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  1. I agree, though I have gotten use to the circular wind pattern, it is very unrealistic. Also it is easy to get use to it and gives no challenge with variability. If you find yourself heading into the wind, all you need to do is fall off to the "Lee" (?) (starboard) side of the wind and wait for it to rotate away, at which time you can fall back to course, which after a while this becomes rote. In addition, I remember the weather patterns and conditions were much more drastic in past versions of the game. I understand there are reasons for calming down the weather, but is there a better "happy
  2. Dear Tattered Flags, Just so you know. On two occasions I have been UN-justly attached by Spanish ships, that this may not be shocking news, but I want to add to the din that the nature of these attacks have been of a vicious manner. On one occasion I was leaving a battle and there were three Spanish ships waiting for me. Out numbered I attempted to make a run for it, but for the fact that I had just come out of battle I did not have time to repair, so I turned and fought and was sunk. On the second occasion I was leaving a distant port, among many Upstanding British ships, who hailed a
  3. Are you people making some of these for Naval Action? What do you use, "Sketch-up" ???
  4. Anyone else having trouble opening the map? a blank white page comes up and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? I have tried opening on two different computers.......
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  8. Hey People. I tried the link, but nothing connected. Is there a better link you can give me>?
  9. Yes, thanks. I figured it out right after posting this. Goes to show.....always take time to search before asking, and searching questions for this game in google works much faster and accurately than looking through the forums. Great Game. Happy sailing. - j
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    Dear NA, I have purchase the game Naval Action, received my Game Key for Steam. But no information was given for where to find the game Download? Any information on that? I have searched Naval Action in Steam and cannot find it. Thanks for you help. Ciccseven.
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