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  1. Nelson Hornblower

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Ugh you mean I have to actually pay attention and just can't ask! grrr kidding, thanks for the tip!
  2. Nelson Hornblower

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Love the map, can someone explain what the "Trade" setting is showing. Is it player trades between ports?
  3. Nelson Hornblower

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    I noticed this playing on the PvP server, I left my OP and didn't see any NPCs for about 5 minutes, finally came across a Surprise +1 and since I have the sink 9 Surprises mission, I thought I might as well go for it, plus no other ships were around. We battle, I sink both ships and when I come out, the world is alive with NPCs. Which got me thinking, do the AI bots react to the world environment; whereas if I just sail from coast to coast, there will be a minimal number of bots, but if I engage one NPCs, more AI then appear?
  4. Nelson Hornblower

    NPC's Hunting Spots - PvP Server

    Given some of the discussion around the lack of NPCs or lack of single NPCs to fight in the OW, maybe those of us who enjoy the solo part with engagement with NPCs can share some good hunting spots, which may lead into some PvP as well! For me, I've found ships in and around Jobe on Florida's coast to be decent, thought it's many fleets (grr) but a few traders and a few 4-6th rates. Also, out by Tumbado, you can find single 1st rates sailing around! Anyone else have good hunting spots?
  5. Nelson Hornblower

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    But not everyone wants to do group play. Solo NPCs for solo engagements will draw people into the game as well.
  6. Nelson Hornblower

    Please post your major annoyances

    We need to see more NPC single frigates, surprises, connie's out in the open world sailing; enough with the Surprise +5 fleets. Sometimes I want to log on, sail for a bit find a few 4th and 5th rates and have a battle, I don't want to deal with their fleets or see who is around wants to join me.
  7. Nelson Hornblower

    Good job killing off solo players.

    People need to be encourage to sail further away from their home ports, then us solo sailors can pounce on a lone trader or find another frigate cruising the waters. Too often, the majority of the population stays close to the home port, people know that so they sit outside the area waiting to jump on 5v1. Me, I set up some outpost further away, find some open towns and sail out of them, engage some AI, maybe chase a trader or run from a larger ship, but at least I know if I do get into a fight, it isn't as likely being 5v1. I do believe ganking, in any form, should be penalized, you have more than 25% of the BR, you don't get reals, exp or the ship, only cargo.
  8. Nelson Hornblower

    NA Open world Meta unlimited jointimer

    To help stop abuse ganking, anytime the battle rating is more than 25% above the defender, the winner should not receive any experience, reals, captured ships, (they get to keep cargo)., it should almost be wash for them. The loser though gains 5x times the insurance money, plus experience. You have to remove the incentive for ganking, because 5 guys gaining up on 1 or 2 ships, if they attack, they receive nothing in the end and while the loser lost a ship, he is rewarded in reals to quickly buy a new one.
  9. Nelson Hornblower

    This land is my land - new game in development

    Any update on this game?
  10. Nelson Hornblower

    This land is my land - new game in development

    Any update on this game?
  11. This is likely an unpopular opinion, but for the PvP server, can we see more NPCs? It gives the world a bit more life and if I'm out paroling for PvP action and I see nothing, sometimes it's fun to see a frigate for a quick duel. As it stands now, the world (at least along the east coast of the US) is rather empty.
  12. Nelson Hornblower

    This land is my land - new game in development

    Is there an update on this project?
  13. Well I understand you want to a make a game you would play, shouldn't there also be a balance at what a community at large would want as well? Should sailing profile come before more content? The decision was yes, sailing profile matters more than content. While it may benefit the few and in your view, that seems to be more important. I guess as someone who would like to see more content within the game and see more players flocking back, I'd have included this update as a later priority. Again, it's not my game, as you said your making the game for yourself first.
  14. Why not just go back to the flag system, if you want to PvP you turn on a flag and if you don't you turn if off. If you are PvE enabled, then you do not generate any hostility towards regions. And PvE can only be enabled for warships, trading vessels all have to be PvP, so you can't turn on your flag and go from one port to the next for econ.
  15. Nelson Hornblower

    Santa Cecilia vs Surprise vs Pirate Frigate

    13 knots for a Connie? I did it yesterday in a battle. It's probably been mentioned before, but why can't every ship's max speed be based on the theoretical hull speed (sqrt of LWL) x 1.34. Each ship is then assigned starting speed and add on mods can get you to the top speed but never over it