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  1. Sweden declares war.....

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
  2. wrong... there has been battles where 7 lineships beat 21 frigates/few lineships in it. aftermath, start. this will let smaller clans/countries be able to compete with much larger clans/countries.
  3. Map with the fort - interesting map and i didn't see any problems with it. Map with towers - didn't play this map so can't comment on it. Map with 1 capture circle - The best map for lower number of people and ships Map with 3 capture circles (port battle style) - This map should only show up if each side has 12-15+ people. So that we can have multiple groups at each one to fight. Map with 2 home zones (wot style) - interesting map and i didn't see any problems with it.
  4. General gameplay feedback

    Pretty much everything that wanted to say has already been said but so far im very excited for the future of na legends and please add custom battles for us.
  5. happened to me as well yesterday. Havn't been able to get on today to see if there was a server reset fixed it( if they do have server resets on legends atm?)
  6. Native american themed game where the main character is native american!!! Will we be seeing any eastern native american tribes?(Shawnee, Iroquois, Cherokee, Creek, etc). Also similar question as The Red Duke, what time frame will this be set in?
  7. I can safely say none of our members would ever stoop so low as to using alts to lock slots out of a PB.
  8. Time to hit the Reset Button

    Calm down, I wasn't blaming carebears or pvers, I said devs need to listen to the veterans more instead of the pvers and care bears. After all this is a game that was developed for PvP combat not pve and running from fights.
  9. Time to hit the Reset Button

    +1 OP is one of the first people that i pvped with against the brits on OW. The game has changed a lot for good and worse since then, but now its just focused on PVE and coast guarding. Maybe and hopefully the devs will wake up and start listening to the pvp veterans again, instead of the carebears and pvers. Me along with SeaHyena has been around since mid july 2014 testing, and has been playing every patch, update and change since then. When a bad patch came out that we didn't like we gave our opinion but we still played and tested. When a good patch/changes came out we also gave our opinion on it, but now its so bad that not only us but a good part of our clan as well can not stand to play the game. Everything is targeted towards pve and not actual PvP.
  10. Congrats Tommy the Home Defence fleets must of really messed things up if you stopped PvPing and now just PvEing traders!!!
  11. It will be nice to have constant fair pvp again. Kind of getting tired of the OW pvp. Maybe we will be having a lot more tournaments with Legends!
  12. Fireship CUTTERS exploit

    Just do what OCEAN does. Demast the little buggers. With an indef it should be easy with some practice in sniping. also its an open world pvp game, always be on watch for enemy players.
  13. my most magical moment would be the first battle i ever had on na. it was one of the first large battles that happened on na i believe. here is the link to the vid(im "seawolf" ofc and SeaHyena is "sureshot"). the fog in these battles was amazing. we split off in our own little groups/fights and had no idea where our allies or enemys were. at any moment a enemy or ally fleet could come and join in on the little battle. The next magical moment was the final battle vs WO in the tournament. doing fair fights vs other groups was a great experience that i wish would happen on NA more.
  14. A letter to Snow Flake, The Truth Hurts

    Ping doesn't matter all that much on na, even for demasting. I get around 200ping(pvpeu and the main server I play on) and i'm one of the best surp duel demasters(I snipe masts a lot and never lost a demast duel). Its just all about practice and eventually you won't notice the ping or the delay when trying to snipe masts
  15. Marked with the Black Spot - PVP1 EU

    lol, he has been playing some but i don't know where at on the map.