposts at National Ports but loses ALL Outposts and Buildings at Free/Safe ports and the ability to teleport between them. A Naturalised Player can revert back to Independent Free Trader at any time (after 1 week) BUT will lose any Outpost or Buildings in the National Ports (and then loses PB and 4th-1st Rate Sailing ability) OR: Player can remain a National Privateer OR: Become a 'Pirate' PIRATE: Independent Free Traders can 'hoist the Jolly Roger' and become 'Pirates' Once Jolly Roger is hoisted the player becomes a Pirate and loses any Outposts or Buildings at Safe Ports and ability Teleport to them (But retains Outposts and Buildings and ability to teleport between Free Ports) - Can ONLY sail, fleet or build 5th - 7th Rates!!!! - Do NOT have National Ports - CANNOT take part in Port Battles - CAN build outposts and Buildings at Free Ports (NOT Safe Ports) - CAN teleport from Free Port to Free Port (NOT Safe Ports) - CAN only dock at freeports (NOT Safe Ports) (unless smuggler tags in Trader in usual way) - CAN be attacked by any players - CAN attack any players (including Independent Free Traders) Pirates also have the option to get in a Trader Ship and Activate 'Smuggler Flags' and Sail to a National Capital. where they can 'Make Reparations'. Upon paying a (large?) sum of gold the Player loses all Buildings and Outposts and becomes a Privateer for that nation (from where (after 1 week) they can then revert back to Independent Free Trader) I cannot see any obvious alt (or otherwise) exploits of this (yet!!!) Obviously things can be tweaked Please Comment (constructively): Cheers
  20. Some Pirates are already exploiting the "outlaw" battle by hiding in it (all the same clan) with a national spy alt outside to call thew player ships sailing by. Dev's you must either A: Mark the outlaw battles for their entirety (including the 15 min after battle timer) or B: Make it so they can't be invisible and can't tag for 5 min after they leave it. Newish Brit player sails from Port Morant - sees nothing but another Brit near the point - goes on towards their destination and WHAM they are ambushed by 5 chicken poo pirates jumping from an invisible and impenetrable hidy-hole. The RUIN of this "game".
  21. OUTLINE Pirates should be unique I think everyone agrees on that. Basic vision of pirate nation is that pirates have no ships of the line, don’t conquer the land etc etc. However there are players who want to be pirates, but still experience SOL gameplay. For this to work Pirates needs to have such a mechanic that does not put them into disadvantage. Right now Pirates are a nation and must survive by nation means – expend their territories and protect their land and because of such must build SOLs and take part in conquest. Below is proposed detailed, simple to comprehend Pirate State mechanic that will sort out all pirate related issues and most importantly will keep nations less toxic towards pirates and give pirates the gameplay they are after. In short we remove pirate nation that has to compete with other nations in conquest of territories and introduce Pirate State that mainly lives off what it can catch. Pirates will no longer fight for conquest for themselves, but they will take participation in conquest as privateers for any nation they choose to privateer for. BELONGING Today pirates as we know it are a nation without identity. Any nation player can say I’m a Brit or Spanish or else. Pirates cannot do that as “Pirate” is not a nationality. However, all pirates did belong to some nation. There were British pirates, there were French pirates, Spanish etc. This means that all pirates needs to receive “nationality” and the Pirate nation become a State and be governed by the laws of the Brethren of the Coast. PIRATE’S NATIONALITY All pirates receive a nationality by their choice so all pirates become a mix of people of different nations, just as it was supposed to be. PIRATE TERRITORIES Pirates cannot own any land. To participate in any conquest they first must become a privateer for a nation to enter PBs on behalf of that nation. There are number of ports/places which are accessible to pirates. - National Free Towns - such as Nassau that belonged to Great Britain. Any British player OR a pirate may enter Nassau. Any French player OR a pirate may enter La Tortue and so on. All nations would have such towns that accessible by pirates and players of that nation; - Neutral Ports - Trade Hubs (3-4 on the map) can be entered by anyone including pirates. Their shops/markets are linked together, thus allowing access to the market of all of them so purchases, sales and contracts can be done distantly between them (note: the delivery is still done physically between any ports including hubs). - Pirate Dens - small hideouts like a secret harbour with a shop that has no NPC goods (only what is sold there by pirates themselves). Pirate Dens cannot be entered by any nation. Pirate Dens spread in large numbers across Caribbean and can be located on main lands and small islands in a distance from Nation towns. - Any Nation Town - can be entered by a pirate with a Smuggler tag. PIRATE PROFESSIONS Smuggler The smuggler tag is removed from all nations. Smuggler becomes exclusively a pirate’s profession and grants him entry into the nation's territory while in Outlaw state. While Privateering for a nation pirates may freely enter that nation ports. For nation players to trade or acquire goods that are not produced by their nation there should be global trade hubs - Neutral Ports (3-4 ports in various regions across the map that share shop information). Else they will have to deal with a pirate/smuggler to get them the goods. In order to become a smuggler and sell goods between nations a player have to become a pirate. Smuggler is a pirate trade profession equivalent to nation’s merchant profession. Privateering Pirate has