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  1. That's exactly the kind of info' I was seeking (wondering about) , although I realize that all of this is subject to change with the announced coming patches/update. My shipyard is in Philipsburg *sigh*
  2. ...the 4/5 or 5/5 upgrade pink or gold premium or whatever the devs & plyrs are calling them in current game design terms? I know of course that a level 3 yard unlocks the ability to make non-permitted SOL 's -just asking if there are any other benefits in the current game system (?) And while on the subject -does location of the shipyard (port) have any effects at all?
  3. It's not about me -It's about the experience the average new player to NA might have, who doesn't know that 4 points of Fleet perk may be a very bad trade off compared to other choices. The dev's have essentially equated 4 points Fleet = 4 points of other choices. It's counter intuitive to a new player that he cannot expect Fleet to help much, and in fact due to BR issues (as previously stated) fleet will actually open the door to more of a losing negative experience, then a positive one.
  4. The whole fleet thing kinda feels like they're (Game Labs) barely tolerating it -like a legacy feature they'd rather get rid of, but too many players are hooked on or still favor. It's clear to me there are essentially (deliberately designed ?) disincentives to bring fleet to battle intentionally (offensively) , and that only as traders/haulers will the player gain much relative benefit (relative to other perk choices cost/reward that could have been done). If the dev's are really that hostile to Fleet, then just remove it already. I for one have already been convinced it's a losing deal to spend 4 points on.
  5. I know that of course (see my OP which I guess you didn't read, which clearly says I referring to the 2nd ship feature for 4 points). My entire post is about the second fleet ship offered for 4 points, and the general imbalance that says (implies) a 2nd fleet ship for 4 points, which is hard to manage, opens the door for being ganked, will not help very much in getting CM's and in fact sometimes kill steals them from you, somehow equates = 4 points of anything else that will always help you win CM.
  6. So you want the benefits of 4 perk points spent some other way (like Double Shot 1 pt., Prepared 1 pt, and Emergency Master 2 points), and while also get CM's from killing some other player's fleet who is not getting any CM from anything they do, but has spent 4 points on them? yeah, that's fair 😒 Edit: The point is you're already getting steady benefit from (and a easier path to CM's) with some other perk arrangement, in any battle your in , PvP or PvE.
  7. The Benefits: 1) AI cargo holds 2) AI can be ordered to 'demast' (which is only way to get them to focus entirely on rigging /sail damage instead of other behavior) The Punishment: 1) 4 Perk points for 'Fleet control 1' (2 get a 2nd fleet -currently 1st is free) are consumed that could have been spent on 'Battle' perks such as Prepared (1) Double shot (1 pt) Double charge (1 pt) and Emergency Master (or many other choices). 2) The Fleet AI that I may have adds BR to any given OW swords I may be in that now opens the gap much further then the 13% -meaning it's now much more likely a enemy player will jump into my battles up to 20 mins later in the fight, taking advantage of possibly my damaged /disorganized situation. 3) Fleet 'kills' do not count towards the accomplishment of 'Weekly' 'events', or 'Search and Destroy', or 'Hunt' , etc. If I do not get kill credit to my ship (myself) directly in battle instance, and prevent my own AI from 'kill stealing' , using the crude command system in game, then my whole effort to is wasted. It is very awkward to command your fleet precisely enough that it is contributing to the battle (thus justifying the 4 points spent) , but yet avoid it from kill stealing. The AI (AI Fleet) seems especially inclined to do a boarding action (why?) , yet there's no way to say 'Destroy' (but do not board or capture). So I get punished in so many ways for bringing fleet into these kinds of battles (not to forget the work of just managing them in battle) with very little or no benefit. So in summary even though I have forgone the option within the limited 'Captains Perk' budget to have more direct battle perks, and instead have spent 4 of those precious points on "fleet', I still do not deserve (according to current game design kill system) any kill credit towards missions that may have been accomplished by my fleet. So yep, 200 dubs spent on perk reset. I'm tired of being punished.
  8. So system requirements for this game need to now say 'SSD required' ? Edit: I appreciate the sincerity of the advice (I have been planning to get a SSD for long time now...it will happen :), but with this not being isolated to just me or a few other players, but actually may be a wide spread problem, isn't it imperative that GL (the devs) fix this before full release?
  9. Any and every session I play, the first battle I engage in always results in a very long load delay where by the time I see my ship and begin giving orders the pre-start 30 seconds have passed as well as 30 seconds or so into the battle time. Other ships are already shooting and moving before I even load/see the battle instance. After this first time, any and all subsequent battles load normally for the session as long as I don't quit NA. If I completely quit NA and start it up again, the first battle I go in to will again have this awful slow load delay. Please help! My Dxdiag:
  10. That may not be posssible , with the new random shifting rare wood forest feature
  11. It does but it's hard leaving St John's with something worth taking directly back to the Gustavia area. Usually forced to add a 3rd destination, whereas just going to the ports I said (like Oranjsted) allow a quick and profitable return.
  12. In the Swedish waters I make many simple 'trading' runs (hauling trading goods back and forth) from one port in short reasonable runs to another nearby making steady $. I have been buying Tools at Philipsburg, and selling right around the corner at Marigot (on same island!), then buying Maize or Coconuts and returning right back to Philip and selling again for profit, (repeat as much as stockpiles of those trading goods allow). A very similar run is Gustavia (Tools or Horses) to Oranjsted and Livestock from there right back to Gustavia. In fact I find these quick simple trading routes opportunities all over. I am not sure why others are not finding or recognizing these buy and sell opportunities.
  13. I appreciate the tips and comments here, but my OP was not so much a ask for help , but a clear observation that the AI difficulty has changed rather significantly , and that is has created situations where the player cannot win (accept for much mitigation & accommodation in the ship build and much needed real experience (skill)). For the record I have won most of these AI battles, only forced to retreat a few times, but only after much lengthy fighting, several repair cycles, and every trick I know (I sail very well forwards backwards, I manage my yards exceptionally well, etc.) -Please don't mistake me for a n00b. I have been playing since 2015/2016 and have max rank in sailing and crafting. It's too much of a 'gotcha' trap by the game when the average player cannot take much comfort from such a heavy BR advantage. My basic point is a 140-155 BR single ship should not be such a powerful hard to win fight when you shown up with 600BR (3x 200) , regardless of what woods or mods or books you have. The BR gap (in my scenario) is too large and stretches credibility of reasonable game design that the AI fights with such a heavy advantage in what seems like every battle.
  14. I do all of that very well ...I know my repair CD's, I know when to use them ...I know how (and commonly) to demast /stern rake , etc ...the Difference is more seems what Baron said; 'When you take medium cannons with shitty uppgrades and bad wood' -that is my set-up typically ... Fir /Oak build , med cannons, basic upgrades
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