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    This land is my land - new game in development

    Any update on this game?
  2. This is likely an unpopular opinion, but for the PvP server, can we see more NPCs? It gives the world a bit more life and if I'm out paroling for PvP action and I see nothing, sometimes it's fun to see a frigate for a quick duel. As it stands now, the world (at least along the east coast of the US) is rather empty.
  3. Nelson Hornblower

    This land is my land - new game in development

    Is there an update on this project?
  4. Well I understand you want to a make a game you would play, shouldn't there also be a balance at what a community at large would want as well? Should sailing profile come before more content? The decision was yes, sailing profile matters more than content. While it may benefit the few and in your view, that seems to be more important. I guess as someone who would like to see more content within the game and see more players flocking back, I'd have included this update as a later priority. Again, it's not my game, as you said your making the game for yourself first.
  5. Why not just go back to the flag system, if you want to PvP you turn on a flag and if you don't you turn if off. If you are PvE enabled, then you do not generate any hostility towards regions. And PvE can only be enabled for warships, trading vessels all have to be PvP, so you can't turn on your flag and go from one port to the next for econ.
  6. Nelson Hornblower

    Santa Cecilia vs Surprise vs Pirate Frigate

    13 knots for a Connie? I did it yesterday in a battle. It's probably been mentioned before, but why can't every ship's max speed be based on the theoretical hull speed (sqrt of LWL) x 1.34. Each ship is then assigned starting speed and add on mods can get you to the top speed but never over it
  7. Nelson Hornblower

    This land is my land - new game in development

    Thanks, that's what is what I was hoping for. Any idea of how large the map will be?
  8. Nelson Hornblower

    This land is my land - new game in development

    Will the Ai react similar to how Kingdom Come: Deliverance is position t heir AI, which complicated tree structure and how you act in one area of the map, may effect those around you?
  9. Nelson Hornblower

    Fix for Revenge Fleets

    To avoid ganking limit PvP to only 1v1 or 2v2. If you are going to tag a ship and he has two friends around him, then he gets those 2 ships in the battle and its 3v1 with you as the aggressor. Otherwise, all battles are single action unless equal ships are allowed in To avoid revenge fleet, 5 min timer that ships departing can't engage in PvP and 2 1/2 minute of invisibility. That should be more than enough time to escape and find a safe harbor.
  10. Nelson Hornblower

    Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Problem is the game map is too larger not to allow teleports. It takes too long to sail from one spot to another in hopes of engaging anyone. The only people who can spend 2 hrs sailing to a spot for pvp, and then 2 hrs back home are people who are hardcore gamers. The causal gamer doesn't ave time for that. And if that's the goal, hardcore gamers only, your population is going to decrease dramatically.
  11. Nelson Hornblower

    Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Easiest solution to the ganking problem - If a ship is attacked and the battle rating of the other ships is 25% more than defender, those other ships do not get any prizes (gold, marks, experience). Only the ship that sinks it does Defender ship, gets gold and experience depending on how much damage it was able to cause to all ships. This gold/experience gets multiplied per number of ships. You get ganked by 7 ships, you get 7x the amount of gold/exp you would typically receive. In essence, makes being ganked worth it for the defender and they get richer In this situation, both sides "win" the ganking fleet can feel proud they brought 7 ships into a battle and the defender gets something for being unfair matched. Battle rating is irrelevant, when it's a 1v1 Pvp regardless of battle rating.
  12. @adminIf you are going to have an event. I'd recommend to have the ship wreck refilled every hour or so. It's silly to have it there for one or two people get it when they see it and then it's empty the rest of the time. Replenish the wreck so it continues to draw people out to fight over it.
  13. Open up Freetowns to teleport and more PvP will happen. Who wants to sail all the way to the CTown to find a fight against the americans
  14. If ganking is such a problem, why not reduce the awards. If the battle rating is 2:1 or higher, the rewards the winning team get much lower. Someone gets an award for a kill and then someone else gets the cargo. But when it's 3:1 or 4:1 or more, those extra ships receive no rewards, not even if they caused damage. The only person that would gain anything, would be the person who sinks the ship. If it's such an unfair fight, don't award any marks, gold or experience, then you'll stop the 4 vs 1 ship combat and limit it to 1:1 or 2:1.
  15. Nelson Hornblower

    I AM BORED: Why I am thinking of quitting Naval Action

    But how many hours do you play per day. The OP is making a point that the casual gamer, can't succeed in this game, due to the hours it takes just to make money. And the 1 ship is tough, you lose it and start over. The argument of "don't lose a ship you can't afford" is great in theory, but makes for a boring game for the casual player, as they have to spend MORE time, getting more money and ships, to lose that one ship. Part of the problem is the map is too large, I don't have the time to sail 2 hours to look for a PVP fight and then sail home; so maybe this game isn't geared towards me and really is geared for people who can play 6 hours a day. The solution was teleport to freetowns, let me set up an outpost deep in enemy territory so I can do some raiding quickly!
  16. Nelson Hornblower

