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  1. Besides white substance, I also sometimes swallow my pride. Like in this case, Hachiroku is probably the best candidate to be a moderator considering the knowledge of the game paired with his network of players/friends. It makes him have a unique perspective and with that enforce the rules and peace without being 'unfair'. I think he would make a great mod. Not just a moderator tho, he is a voice of the people, a perfect bridge between dev's and playerbase. A caring and loving friend with a tough fairness about him. I vote YES.
  2. Not worth it to go there anymore, they come out with 25 fir/fir ships with 0 intention for an actual fight(unless u actually ask some to come fight you like hans the hawk etc.). Its just trying to squash. They usually can almost fire 1 broadside each before the battle is over, so much fun xD. Its kinda like sweden used to be...
  3. Same principal as with big kites, if you are familiar with kitesurfing or I guess sailing in general would work too altho thats not really my area. Even very small damage to the canopy (as tiny as a hole of 0.5*0.5mm) can create a tear from one end to the other under strong wind. Now I think this is what he means but when on full sails its a more even distribution of force. Whilst there is more area available to be damaged, I dont think the above stated theory would apply there. Besides, applying this model would make ball more viable and chain maybe even obsolete. EDIT: I just realized the sail force will always be the same, its just the angle to the wind that will reduce/increase force. However rigging will be affected by the amount of sails.
  4. @Christendom Clearly griefing, without a doubt. Stuff like this should be punished and shared as to prevent this from happening in the future. Not everyone checks tribunal posts, let alone read the rules. Personally I'm just here for shits 'n giggles as most tribunals are created out of pure saltyness. I hope the accused gets a wipe and becomes an example for other players.
  5. Revenge was sweet, I only forgot to take screenshot. Good thing we had a spectator.
  6. Ok ok, new offer. I will let you lick my log cutter. Deal?
  7. Afaik, Inger is not the only ship with that probem. Also some of the bigger ships have limited sight when looking from broadside PoV. Weither this is intentional or not, it would be nice to see some improvement in that area.
  8. Yeah, let's turn this into a complete arcade game. Lets also add exact position of impact for projectiles fired with a red zone covering possible dispersion, quick example below:
  9. @Hans the Hawk fix ur goddamn signature! Driving me crazy.
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