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  1. I quit because the game is nothing more than alts tracking and ganking anyone who dares to pvp without a group. No matter where you go on the map teleporters are waiting to gankyou the minute you left battle. Im sure they keep trying more bad ideas to stop the ganks but for me i found out pirates of the Burning Sea is back online with way more players and a overall better game so i am playing that now and actually having fun vs frustration.
  2. They made this game a clickfest game with so many exploits that they have spent 18 months trying to slow down character progression that THEY screwed up to begin with so they can never simplify it now. Ive said many times that the game was better at ow launch than any time since then and it was extremely simple in terms of doing things but took brains and will to become great. Was a great system ruined by cry babies and people with no vision or ability to think ahead.
  3. I told them word for word how this game would implode step by step over a year ago if the devs implimented the biggest game killer into the game. They along with the mods who control what is done laughed and mocked me. A year later its like a page by page replay of how I said it would happen. We have to face facts at this point , that they simply dont want this game to succeed and are using it as a blackboard for something else.
  4. Nothing will save the game. The players who control what the devs do refuse to admit the thing that killed this game a long time ago. Nothing will save this game now. Pride cometh before the fall...the fall is close.
  5. No amounts of mergers is going to help population. This game has a fatal flaw that the devs refuse to fix and the community who has thier ear refuses to admit exists.
  6. Do you and her share the same safe space? Also be careful in your glass house when you are tossing them stones fella. You sure get so upset when you can't get your way dont ya.
  7. The pve server has your name all over it. Its one big safe space.
  8. As a casual player myself I feel your pain. Im content to play in small ship and realize ill never have the best of anything because I don't sink enough time into it. Just playing now i feel like i will have to take a vacation just to be ablento grind out the stuff necessary to make cannons.
  9. Dont ships already have a lookout ? Isnt the player the lookout? I think what you are asking for in a clever way is a warning signal for all you afk players so you can do other stuff till the computer gives you an audio alarm. Leave it the way it is, its one of the fee things left that rely on player skill or alertness rather than just special abilities rewarded for time sinks. Yes im aware my view isnt popular since most players seem to have ADD and have to afk sail.
  10. Allowing players to attack thier own faction is just begging for bullies and internet tough guys to pick on anyone who doesn't bow to thier wishes. Stuff like this kill lots of open world survival games where guys just sit and kill new or weak players.
  11. Unfortunately this is only because of wipe. Once everything is reastablished it will be exactly like before wipe. It simply has to because nothing really changed to affect the end result. As someone who just restarted from scratch i can see its already setting up to be the same. Give it 4 months and revisit this thought.
  12. Its exactly what happened last time so why wouldn't it happen again. Thank God the pirates finally broke up the love fest but it still is inevitable that it will just happen again and again.
  13. Something tells me since " so many" people bitch that they dont have time to even sail to battle or sail from one port to another without teleports and fast speed ow travel that when they are faced with your guys option of " well just keep making a run for it in a cutter" and maybe some hour you will get away after 40 retags , will just not sit well with that crowd. They will all quit. Its going to happen with the crowd that plays this game.
  14. You will never have "front lines" when entire nations can teleport at will back and forth and and attack wherever the other guys are not. Happened pre wipe and will happen again. This time things have chaged a little to slow it down but it will start again.
  15. Every time i read all the drama Europeans have on thier special server i thank God we rebelled and left and i thank God we havea server way far away from them. Ive played this game is ow started and there has seldom been a day when the server and this clan are notat odds or the clan is being punished for yet another exploit. Thank you so much admin for not forcing us to have to all be on that server !
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