to sail to a Nation Free Port (like Nassau for Brits) and acquire Letter of Marque. That grants him a temporary patent which means that he becomes that nation player for the duration period of the patent. In case if pirate becomes a privateer of his own nation the patent does not expire. During privateering pirate may take part in any nation’s activities such as conquest. Privateers are getting same PB and battle rewards as the nation players as a payment for their privateering work. Privateers can also participate and even conquer land solely as a privateer force, however the land becomes the nation's land they were serving under, thus each nation may have their own pirate forces working for them or with them. Privateers sail with two flags. The pirate flag and the flag of the nation they are privateering for. While privateering for the nation pirates technically become a player of that nation. They cannot attack players from that nation, neither they can be attacked by them in return. The patent can be canceled by the pirate at any time which will take 1 hours to take effect and 1 week cooldown before another one can be acquired from the same nation. Canceling privateering contract returns the pirate to the Outlaw state. Any one pirate can only have one privateering contract going on at any one time Pirate When pirates are not working for a nation as privateers they remain in the Outlaw state. This means that they are open targets for anyone and can attack any targets in return. While in the Outlaw state pirates may not participate in any conquest ports battles, however they may initiate a raid attack on any nation region. RAIDS Any group of pirates may initiate a raid attack on any nations regions and manually set time when the attack will happen (any time between 24 to 48 hours from the moment of declaration, except the time window blocked by Lord Protectors). If the raid PB won by the pirates the region is considered under Raid and blocked to a maximum of 3 days. It is still belongs to the nation (pirates can’t own regions), but all production buildings are stopped and no longer producing for the nation. Instead pirates automatically have access to the buildings that are producing in the region and they may gather resources while region is blocked. The resource gathering will become the most important reason for the pirates to raid any regions. Pirates do not need to build new building, they are raiding those that are owned by the nation and gather resources free of charge. Basically raiding them. The nation may retaliate and attempt to regain region earlier than the maximum 3 days blockade timer. They have to create PB in the same manner as pirates did when they attacked the region. The PB time also set between 24 and 48 hours. If nation wins the PB it takes the full control of the region. If nation loses the PB then the blockade runs until 3 day timer from the first pirate attack is expired.
  22. TRUE PIRATE LIFE - Ideas for a more historical PIRATE system A] PIRATES never had provinces and well-visible port towns in real life - PIRATES had hiding places. So, after the wipe, the areas and ports for PIRATES could be NEUTRAL ports, which everybody could use, but in which ONLY PIRATES could build BUILDINGS - not every BUILDING perhaps - maybe special PIRATE-typical BUILDINGS. I call them NEUTRAL/ PIRATE PORTS in the further. Once a NEUTRAL/PIRATE PORT would be used by a high enough number of PIRATES, it would become VISIBLE - now it's colour would change from NEUTRAL to PIRATE PORT. From this point on, the port would be known to all NATIONS, and could be port-battled. PIRATES would have PORT BATTLES this way. If the NATIONS suddeeded in the PORT BATTLE, all PIRATE WAREHOUSES and docked ships would be lost for them, and the port would change to a NEUTRAL / PIRATE PORT again, until the whole repeated. If the PIRATES succeeded in the PORT BATTLE, they would have the chance to either move all their goods to another, yet "secret" NEUTRAL / PIRATE PORT - or they could stay and try to defend this PIRATE PORT against further attacks. But maybe PIRATES should never have more than 3 - 5 such visible PIRATE PORTS, to keep it historically close enough. PIRATES should NOT be able to conquer a whole region / province. But maybe they should be able to PORT-BATTLE single ports, and thereby turn them into NEUTRAL / PIRATE PORTS? These could be used like described above, until re-conquered by NATIONS. B] It may be hard for PIRATES to make any prey. But it is not good for NAVAL ACTION to have fake and very bad tricks going on to help the PIRATES survive. After all, PIRATE life was, what it was - they were hunted, and they were mostly operating single, and they were hiding a lot. PIRATE life maybe only for the best among the NAVAL ACTION players. It IS hard to survive as a PIRATE - and it SHOULD be. All NATIONS definitely had stronger forces, and many more ships. Let the PIRATES make the best of it. THEN they can be proud of being true PIRATES. What is an EXTREMELY UNSATISFYING SITUATION is, that PIRATES can hide in MISSIONS, and stay in BATTLE SCREENS as long as they want. They only have to kill the newbie, who is training in that MISSION, and then they can stay inside. Via TeamSpeak they can communicate with one ship outside the MISSION, and hop out if there is any prey - or just to run home. They might as well have 'wormholes' - "beam me up, Scotty!" We all know, this is so BADLY UNREALISTIC, that it should be eliminated. Even the PIRATES themselves know and feel, that this is EXTREME CHEATING. And even if the same tricks could be used by NATIONS - it remains something VERY UNREALISTIC. So please - remove that; it only annoys hundreds of players. I really hope that the devs do read our proposals, and that they may consider these thought, which I have developed after talking to many other players of NAVAL ACTION.
