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  1. Eyesore

    Identities in the OW: A more realistic approach

    Why not stay incognito in battle aswell then? No names, anywhere ingame? Also, no names in the market, we don't need to know who we are bidding against? We'll only fight nameless pixels ... only ships and br are visible, only npc's get a nametag. Because, if it doesn't make a difference in OW, then we don't need to know in batlle either?
  2. I'm not saying it's a smart thing to do :-p But eventually they will learn? I find that video a bad example, it's extreme chaining yes, it makes no sense to me either, i was hoping to see a nice fight, perhaps even a close one for Rediii ... it was just painfull to watch these guys. There are videos were people don't protect their flanks, maybe we should limit broadsides, because new guys don't understand how things work yet? I'm not questioning your quality as a player here (or anyone elses for that matter). I don't mind testing, or end up playing with limited chain or even general ammo. Admin already stated (don't know how many pages ago) that there will be balancing and repairtests to go along with it. Nothing more to say about it. It may be an opening to bring back limited repairs, atleast for rigging. Or make ammo have weight. Or make it possible to decide on your own personal preferencial loadout? Etc.
  3. Yes, and they lost the fight because of it?
  4. Eyesore

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    More unbalanced crap, if you want more production and want to throw more money at the devs, buy another account and profit more. Why are people talking about dlc's when their is no game yet???
  5. Eyesore

    Death of Shallow area patrol missions?

    I don't mind the sinking (I'm well accustomed to that :-p ), or being outnumbered (I join the low br-side every time). It's the kind of gameplay some bring.
  6. Eyesore

    Death of Shallow area patrol missions?

    All the events are doing is giving some douchebags (enough battleresults to know who they are) the opportunity to troll everyone. They only join the high br-side and then just ram into people ... they are not there to play the game, only to grief. You end up on your own against 5-6 or more people and they complain because you don't drop sails and sit still. Yes, that's right, when you are outnumbered they complain because it takes them half an hour until they can sink you. Then some more groups join ... They don't want to play, they only want to farm and ruin gameplay. They also have advice when you're outnumbered: if you fight and die fast you get more damage done ... lol. Expect me to be upwind and sailing away the next times players like that join the battle. I have 1.5h to stay alive, you all can wait until you can catch me. I don't care that you feel like i'm wasting your time, your wasting mine with your shitgameplay (playing bumpercars and calling it skill?) The event-zone is just a farce, just like many who call themselves pvp-players. Go play Day-Z and stay there? Keep allowing shitlords to hello kitty everything up and keep wondering why the game doesn't retain players :-)
  7. Eyesore

    A way to include new players in rvr..

    Saved me the trouble of typing it out. :-) Possibly even expand it further to hostilitymissions?
  8. Eyesore

    Broken grape

    Maybe they are sailing with the sternupgrade? Gives extra thickness and protects crew?
  9. I only said something because that Grantville gazette thing is part of the story and he's quite liberal in what he's using as 'fact'. It only serves to help the story, not to give an accurate depiction. Cherry-picking stuff that is usefull for the story does not make it objective. I understand what you're saying or trying to do, I'm only saying that I would not call that a reliable source.
  10. I'm sorry, but Eric Flint is a fantasywriter. Grantville Gazette is 'addendum'/addition to some book-fantasyseries. Fantasy, about an american village that gets transported back into time and ends up somewhere in medieval Europe (somewhere in Germany, can't remember atm) and obviously, being american and having some technological advantage they offcourse know what is best for everybody ;-) . I would not call that a reliable source. :-)
  11. Eyesore

    PVP missions are good, we need more

    How can a noob intercept your tlynx in the first place?
  12. Eyesore

    PVP Patrol Mission Feedback

    I did 3 battles (2 times in a navybrig and one time in a brig, no slots unlocked and basic cheapcheap perm upgrades) at Shroud yesterday aswell (+two outside the area, one of those was against 6 prussians, probably because it would have been an interesting and challenging fight? :-p)... got plenty more than 20k damage in the event area. I always joined the low-br-side.
  13. no, it's all or nothing. if you don't have the cargoroom, you can't pick up (anything from) the loot from the wreck.
  14. Eyesore

    Alt farming of resources

    How about everybody can put up a contract? Not just alts? But i geuss that would be too convenient for normal players and not wanted by the ones with that extra 'ace' up their sleeves, because it is such a fair 'mechanic'? Who will decide who will not be allowed to place contracts in your system? You and your buddies??? Restricting acces to the market even further? Portowners get the tax, whether they buy the resource or not, just bid higher? Prices become inflated because the resources are rare and can only be bought in so many ports, not because people can put up a contract.
  15. screenshots is 'p'? I had to reset my keybindings after the update, perhaps that's it?