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  1. At the given moment all PB's are free for every player. If you want to participate in one get on a nations team-speak to find people that want to do it or organize a group yourself. No one is forcing you to listen to anyone if you wish not to. I have never been in a clan (besides my own made one for the sole purpose of having unlimited storage via guild storage) and yet i participate in PB's on a regular basis. So sorry to say it my friend but youre just making up problems from thin air.
  2. If anything a pvp noob would have an easier time, since if they reduce the cost of crafting and adjust the labor hours needed to craft one duras, the prices will go down in accordance. So instead of having to pay for 5 trincos in advance for 500k (5 duras) you will buy a 1 dura trinco for 100k. Not to mention you will actually be able to capture a ship in pvp, not a fraction of it.
  3. I sure hope so Mr. Bart Smith (not quoting simply because of the million screenshots ). though personally i would like to see true storms not just a slightly rough sea . They just need to make the open world tied to the battles. You tag the enemy in a storm in open world ? You got yourself a storm battle
  4. Now if only we got those storms back to the game that is in one of the pictures ...
  5. Just dont let them find out about our shooting cannon ball exploits O.o ooopps i revealed it myself O.o
  6. In all honesty i haven't seen a single captain on the British side pick that trait up because it was to useless... 20% situational bonus against one faction while missing out on frigate/line ship master and crippling yourself against the rest of the world ? No thank you.
  7. Lets be realistic, every update they make will be hated by atleast a minor part of the player base, so if they gave us time to nag before hand this games development would come to a stand still
  8. ... And here i am drawing pentagrams, pleading to the gods, old and new to remove durabilities in general...
  9. Want to join another faction ? Go to one of their towns, receive a letter of marque, capture or sink 100 ships that are hostile to the faction you want to join (100 player ships not NPC's naturally; also cutters and small ships should be excluded since they could just be farmed with an alt). Then you deserve the opportunity to switch sides Sometimes you may start playing as one nation, yet after some time on douches are left playing in it so you should not have to suffer for it, but at the same time i will agree that changing a faction should be hard, not something anyone can do on a whim.
  10. Punishing people for ranking up and progressing... i can sea the floods in the forums already Honestly though i wouldn't mind a different approach to the basic idea (make the main price shift from basic sailors to marines that large ships carried in quite large numbers, which would ease the life of a lowly frigate sailor trying to make a name for himself). But yeah, you should really rethink what you just suggested and whether you want a ww3 starting here :DDDD
  11. I would rather keep the historic armaments and remove the unhistorical tagging and hyper drive teleportation from the game -.-
  12. Just one week of playing "Daily GB simulator 2016" and already so much drama posts I doubt anyone has learnt anything since reducing an enemy to 1 port is literally the closest thing you can get to a victory in this game You cant conquer them, you cant beat them to a pulp and force them into piece, so yeah even though im not to happy that the only way to achieve some sort of a victory is by nuking and enemy till they get frustrated with the game and quit, until they give us an alternative to actually win a war (hoping that will come in the diplomacy patch) it will continue to be the only
  13. Unless there is a huge delay, port flags and timers will be a thing of the past way before you can find any common grounds on this subject.
  14. Personally i would like to see 2 surrender options in the battle, the first being: In the first 5 mins of the battle in which the fleeing player could surrender offering free access to his cargo hold and/or paying a small ransom based on the ship he is sailing in, in the process keeping the ship, crew and officer safe. (More or less a realistic. And the second being as it is now, with not being to surrender while taking in water after tour armor has been striped or when on fire. You have plenty of time to make up your ind whether to surrender or not by the time someone eradicates your armor, y
  15. That's just the thing, if they tie this to the open word weather, it would give players the choice of whether they want to engage in a storm fight or not. Would be quite an interesting spice up. Just dont make it so that you tag an enemy on a sunny day and end up in a storm battle
  16. Silly Prater Asians are not allowed to play. Only those that play the valiant French and Spanish nations deserve to be treated as humans. I mean how hard is it to understand ? At the moment we dont have a large contingent of any time zone players tbh. More than half of the old hardcore players quit until the new diplomacy and BP mechanics (atleast thats what they say, really hope they return when it launches)
  17. You know i would imagine that someone who is so vocal how horrible those timers are to be asleep at this hour O.o
  18. Well it is the fastest line ship in the range of 3rd-1st rates so depends on the perspective with what you are comparing it Maybe he meant a heavier ship, not a bigger mortar on the ship. As in something larger than a the brig we have now. Though i dont think they used frigates as mortar ships did they ? O.o
  19. Fairly certain there has been to much bad blood between GB and Spain/France; the only way this war will stop is if they implement a feature to conquer a nation and one or the other side is wiped out
  20. If you risked surrendering only at the point you are sinking you should be punished for it tbh I would however like to see 2 types of surrender. One that you can initiate at the start of a battle which needs to be accepted by the enemy. If he accepts, he is allowed to loot your cargo hold, but you get your ship, the remainder of the cargo that he left behind and your crew/officer. The second one is the one we have now, but only till the point your ship is not going down to the bottom of the sea, if you are sinking or on fire, surrendering should not be a possibility.
  21. Wont be awesome until i see real miniature cannonballs flying and splinters flying !
  22. Not 100% sure but i think they will rework the Pavel, in theory Pavel had 18 pounder cannons on its top deck when launched, and those would sure as hell even the playing field
  23. The Polish forums O.o My only weakness ! O.o "I'm not sure there is any value in adding in new ships at this time unless it is to test Xebecs and similar rigged ships in combat system. Maybe a heavier mortar ship vs. forts when Land is added. But putting in more square riggers now just takes away from some of the potential after release. " Have you seen the plans presented in the shipyard part of the forums? im pretty sure that at the rate they said they are aiming to release new ships "1 ship per month", im pretty sure we are good till the year 2096
  24. Information as in full stats released ... no. But since some moderators were sailing the french second rate Bucentaure and a british frigate HMS Hermione, last week outside some of the capitals, those will most likely come in the patch at the end of the month.
  25. -Without reworking the entire mechanics, if you have any suggestion as to how enforce all players of the nation following the decision of a a few guilds that sign a gentleman's agreement i would more than happily hear it out, and if its something that wont take away major developing time, that is already focused on alliances that seem to be the most realistic solution, and actually works, you will have me to sign the petition first in line. -Although we have acquired friends in the recent months (still feel strange when a player with a red tag swims close to me and is friendly O.o), the entir
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