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  1. Any known issue with "Splitting" DBs from the war chest? I submitted a ticket via the Bug Tracker and posted a Support item, where I lost 9k DBs, when I clicked "Split" from the war chest option.
  2. Yes I tried that a few times and no luck. I also realize I should have probably moved them to the warehouse first, but given the option to "Split" within the money chest, I assumed it would have worked.
  3. I had over 9k DBs in my chest and when I delivered a cargo mission I received the message "not enough space." So I went to my chest and selected "Split," during which operation the DBs disappeared from my chest and they are not in the hold of my LGV in port nor my warehouse. I submitted a ticket around the time of this happening, as I tried to split 1,000 DBs but still nothing happened. Though I'd like to get my 9k DBs back! Thanks
  4. If you have the time, you can make $500k pretty easily by doing cargo missions, sure it may take 4 hours to do a few $150k missions, but hey, you made 300-450k for doing nothing, which is nice. I did it on Friday, I didn't have the time "to play" i.e. do battles, but OW sailed and by the end of the weekend, I'm over $1m reals. Though finding DB was much harder, mainly because I bought some upgrades. So while I have a lot of Reals, I lack the DBs to build a forge. 10k DBs for a forge seems steep in my opinion. But as someone said, this game is a hobby and I think that's an excellent way of putting it. Within 2 months this game will be back to the normal numbers of PvP and PvE, of 200 players in PvP and 100 in PvE, because it's a hobby and not an instant gratification.
  5. Anyone willing to talk about the beta and what they are seeing?!
  6. Will we be notified either way if we are accepted or rejected from the beta testing?
  7. Part of the goal of shipbuilding (at least a few years ago) was it was easy to build ships, therefore you could PvP and not worry about losing a ship because it's easy to replace. I remember spending time on the east coast of Fl, building Connies, fighting in those Connies, losing in those Connies and rebuild them again, all without clan help. Now that it takes a clan, 2 hours of traveling to get that rare wood, and a week to gather resources, it's no surprise people aren't willing to lose ships they craft or craft themselves.
  8. Simple solution, you put an icon in the box that allows you to attack that person. If I have it switched on, I'm assuming anyone can attack me if they have their's on. If I have it turned off, you can't attack me. POTBS had this with the two swords above the ship in OW, implement something similar and now two people can duel if they wish in PvE.
  9. Causing the PvP server to lose players to PvE shouldn't stop them from doing this. If anything, this idea probably gains more players, which puts money into their pocket. By focusing on the players who can spend 8 hours a day, 7 days a week playing on PvP is not how this game can succeed long term. The idea proposed is very similar to POTBS, where you could toggle on/off if you wanted to PvP.
  10. Game slowly turns in POTBS with all the magic repairs you get, I enjoyed when you could only repair once, bring back those days!
  11. Pretty interesting idea, having more than one ship at once in the open world. It would make attacking trade ships more interesting, "is this an AI bot just running with 3 Danish Yeast or did a player send this ship out and it has ship materials." It might be too aggressive, given the PvE server is suppose to be more peaceful, but I do like the idea. I'd like to see Indianman ships with two 4th rates as escorts, if you are able to capture it, you are well rewarded, but at the same time, you have two 4th rates trying to attack and sink you.
  12. I think we are talking about the same thing, port battles against AI bots for PvE. Then allow PvP in certain zones, which I think the server already has now.
  13. If PvE adds port battles, consensual PvP (which already exists I believe), wouldn't those high % move over to the PvE server? I think they would, it's a more enjoyable experience and I was mainly a PvP player.
  14. Based on these stats - https://steamcharts.com/app/311310, and let's assume it's 150 per day and about 220 per day for PvE, those are strong numbers in support of PvE. More content and you can easily make up that gap.
  15. Didn't the @admin say that more people are starting to play on the PvE server? Given more game content, I could see the PvE server with as many if not more players than the PvP server.
  16. @admin can we transfer our players and resources over to PvE then?!
  17. Agree! This is a niche game that has been open for 3 years, I can't imagine there are thousands of people sitting on the sidelines thinking "I can't wait for this to go into final release, then I'll buy!" 18th century naval warfare is a lot smaller community than Sci-Fi, you have your audience, don't waste it.
  18. @admin are you saying XP will not be wiped or maybe in the future? It seems the narrative was "XP wipe will happen" and now looking at the edited notes, it leads me to believe XP wipe will not happen.
  19. I see your point, the issue is this game has been out for 3 years and people have put hundreds/thousands of hours into it. Speaking for myself, I had way more time to play 2 and 3 years ago and was able to grind and get where I am now. If the experience and crafting is wiped, I'm likely not coming back and I'm sure there are others who are too. This isn't a game you can play for an hour, you need to commit to it and I don't have the time to regrind my level all the way back up. Plus, if you think this game will have a massive influx of players after it goes lives, I think the developers are sorely mistaken. Aside from the hype, after 3 months, the player numbers will be back to where they are now. This is a very very niche game, you need to make sure those who love this niche series stay and continue to be involved.
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