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  1. asked many times, they dont like red.
  2. not if they cost like ur house + ur car
  3. what about the weight based damage model? i know its only an early thought but it shouldnt be so hard to develop. i really like this idea
  4. elite is always up for this funny events! Fellvred we miss u! <3
  5. so it means that if now we need 3 iron to build something, then we will need 1 iron? or that 1 iron will weight 3 time lower? i dont get it and how u choose words in ur official post...
  6. idem, and i ve suggested also to increase the rate of fire of the broadside when in random fire mode , but i ve just read that there might be software limits
  7. i ve made this suggestion a couple of times, dont lose ur time
  8. once we have the refit BP we can craft a ship with : WOOD FRAMES , WOOD PLANKING , REFIT ?
  9. there was a problem in fellvred battles... and we got the same here: i think that high ranks players playing with basic cutter(free ship) shouldn't receive the HUGE 0,8 bonus for 7th rate ship join. its a shame that a free ship with 0 kills and 0 assists (no help for his team) gain 1,1 points with a win. (0.8+0.3) so i suggest to remove the bonus of the 7th rate(0.8) for basic cutters or at least that used by experienced players. lets say from 3th rank on?
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