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  1. Teak WO for me and she handles very well just have to constantly be using manual sail but thats not bad it puts you more in control and lets you really spin these ships now
  2. That not a bad suggestion honestly I think whats killing it for me is the rough deceleration when tacking i guess I think a ship should have more momentum or give the rudder enough kick so you dont have sternway. Personally I say hello kitty it make all the ships with this profile of sailing and watch the chaos. Its hard to get a grasp on how a ship performs when you can be run down so easily by the old system.
  3. I personally feel they should give the rudder more of an impact its true the sail easily overpower the rudder but when you need that extra bit of turn power for a tack its not there
  4. I do believe that the rudder handling shouldve been left alone because you do lose all your speed and even go into reverse while tacking after starting at 10 knts now
  5. I do see your point I guess its hard to tell when all other ships can chase me up wind I do believe once all the other ship handle the same it will be much more manageable and I agree with the OW problem to harsh of a speed nerf into the wind for OW. Thank you for your reply though I appreciate it. I just love my Aggie and I get nervous when things change shes already in a bad spot but sail in hope of better days for her.
  6. As a result she sails down wind well............. hmm seems like ANY OTHER SQUARE RIGGED SHIP DESCRIPTION. Im testing her now in combats and for the life of me cant get her to tack without losing all forward momentum too me right now she acts to cartoonish. I begin a tack at like 8knts and she still stalls out meanin no one will go out and fight in this ship in her current state tacking would me death and your only other choice is downwind which mean surrendering the weather gauge at the very get go. Before you ask yes ive tried tacking with various amounts of sail. Looks like the pirate refit lifes for me to get my Aggie back in the game......
  7. Sure is I have to say Unity 5 is doing well at least on my PC better frames. I wonder what the next step is now?
  8. You can Exchange Pve for PVP marks 10 PvE equal 1 PvP
  9. Im personally sad to see that the basic cutter and cutter are not counted as the same ship. Meaning youll stay in cutters for 2x the amount of time for a ship that handles and fights the same way. I think they should be treated as the same ship in the progression slot. This is of course based off the chart that Vernon Merrill posted if we are to assume this is close to the actual chart. I guess we'll have to wait for the official tree from the devs.
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