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  1. Fun battle with loki, went out with a bang! 😂
  2. Same problem with logging in from me and a clan member. (I got on about 15 minutes later) Update: Server is broke again
  3. Eee, Yes, please add more paint schemes. The game needs them, we can only paint half the ships in game. :v
  4. This is exactly what we are asking for. It's hard to play NA frequently because you need to clear a whole days schedule to play 1 battle. You have to find a target, (20 mins to an 1hr), battle could last up to 1hr 30 min, then you get revenge fleeted(another 1hr 3min). It's almost 4-5 hours just to find a battle and get back to port, if you can make it. I like open world, but it gets tiresome after awhile when you just want to get on and have a good PvP. This is why I think arena done separate from OW and properly would get many more players. One other thing, could we
  5. The worst part about legends was 95% of the fights was against all AI even with a lot of people online, the matching making was poor. The gun grind was another a whole other story that I don't even need to talk about. I would like to believe that most people that got NA legends for free never knew what it was or that they even owned the game. I don't know how many people are in the same boat as me that just want battle after battle without any hassle. The combat in this game is so damn good with the beautifial ships. It is painful knowing we aren't going to have a lobby based NA. So many
  6. Great to see the game finally heading to launch, congrats! My biggest worries are finding consistent PvP and revenge fleets. I also hope that this means you guys may soon circle back to NA legends. I think the combat in this game is too good not to be made into a arena game.Many epic fights could be had. 😀
  7. kek, So many people quit because of retagging, escape only to be tagged again over and over. I was once retagged over and over for 2 straight hours. Lol, people just don’t have that amount of time to sit infront of a screen. This is why myself and 20+ other people I played with will never play again. There is no real way to escape a battle, and that makes NA Unplayable for people who have lives or don’t want to surrender everytime they escape and get retagged. It wasn’t so bad before with log out after battle, now it’s unplayable (was when over 600 online).
  8. Yeah, I know that. I've seen some retarded exploits since the day OW was released. But the PvP marks are much more important than anything you could earn from PvP before. So yeah there was alt farming and ganking, but PvP marks took that to a whole new level.
  9. Yeah, I agree with everyone here saying to get rid of PvP marks altogether. They do nothing but cause problems. Give reason to alt farm. (we didn't have that before) Gives big incentive to make sure you are always ganking to ensure the victory to get PvP marks, less inclined to take a even battle. Makes more experienced players/groups go after low level new players whereas they would of ignored them before (most of the time)
  10. No please, not this again. We've tested this too many times since 2015, it won't work. It will just kill the game. Read the 942,532 topics on this.
  11. I Like how revenge fleets are almost gone with the speed boost, it's great. Speed boost needs to have a long no attack timer or dual invisibility. Or possibly both. On revenge fleets, I've been on the wrong end many times but I recently got to take part in one a few weeks back for the first time in years. It felt so stupid, dumb and just straight up a shitty way of getting revenge. It was so easy, all I needed to do was sit right where the battle was and then as soon as enemy popped out we tagged em' and capped their ships. It was like being given a free ship without any effort. I
  12. Can I add? 4: Green zone campers 5: PVE/Traders who have an issue with not being able to get a instant victory and get the ship they just lost back immediately 6: People who are too lazy to go raid enemy waters to get revenge like how it should be
  13. Revenge fleets are taking ships from open world because PvP players are quitting.
  14. If a revenge fleet knows what they are doing, they can catch anything. Surround you from every side, spawn right beside you and chain you down or knock a mast over. The problem is revenge fleets right. Revenge fleets didn't exist in the age of sail. Revenge fleets don't take skill and you can abuse the OW mechanics to death so any speed ship cannot escape. If you are suggesting people go to arena because they don't want easily abused mechanics and unrealistic revenge fleets than I guess I can't really help you there.
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