  23. Hello Pirates, You maybe be know that because of their legal notices devs announced that they wont broadcast informations about players with the API. For this reason, and to know how many pirates we are and the number of clans we have, and also because i'm a real NA-fan, i release few days ago a landing page dedicated to the pirates community. At the moment Pirates are able to search a clan, a pirate, a manufacturer of ships and report his arrival to port (A pirate is considered alive as soon as he points out to the port at least once every 30 days and will be considered lost at sea at the end of the 31st day and missing after 60 days.). With this feature we will know who is active or not. You are all (Pirates only) invited to register and join the Naval Action Pirates Post. I hope u will enjoy. Naval Action Pirates Post is online via http://naval-action.arcantia.net o7 PS: I'm looking for someone able to translate the website in German. If you can help here is the file to translate. Cheers. lang_en.php
  24. CompassRose

    Black Sails

    A new television series had its premiere last week. I have to warn you though...it's trashy. Black Sails http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP-vbDtyMXw
  25. Seen a few of these posts but thought I might as well have a go The aim of these ideas is to make the pirates a unique 'hardcore' pvp faction with interesting mechanics but also limited economic and military strength compared to the nations. These should also keep a nice balance of power between the industrial and pvp players in the nations. Pirates Economy One economy building per player 25% tax for all trades between pirates and other nations, including player to AI and player to player (bribes, mistrust etc) Production/ships Largest ship produced by pirates will be 5th rates Cannot purchase ships from other nations, any ships larger than a 5th rate will have to be captured (1 dura) Conquest Pirates will be unable to participate in the current conquest mechanics Nations will be unable to launch a port battle/flag against pirate ports New 'control' system describing the difficulties nations had at the time keeping the peace in their colonies Each national port/region will have a base 'control' score (CS) which will naturally decay over time. Local merchants (AI) will create hauling missions for national players to take goods to any ports that need it (similar to the current missions) to increase the CS for that region. If the CS for the region goes too low the nation then has 24 hours to increase the CS above the base score or the region will flip to the pirates. To recover a pirate port (any) nation can send goods near the port to reduce the pirate CS. If the CS goes low enough and stays below the base CS for 24 hours the port will flip to the nation that delivered the most goods. Pirate CS is increased by pirates transporting their own goods to the ports or by capturing/sinking enemy (player) trade ships in the region. These mechanics should create a situation where pirates become strongest on the borders or quiet areas of the national empires. Finding opportunities where nations are fighting each other and playing them off against each other. Small groups of pirates will be able to harass areas and capture a region or two by raiding ports and shipping trying to supply those ports – but find it extremely hard to hold onto those regions when an organised fleet of traders and warships try to take them back. (If technically possible) Pardons could be purchased by a pirate player at any free port which will allow them to join one of the nations for a fixed time (7/14/28 days). The cost of these pardons would depend on the rank and fame of the captain (see Zooloo's fame system for ideas) meaning a famous Curse would find it stupidly expensive. At the end of the time frame the captain would revert back to a pirate (with xp and fame penalties) and lose any of the advantages of being a national captain – 5 dura ships etc. Any comments welcome
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