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  1. Liquicity - pretty sure this goblin has more in game money than me at this point. Crowley - bastard said we are meeting behind a Tesco to sort things out, but never specified which Tesco .... Do you even know how far away the closest Tesco is away from Lithuania ?! Every crafter in game who sells ships on the auction for less than the crafting mats price.
  2. This is how i see people trying to argument against 1 dura ships. There are 2 things that everyone keeps clinging to in order to save their 5 health point ships, which is Mods and their concern for casual players (which in most cases is just them trying to mask the fact that they dont want to loose their precious mods, but cant say it directly since they would sound like douches). Both of these can can be made balanced with 1 dura ships quite easily. Mod wise, as many stated all of them should be craft-able and/or attainable from admiralty points shop or something (not to mention the
  3. With these two ships we will test 1 durability viability. Praised be thy Davy Jones if this will usher the end of the Super Mario era of ships having 5 lives
  4. On a serious note though, not sure whether its different on your skull island Hethwill, but im pretty sure all larger national clans try to conscript new players.
  5. Made a small topic myself a while ago about various upgrades to ports in the same manner you suggest, and a guy named Babble wrote an entire dissertation before me about port structures, upgrades and such. And as much as i would like to see stuff like that implemented the last i asked and heard from the admin on the subject was that they have no plans for it since they think it would just be another time/resource sink most players would dislike and whine about. We need to start a petition that would attract enough positive reinforcement to change their mind me thinks
  6. The engagement rules are being changed from what i heard last. They are also making a starter zone for new players witch will limit high grade ganking of newbies to the game, until they grasp the concept of sailing. Other than that although i do believe Capitals should be safer than other ports, getting ganked outside one is not entirely an issue of the battle entry timer but a combination of: ships that costs less than toilet paper, which leads to no fear of loosing them, the existence of free-ports that cant be captured, yet for some reason allow enemy nations to harbor full assault fleets w
  7. Havent asked for them myself but from what the other players on our TS are saying the British captains that got the Ocean, Heavy Rattle and Aga BP's craft them for any higher level captain, so long as he brings his own mats and labor hour contracts.
  8. If you did this as a Pirate, and it was the Brit captains own lack of perception, well played. If you used an alt for this treachery, you need to be flogged and hanged... no ... that would be to lenient. You should be tied down in a chair and force read the entire twilight saga.
  9. Did you just say youre going to have dinner to ditch everyone in national TS and went to the forums to post ? o.o
  10. Think you just got lucky m8 From the national TS on pvp 1 everyone who opened chests so far say the loot aint exactly awe inspiring Though in all honesty after having been part of the even today again, seeing 3 huge fleets 5 mins sail away of each other straying still waiting for the wrecks to appear, im starting to think this should be a PVE server exclusive event and we need to go back to the drawing board and think of something that would encourage pvp engagement
  11. What about the focus on the small time crafters, just trying to make a living ? :'(
  12. Yeah we can thank a few people from SLRN on the British side and a few people from RAE on Spain for going into a rooster fight and pulling us into it.
  13. Never was one for diplomacy, heck never even joined any clan. Just join random people from other clans in RvR when i feel like it. But it gets kind of annoying when random Spanish players start whispering you "why are you doing this to us?!" as if i was camp guard in auschwitz, while its a few walking talking napoleon complexes, on your side that are refusing to better the game for their own national players for the sake of their ego.
  14. Since i see its a pure wishlist... let us begin: A complete rehaul of crafting, with specializations and specialized resources to limit only the best ships crafted exclusively, bringing more variety to battles. 1 Durability ships. Upgradable ports/buildings in ports that would require a national effort. MOAR NEW SHIPS !!!1!!!one!!!!eleven! New PB mechanics, land in pb's new conquest mechanics that give enough prep time for a nation and makes port battles actual fights instead of zerging empty ports. Rewamp on mods (really doubt that instaling copper plating on a fishing boat a.k.a lynx w
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