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  1. la Touche-Treville

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    I think the gun grind is fine as long as it carries over to next ship. Why ground 6pd on a Cerb if I already grinded them on a Mercury. However should I want the 24pd Carronades, well I would need to grind those first, but only once
  2. la Touche-Treville


    Oui, tâchons de ne pas le faire fuire avec nos conneries
  3. la Touche-Treville

    Groups, Battle Groups and flag signals

    Thnaks for the clear explanation. Maybe You can comment on the rest of my suggestion?
  4. la Touche-Treville

    Groups, Battle Groups and flag signals

    Right now we have the Groups and Battle Groups that allow players to take action as a group. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what the difference between both are and if we really need both in their actual form. However here is what I suggest: - When inviting players to a battle group, the captain creating this group can decide what color the flag will be (currently it's a red flag). Say, green, orange, blue, red, white, black, yellow, etc... - A Player can then greate a group and invite all the created battle groups to join. All playes in the group will be able to see the color of different flags of all battle groups other players. If two groups have the same color, well it might create confusion but can also be done deliberatly. RESULT: We have a full armada with an armada leader (the one who created the GROUP ) and a series of squadrons/divisions with their individual leaders (Battle Groups) with each one being identified by a different color of flag. This would allow for a more visual recognition of squadron members and better coordination. Thanks
  5. la Touche-Treville

    My NA Legends Wish List

    Allow me to disagree!: You are gettting XP rewards and credits already so are you saying playing NA Legends is a punishment? You might pick the short straw on some matches with smallest ship and lousy cannons but then on others you'll be the top tier ship. A top tier ship that slacks through the whole battle deserves to be on the bottom of the ranking and yes, I do want to know when that happens. Nobody will finger point the fact that the bottom tier ship of a match is at the bottom of the ranking but good players will suprise you. And this is even more important when you lose a match. This kind of game is driven by competiveness amongst players. If you can't measure it, guess what will happen? NA Legends will become a training room for NA with a maxiumum of 50 players connected at any time.... And don't get me wrong, there probably is a place for this but sitting as a feature of NA and not a seperate game. However I believe that NA Legends can do a lot better than that.
  6. la Touche-Treville

    My NA Legends Wish List

    Ranking would be nice but a leaderboard with everyone's score at end of battle is a must have.
  7. la Touche-Treville

    1 December 2017 patch notes

    Why can't I see ship names/damage any more once I'm sunk?
  8. la Touche-Treville

    Group size balancing

    Can you please ensure a Cerberus is always faced by another Cerberus or something bigger? Right now the Cerbs are in God mode when playing against Mercurys and Brigs.
  9. la Touche-Treville

    XP and Wipes

    Sounds like we need a tech tree with branches. I agree that a linear progression is fastidious and I really don't want to sail every boat that exists. On the other hand, don't want to end up in a Tier 5 battle with guys that are coming from Cutters with no clue on handling sails. So we need some kind of progression ladder to ensure that the bloke sailing on a 4th or 5th rate ship has acquired sufficient game knowledge when he reaches that level. I'm no ship expert but what about giving a Brig the possibility to go down a Snow/Renommee/Surprise/Consti like tech tree or to chose a NavyBrig/Cerberus/Frigate/Ingerman tech tree? You could of course do both if you want. Could split this out into 2 to 4 branches maybe? The advantage would be to have players grind the lower tiers faster and hopefully get addicted to this game
  10. la Touche-Treville

    Combat feedback topic

    The only spars I managed to damage so far are Bowspirits by ramming. Can we still demast with cannon balls?
  11. la Touche-Treville

    Allow me to queue for NAL while playing NA

    Galileus, go to steam and you can download it free if you've purchased NA. So far the game looks very promising
  12. la Touche-Treville

    Skip ships

    Well if you've played any similiar ladder progression type of game ( WOT, WOWs, etc..) you would know that some ships are keepers in the ladder because of the fun they give when you play them. At the end, you'll have a collection of small ships, frigates (small/fast & fat/tanks) and some first rates to be able to join battles that suit your play style of the moment or to complement a group when playing with friends.
  13. la Touche-Treville

    Server Maintenance Mode

    Well if you interrupt a battle with no notice, I would like to say it is. But OK, maybe that's how it's supposed to work.
  14. la Touche-Treville

    Server Maintenance Mode

    That's why I created this Post Can't use F11 to report Server reboots...
  15. la Touche-Treville

    Server Maintenance Mode

    Was in a battle 3mn ago before getting kicked from server. Tried to login again immediately and now see: Server is in maintenance mode. That's pretty brutal! Can't you pre-announce a server maintenance? And not launch a battle if there's not enough time. Cheers