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  1. Back before all the idiotic safe zones and reinforcement zones and endless teleports fleet battles happened all the time...naturally. 3 ships would jump 1 then his friends would jump in and so on till there was 20 or more ships in a fight. Or 20 would jump 1 who would keep leading them further and further out into his friends then they woukd jump the chasers lol. Safe zones and teleports seems to just ensure everyone skirts as close to them all day to avoid any fight they cant easily win. I spent days recently chasing ships of all sizes and they all just ran. I finally got so desperate for a fight i let a gank squad attack me just to finally shoot at someone. ..even those cowards wouldn't leave the shore gun defense. . This game really went to heck so bad people have to actually " organize " fights ?
  2. You are correct. Some people are just cowards and fearful of a fight, even a pixels one, and will always complain about it as being unfair. I used to capture players in 1st rates with a rattlesnake and was told i was being unfair and picking on people. It was so bad on the US coast all you had to do was attack any ship and they would just surrender.
  3. Seal clubbing is a term comming from when " hunters " would walk along the breeding grounds of seals and " club " the babies to death with sticks because babies where newborn and weak. Therefore seal clubbing refers to killing new born players aka noobs and does not mean killing stupid or weak players because they are stupid or weak.
  4. I quit because the game is nothing more than alts tracking and ganking anyone who dares to pvp without a group. No matter where you go on the map teleporters are waiting to gankyou the minute you left battle. Im sure they keep trying more bad ideas to stop the ganks but for me i found out pirates of the Burning Sea is back online with way more players and a overall better game so i am playing that now and actually having fun vs frustration.
  5. I was on US server and there was never more than about 50 people on once naval action started its dive into bad ideas so there was never hundreds on like in EU server. I found it easy and more fun to go back to potbs because wasting time in NA ( which will never be released for real) was pointless and zero fun anymore. To each there own and i got my 40 bucks worth outa the game but the devs only listened to a few select players and basically built a game for those few plsyers....now all that's left is those few players. Pirates of the Burning Sea isnt perfect but its way more fun now. Sad really.
  6. There isn't enough individual players left to matter at this point. When i finally gave up and quit i know my faction had more alt accounts than players and every time i was lucky enough to actually find a player to attack i would immediately get a message saying hey leave me alone this is so and so alt and if you sink me out clan will hunt you forever. Might as well let the 40 guys left playing dowhatever they want lol. I started playing pirates of the Burning Sea again and see how good naval action could have been before it was killed. Such a shame.
  7. I played NA from launch on steam till about 5 months ago when the game just became a laughable joke. Tons of people tried to warn them what was going to happen but they didnt listen and now NA is dead. I haven't bothered posting here in ages because its pointless but i felt the need to reply to this because of the pirates of the Burning Sea map. I JUST NOW found out potbs is back and live and has more players than NA lol . So i started playing again from scratch and forgot how good that game was and now its been updated. I cant see NA ever surviving especially if players start going back to potbs.
  8. And complain about how hard and slow and difficult NA is every day lmao. Wow you guys are sweet for completely backing up what ive said 100%. Im not used to you tellint me how right iam and wrong you are but thanks to you and JS ! Thanks agains fellas for being in agreement with me.
  9. You do not comprehend well do you? But again thanks for making my point about moba players and legends. You are golden for agreeingwith me 100% !
  10. Please re-read what i wrote. You cherry picked what you wanted to see then ignored the meat of the post. I know comprehension is not a strong suit of millennials but please re-read what i wrote IN COMPLETE form then you will understand.
  11. Those are games that you die and respawn hundreds of times a game and are in constant click move click mode. Your response validates exactly what i was saying. Thanks for being so helpful because i know how you like to help.
  12. Players are not quiting because the population is low. The population is low because everyone is quiting because the game is just not fun now. Two restarts has seen server population very very high and aftee the shine wears off everyone quits again for the same reason they quit before. Only one time in NA history did it sustain a large population for a number of months. They screwed that version of the game up so players all left.
  13. NA Legends will be a massive flop and fail far beyond this version of the game. Sure they are repackaging and remarketing it so it will make some money off players who dont know better but there is NO WAY moba minded players are going to play a clicky game where it can take almost 2 hours to complete one battle and have thier precious ship locked in battle for an hour after they are sunk. Moba players have A.D.D on a level that gives the tazmanian devil the jitters and thinking these players will spend hours and hours in a single battle just to get a tiny bit of progression is crazy. Yes you will have a few hardcore players that wil love the game and play no matter what ( the 40 players) but that is just like ow NA but to think suddenly thousands of people will be lining up to sit and wait for hours per match is crazy. What made NA ow work, at first, is why it was as popular as it was and once that was taken away players left. Legends will be the same empty game.
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