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  1. good luck with the testing. I hope it is successful and I cant wait to play.
  2. I want to whale as well. I know not gonna happen PC and all.
  3. i have completed 3 total wipes to get the feel of the game. also new is fun.:)
  4. This patch looks great. Good econ immersion. Coming Soon = ????? when?
  5. Good idea. For true exploration it would be great to have a fog of war map and only shows areas once you have explored them or purchased / obtained a map of an area. The play area would have to be random as well.
  6. Great idea. "available for all" should be just that. and if the status changes from the owner clan there should be a notification period. 48 hours.
  7. Port battles should be epic. Many battles different time zones and each battle has different war score.
  8. I like this idea. a x (2-3) day contest at different time zones (so all can join). very positive idea that the devs should explore - Dharus.
  9. +1 to Sir Texas Sir statement above.
  10. Oh and Santa if I may ask one more thing? I would like my companion Lucky Luke to sail the waters with me once more.
  11. Dear Santa real outlaws or pirates. And 1500 players on at every hour of the day. Merry Christmas everyone.
  12. Jeheil you live in Canada? I thought in the pass you said New Zealand
  13. Good job to Dave taking the Gulf of Mexico basin. Who is RATA?
  14. Got it. You don't care about the game. Just yourself. Good luck
  15. You seem not to care about the state of the game. You only focus on yourself and EU. Very sad. Think about how great it could be with the mechanics Texas and others have mentioned. Your nearsightedness will be the downfall of this great Game.
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