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  1. Had same problem with CHPro Combatstick. I also have pedals which aren't a problem. Just the joystick for some reason. Glad its resolved for you Znort. NOTE: Ink, I did finally test whether it was pedals or joystick or both. please see my original post. Sorry again it took me so long to answer your question.
  2. Ink, I am sorry I did not respond much sooner. I did finally test the connection issue today. I first tried both pedals and joystick, same problem occurred, wasn't able to make selections. Then tried un-plugging ch pro pedals; problem still persisted. Then un-plugged joystick and plugged in pedals, the problem was gone, I was able to make selections as normal. Note: I did a game restart each time I made an adjustment. This is a CH pro Combatstick. It is USB 2.0 I believe as are the pedals. Also note I have TrackIR plugged in whole time with no issues. Just so flight simmers like me will know w
  3. I kept rank, reals, xp, and of all things, my two missions in my journal. My outposts, ships, dubs, mats are all gone.
  4. I've been with this since 2014. I am glad it appears to FINALLY be getting close to release. Man, has there ever been a lot of changes over that time, some of whom I have truly hated. Mainly because they changed the flavor of the game, in my opinion, making it less fun and more of a grind. However, to the devs credit, they have stuck with it and once it is released, I've no doubt they will continue to work with it to make it better. I will endure one more wipe, however, if necessary. Let's hope it will be the freaking last one. Once its released, we can all have a grog, or what ever trips your
  5. Cayo Biscayno now list coal and oak as items it produces. however, I am unable to place a mine or forest there to produce them; they are not listed in the build queue. I sent two F11 bug reports because the first didn't include the port production pulldown in the screenshot.
  6. If you look above, most, if not all questions relate to gameplay and the effects of this patch thereon.
  7. Wow! 6 pages of conjecture and questions and not a single reply from admin/devs to clear things up. Im here trying to find answers and just wasted 15 minutes. Not impressed here. Seems to me the war server has become completely unfriendly to single players and small clans. Now the PVE server is going this route too? Bad decision if so.
  8. Yep, that did it, thank you! I had a CH Pro Combatstick and CH rudder peddles plugged into the computer. They only use the windows 10 drivers and not the CH drivers to my knowledge, I never installed CH drivers.Weird that the joystick and rudders should do this. But, glad its finally working. 😃
  9. I want to add a contract for an item or for a resource I have for sale. I cannot for the life of me choose the item in the drop down menu. Usually, (not always), the menu will list the resources I have in the warehouse, but if I want to sell a book or upgrade, even if its in the warehouse, I cannot choose that pulldown choice or name the item. I have tried to use tab, to mouse over the choices, to hit enter instead of a mouse click, to put in the price and number first; nothing seems to work. The only time I can make a contract is if the item is a resource and is listed first in the dropdown m
  10. Jomanda, please hang in there. This game definitely has a learning curve. I have struggled with the tutorials myself. But in time you will get it. there are some good videos on youtube. Good luck compadre.
  11. I think it blows that global is getting closed. I'm going from a ping of 90-120 to a ping of 200+. That ought to help make this game a whole lot more fun. Hell, how else can you all screw the US players? I'm sure youll come up with another change to take the fun out of this game. And you wonder why so few play now...geeeeze.
  12. Well done Captains. Appreciate the videos too, good learning tool.
  13. This was posted Monday???? Ive been on the forums waiting to hear when it goes live and I'm expecting the patch today and now its two more freakin weeks off. Bah! Guess Ill go flight simming...
  14. How do raids work? And honestly, I don't mind if the devs sell ships like in WOT or WOW. They have to make money. New players will still buy the game as long as its updated and kept online. the added income from ship sales and perks like paint jobs is all to be expected. As long as the sandbox open world aspect of this game is preserved. I enjoy the trading, the missions, and the port battles. I like to craft ships and upgrades. I like fighting the Spanish and French and Pirates. I think iits cool you can make allies of countries though I would like to see those alliances shift with polit
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