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Found 1 result

  1. My idea is a pretty complex one but it's one that'd make life on the PVE server pretty interesting, keep in mind, this is an idea for the PVE server, for those that want this to be applied to the PVP server changed would have to be made to my idea, but it goes as followed. The Pirate Nation: On the PVE server, there aren't many who play pirates as of yet, why not make this an NPC nation, make them the big nemesis of the seas for the PVE server with big AI fleets that roam, and attack people, occasionally even when those fleets are big enough, attack ports. It gives everyone on the PVE server a chance to experience massive port-battles. Pirates could capture our ports, we could capture theirs, and it's still PVE seeing the pirates would be AI enemies. we've already seen that the AI in this game is very advanced so actually implementing this sort of NPC behaviour shouldn't be hard at all. Not only does this give everyone on the PVE server an incentive to be active at the later levels because right now let's be honest once you get into your shiny victory there isn't -that- much to do. It actively gives Conquest as a possibility for the PVE server. Of course one or two pirate ports would have to be protected from being captured so the nation couldn't be completely wiped out and according to the NR. of players online there would have to be a comparable amount of pirates, maybe not 1:1 but 3:1. a pirate for every three people online, when you then look at several hundred people online on our PVE server it's quite plausible that there's pirate fleets around large enough to attack smaller ports, which we then have to go and defend, or re-capture, as well as the other way around, assembling a group of people to go attack pirate ports would force the AI pirates to congregate at these ports, and would again lead to some proper fun end-game content and large-scale sea-battles, as well as decent rewards for all who participate. Now, as you can probably guess by this part in the article, what about the few players that -do- play the pirate faction, we could simply give them a several week-long notice to move to another nation of their choice and allow them to keep their rank/items/ships. They of course wouldn't lose anything, wouldn't be fair. How would this influence the open world itself. Well, as we all know, Pirates are Marauders by nature, they roam in little packs, or by themselves, ambushing little ship convoys, or traders. As a trader ship, you would have to try to run away from these pirates, or combat them, depending on which trader ship you're in this might be mildly hard, to quite hard. and it'd add a challenge to trading, because right now it's just sail to a port, pick up your goods, and sail off again with barely any danger. And yes, for some traders it'd be hard but, Take the Gros-ventre for example. 250 men, twenty guns. an exceptional one rigged to defend boarding attacks will make it nearly impossible to capture it, where anything that could capture it, it would simply out-run. it'd give the smaller traders an incentive to team-up, or hire their own little NPc fleets as you can do at lower ranks. Of course this is prone to balancing, it wouldn't be fun to be in a trader lynx and have 3 frigates jump you, as a result I suggest a very simple aggro system. that goes as followed. Depending on enemy ship, VS your ship, you both get a rating of 1-10. where 10 meaning they will chase you and try to engage combat, and 1 meaning they couldn't care less if you had nude ladies standing atop of your deck. and how this would be calculated depends on your ship tier/class/cargo capacity, and what the pirate AI is sailing, for example, if a single pirate frigate sees a lone Gross-ventre the aggro-rating would be quite high, for the frigate its a juicy trader target, and from the trader's PoV it's something they can defend themselves against. But imagine an open world and game environment where all of this would be implemented. you could do something new every day without ever really running out of things to do, because everyone one could do on the PVP server one could now do on PVE. and let's admit it, there's a lot of us that want a taste of PVP without the full-life of it and with this I mean sailing a little frigate and having 25 third rates chasing you just cause they can, no, I mean the end-game action such as port battles, and cooperating trade-missions with fellow players. sounds pretty good, no? Any feedback on this idea is welcome, and thanks for reading this frankly, huge post. ~Nelgatha.
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