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  1. Eyesore

    Le Req is changing the game!

    I sail around in a normal frigat (oak/oak) (got a fight yesterday against a dane near Pasaje, he was in pfrig and he won (very close margin), battle took 50 minutes to complete, there was no running). The day before that i got 2 indiaman, one near 'spanish town (danish), the other one near Plymouth (Swedish). In that same frigat. Indiamen are not very challenging to fight (the second one had three of them, he made two escape, so it was easy to sink the player). Or I sail essex or belle poule or a wapen or a connie, anything that is not really meta. Becuase where is the challenge in using the best ship (and mods) and then 'overpowering' everything you meet? Do I win often? Certainly not. Ussually i either meet a group of players (no chance to even have a fight) and sink, or I meet a ship above my class (that is fitted for speed) and i lose again (sometimes, when i'm lucky and the other captain is less experienced I may get them to flee, but cannot catch them to finish off). But sure, some people want things to be easy. Each their own style i geuss?
  2. Eyesore

    Dock space for clan

    You bring a flawed arguement? Then make another? Then make assumptions and try to become personal? gg, wp
  3. Eyesore

    Dock space for clan

    Yes, everybody can do that, clan or soloplayer. So there is no problem there? How long can those crafted ships be held in transit before it comes a storageroom? How many slots you think would be fair or convenient enough to work with? If additional slots are given, why not give the same amount of docks to a every player then? I try not to nitpick, I understand and agree that clans need tools or ways to organize themselves. You are clan-player by choice. If each player was given a million gold for playing solo, and you decided to stay in a clan, that would be your choice. You have the ability to have any and all advantages of being solo and you choose not to. It is your choice to give up any benefits that solo-players receive. Do you get it yet???? It is your choice. If you can’t play nice with others that is something you should work on.  I geuss the flaw in your arguement is fairly obvious? A solo-player has to work together just as much as a clanplayer, perhaps even more and under bigger stress. Why do you think solo-players are doing it wrong? He has to open and move outposts and supply them just like a clanmember has to do? He has to have ships in that outpost, in time to be able to show up for that screening fight? When that port is lost, that soloplayer also has to move his stuff around again. I work with clans and players across nations, I play in a 'team', not the same as a clan, but if I don't try to have good relations with people in game, I can't get anything done either (just the same for a clan). I'm not sure what you mean with that first line ... you don't think that individual players should have the same difficulties/opportunities? I did not say that a soloplayer should be able to capture and even hold a port on his own. Yes, rvr is obviously clanbased. I talk about individuals, whether they are solo or in a clan. Again, yes, clans need the tools to be able to operate. What Hethwill suggest seems far more reasonable than simply creating extra dockingspace for clanmembers only. Dockspace is needed for everybody, I have ships stored away in the market aswell ... I made a one-man-clan (so, i would benefit form the op's suggestion aswell) ... I don't have an alt yet ... don't have any dlc (they make no sense to me in early acces, aside from all the other problems they cause atm). Isn't this all circumventing mechanics? Norfolk would probably be better able to describe the issue. I put surplus ships to market, or give them away (because people got me some goods or were just friendly and needed a replacement or are new), the good ships very rarely make it to market as you know. And, just to be clear, I fully understands the difficulties of leading a group and have respect for those that want to do it in their sparetime. It will be frustrating, hats off for those guys/girls. Clans need tools to make organization possible, we just have to be carefull about how to do that.
  4. Eyesore

    Dock space for clan

    There is no hatred against clans from me. Grouped up players always will have the advantage. Yes, they need the tools to make things work. Ofcourse, you can make a one-man-clan and have a warehouse and the other perks it brings. Perfectly within reason to invest in as a soloplayer. But then again, you can give this option to begin with (which actually would give clans a much bigger 'warehouse' as a side-effect, perhaps unfortunate? 😉 ). Extra dockingspace ... how many slots are we talking about? 2? As they are only ment to hold a ship briefly? What if the ship doesn't get picked up? How long can it be in storagestatus? Or some sort of deliverysystem ... Like we can store ships in the shipmarket? Each clan-player can stock up extra ships with a system like that? Then why not give a soloplayer the same amount of dockingspace? Why would a solo-player need less dockingspace than a clan-player? He's likely to sink more, so a bigger shipstock makes life for him also a bit easier? Wasn't the point to try to attract new players? Of all kinds of playstyles? Casuals might like to stock up on ships, so they can burn through them when they have an active playingperiod? Would giving them the same 'advantages' as clanmembers have be fair?
  5. Eyesore

    Dock space for clan

    You only need a clan for rvr?
  6. Yes, and now we have dlc and noteships, and more dlc coming and no more economy. Still people find it too difficult, all they want is to win without any effort or logistics or planning. Make the game more shallow seems to be what they want? Good luck with that I'd say.
  7. I geuss the sucker that gets hit, has to pay out more pvp-marks? One for each fleetship? Why? Because the big groups have to divide them when they only get them for the playership? If you could not get the fleetships in the instance, then they got away? No need to spawn next to that same attacker again, just to get retagged and sunk (again) and give more marks.
  8. Eyesore

    Dock space for clan

    How bout we give everybody unlimited dockingspace then? Only clans benefit from this suggestion, everybody else just gets it harder.
  9. Eyesore

    Collision damage

    the big ship is already turning to the right before the collision happens though. I would think that it is turning mostly on it's own?
  10. Eyesore

    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    As long as everything moves through the open world, whether it's a player or an ai-ship, i geuss the outcome stays the same. There should be no 'safe' transport (or teleportation) of resources and tradinggoods.
  11. Eyesore

    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    Why not have another player transport your stuff for you? Otherwise ... no?
  12. Eyesore

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    Sure, some people will chose the easy way. A ship that took no in-game effort to be produced. Is that not the only advantage a dlc-ship should have? Why does a dlc-ship need better stats than anything we can build ingame? If there is no counterpart for such a dlc-ship, statswise, ... . As long as the others can acquire the same stats-ship, whatever name it has, the free daily ship is less, or even: not anymore, "pay to win".
  13. Eyesore

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    A moonday or -night would be 14 earthdays or -nights. Just es just.
  14. Eyesore

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    If you understand my post, then it is clear that you have lost atleast one player willing to sail at Shroud for the pvp-event ... why would people do that? It is already a gankfest, and you think it is a good idea to add an op-ship to that mix?
  15. Eyesore

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Another reason to never visit the pvp-zone. GG