    Mega Patch 10.0

    Three points to this, the testers are people who have put in over a year of playing this game, while the fallback is "you are testers" after over a year of playing and getting comfortable, starting from beginning is (even if you keep XP) is tiresome. The focus of the testers should be more middle to late game (frigates-SOL and crafting) let them fine tune those areas for you. Second, while we are all going through the paces of the game, we all see how timely it is to be a rookie. You ask "why a new player should make a million in a first day", they shouldn't, but most new players are going to want to progress to be able to sail a Snow or frigate quickly. The argument of "well they aren't advanced enough and will sink and thus won't play" isn't entirely true. Those players that leave quickly because they can't sail a ship are the same players who will leave because the early grind and lack of money is too slow. Lastly, maybe you go back to more dura on early ships, (anything below a certain class) that way those earlier adopters can progress as they like and if they sink, well they aren't without a ship anymore. Keeps them engaged, gets them better and when they do progress to a ship with 1 dura, they'll have gained skill along the way.
  17. Nelson Hornblower

    STAGFLATION is the problem of the new patch

    Agree, the time sink just to acquire cannons alone is brutal. It's unfriendly for the casual player; unless you have a lot of time to devote to this game, casual players will quickly leave, once they realize how slow it is to acquire money. Last two days, I've been able to play more than usual, but going forward I won't have the time to grind out missions to gt gold, that after a long period gets me 8th class cannons!
  18. Nelson Hornblower

    Mega Patch 10.0

    Damage by NPCs seems to be way stronger than player. I had 7 leaks on an LGV, no armor left on him, he takes me down to no armor and I sink immediately (I had no leaks). Another NPC had two fires, no armor and again, with 1 leak I sink immediately. Frustrating when we have to grind our way through missions again.
  19. Nelson Hornblower

    What would a bonus to the biggest nation do

    After a nation takes over a large portion of the map, those outposts farthest away from the capital begin to turn to a "restless" state. Let's say for the next 2 weeks, that nation is required to supply that port with X goods each day to lower the restless state. By doing this, it encourages more trades to this port, but also brings in other nations to attack those traders or their goods. This may slow down any steamrolling as once a nation takes over a lot of ports, they have to remain engaged in those ports. After 2 weeks, if the nation that took it over can't reduce the "restless" state it resorts back to the previous owner. Similar to Crusader Kings or Total War or Civ series, after taking over a town there is always a penalty. There should be something similar when taking over a new port.
  20. Nelson Hornblower

    Naval Action - Magic moments

    A call went out that a group of Spanish players were sailing up and down the east coast of the US harassing people. A group of us gathered and went searching for them. For the briefest of moments, they were spotted over the horizon and then a storm blew it. We spread out looking to see if they would escape our net, as we had ships closing in from the north and south. To no avail did we find them, but the joy we had, middle of a storm, looking for a rogue fleet, gave you the sense these sailors faced in their own times.
  21. With the new ship knowledge. Does everyone start out with a cutter and then acquire the experience for a cutter through the next ship and so on? I can't go ahead and buy a Frigate or Surprise and just focus on the ship knowledge there, I have to grind my way through the lower tier ships?
  22. Nelson Hornblower

    Hotfix 7 for testbed patch 9.99

    Will there be single NPC ships sailing around too? While I understand the need for fleets, those of us who like to sail by ourselves on occasion, do enjoy the single ship combat of taking on an NPC Connie/Frigate/Surprise, etc type engagement.
  23. Nelson Hornblower

    Hotfix 6 for testbed patch 9.99

    Wouldn't an easy exploit be, station a few ships outside the battle at a distance which you anticipate being 1 min away N/S/W/E and then when the ship emerges from the invincibility cloak, there is likely another ship nearby to tag it.
  24. The flip side is no one is going to sail far away to engage. How often are the US and French going to PvP? Rarely ever due to their distance. So it's main US vs Spanish and maybe a Pirate if he comes north. Maybe cooldowns are necessary or limit 2 TP per day (resets with the server). The cause though is the map is HUGE, which is a awesome, but only if you can get around quickly.
  25. Then add TP to the free ports. TP gives people the option to quickly get to another region of the map and get more involved in PvP. The map is so large, that not every square corner is going to be populated. Allow people people to set up their outposts in national and free ports so they can engage in PvP wherever there is a spot. La Tortue was a great free port to TP too, there was always pirate activity there. If I'm based on the east coast of the US, no way I'm going to sail down there.