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  1. what we can achieve and hope for , just like the damage weight change, is a simple "number edit in game files" by @admin because the developing is very busy at the moment. so my guess its now that we have real life models, sails, damage, penetrations, cannon crew ecc, why not put the cherry on top with real cost of ships and real cannon accuracy? these should be all easy modification to implement to testbed in few hours, just like admin did with weight based damage and hull hp rebalance. the best patch in the game since years and yet it take only few clicks by a dev ❤️ edit: start with half accuracy of live server and see how it goes, this should remove sniping from 500 m and mast sniping from long distances, long cannons will be worth for the improved acc and also accuracy upgrades will be usable. this will balance also the carro meta on lower rates because carro with half accuracy will be usable only from point blank ranges vs shallow. i see no drawback, thoughts?
  2. cannon balls were insane and they should be scary in this game, im tired so fire candys in NA. i think dmg is good when u fight same rate ships
  3. dmg seems ok-ish but i think pen is a little bit high, and finally mediums are worth now
  4. who said the bellona should cath small ships? at least not against the wind
  5. i think the same, if @admin will change hp of hull and brodside damage of all ship maybe he can diversify some sail hp based on real values (sail area in m2). i have a good feeling about it: real ship weight with real resistance to damage, real damage of broadsides, and real costs of Sol would be a better sistem of what we have now. first rates should be so much powerful and rare to be seen only in valuable battles. most of the pvp should be frigates vs frigates and with some 3rd time to time.
  6. asked many times, they dont like red.
  7. we should test the proposed weight damage based on testbed, tweak ship hp and thickness and make line ship extremely rare and powerful. reduce accuracy of cannons to solve many problems and increase rake damage so it can be done effectively only in very close range to punish wrong positioning.
  8. will there be some sort of early testing of the proposed WBD(weight based damage) next week?@admin
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