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  1. That's exactly the kind of info' I was seeking (wondering about) , although I realize that all of this is subject to change with the announced coming patches/update. My shipyard is in Philipsburg *sigh*
  2. ...the 4/5 or 5/5 upgrade pink or gold premium or whatever the devs & plyrs are calling them in current game design terms? I know of course that a level 3 yard unlocks the ability to make non-permitted SOL 's -just asking if there are any other benefits in the current game system (?) And while on the subject -does location of the shipyard (port) have any effects at all?
  3. So system requirements for this game need to now say 'SSD required' ? Edit: I appreciate the sincerity of the advice (I have been planning to get a SSD for long time now...it will happen :), but with this not being isolated to just me or a few other players, but actually may be a wide spread problem, isn't it imperative that GL (the devs) fix this before full release?
  4. Any and every session I play, the first battle I engage in always results in a very long load delay where by the time I see my ship and begin giving orders the pre-start 30 seconds have passed as well as 30 seconds or so into the battle time. Other ships are already shooting and moving before I even load/see the battle instance. After this first time, any and all subsequent battles load normally for the session as long as I don't quit NA. If I completely quit NA and start it up again, the first battle I go in to will again have this awful slow load delay. Please help! My Dxdiag:
  5. I have zero sympathy to anybody who expects to hang on to anything (books , XP, etc) during a ALPHA/beta build period after a wipe. Any PC gamer who participates in pre full release testing gameplay, knows or should know going in that everything is subject to wipe (as it should be). Don't spend 100's of hours grinding a book if you cannot stomach the idea of it getting wiped.
  6. When in port doing repairs from ship details (spending reals instead of HR's, etc) , the UI pesters the player with first a 'confirm' dialogue , then followed by another 'ok' dialogue pop-ups. All of this is unnecessary (imho). When would a player want to cancel repairs? When would a player not want to fully repair? (maybe when first starting game and very low on money, then maybe, even though it's doubtful there's any better choice to make to do with your $. If the player has clicked that far in to the UI clicking the repair hammers icon THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH. Additionally clicking is just
  7. That's why I said it would be 'nice' ...admittedly it's not vitally needed -just something that might be fun to craft and and add a little diversity to the ship building market, and maybe a little extra benefit to anyone willing to sail one.
  8. It is a complicated issue. I can respect all the opinions expressed here. What concerns me is new players as well as existing players, who: 1) Begin as a 'Global PvP' player because it seems logical given their time zone or personal playing time habits (pattern). 2) Invest time in XP rank and resource gain. 3) After weeks or months, finally understand the game well enough to realize Global isn't functioning very well, much beyond essentially being a de facto solo PvE experience. 4) Leave the game because they feel poorly informed and led astray, and dismayed at the ide
  9. Thank you for letting me know many other players share this same concern and have reached similar conclusions.
  10. Not enough players are ever on that (global PVP) server to make the game viable. Rarely do you see more then 200, and often the population is < 100 . It was a noble effort, and I do understand the reason(s) why the 2 server distinctions were made (PB timing issues involving playing time periods around the world), but apparently the vast majority of Naval Action players are European, or don't mind playing on the Euro' server even when PB's can only occur during Euro' prime-time. The dysfunction of the global server is why I (and other friends of mine) have stopped playing. To divide the cu
  11. Game Labs should attempt to inform PCGamer.com (excellent PC gaming website) of NA's recent patch news. They run stories on their front page of games that have significant patches.
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