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  1. Eyesore

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Oh, ik had niet door dat dit een serieus gedeelte van het forum is :-p Oh, i didn't realize this was the serious part of the forum :-p
  2. Eyesore

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Sorry, but Vlaanderen was never a part of Holland or was never called 'dutch'. The dutch (spanish had conquered them) tried to annex Vlaanderen, we flemish did not like that :-) The dutch are a totally different people. We, flemish, resent any affiliation with those spanish bootlickers. Also, Belgium is Vlaanderen (vlaams) + Wallonie (frans).
  3. Will insurance-payments go up for captains that lose their ship and/or cargo every time? Like a bonus-malus-system (car-insurance)? The more you have the insurancecompany making payments to you because you screwed up, the higher the fee will be (the fee comes down offcourse after some time without 'accidents'? To combat insurrance-scamming a little bit 😉 (But that might eventually undercut the point of the OP maybe?)
  4. Didn't admin say that the numbers will be off, as to not give away too much information on what the devs have planned?
  5. Eyesore

    Capture, Prizes and Crews

    @Angus MacDuff What if you only get a prize (money, pvp-marks, etc.), or a substantially bigger return for a tradeship if you bring that captured tradeship to port?
  6. Eyesore

    OW Navigation

    Just having the ability (ingame tools) to pinpoint your location and add a mark, yourself, on the map would be more than enough. Automatically showing your position takes the whole navigating-part out of the game. F11 is just a 'cheat' during testing (as stated by admin, don't know where anymore and maybe not up-to-date anymore given his earlier reply in this thread). It is not difficult to do, you just have to pay attention. It is another layer of situational awareness. All this radio and radar-stuff was not available in the timeperiod. The tradertool makes navigating extremely easy atm, impossible to get lost. If you want to sail around, you have to learn how to navigate. If you decide to change course in the middle of the ocean, then it is up to the captain to measure time and direction of the new course and compensate to get back on the original heading. As for the people asking for grids ... there are lines you can draw from ports, and use the intersections as a sort of coordinate ...
  7. Eyesore

    Is the requin bad for the game?

    I have killed a prince in a tbrig ... Tbrig op?
  8. Eyesore

    Remove clone ships from game

    No, they don't. Perhaps a new upgrade or module could be created for that (not really a fan of these things btw, but that is not on-topic) ... what kind of monstrocities/frankensteins would we be able to make? If it could be done, should something like that be easy or hard to do? (to prevent too much unbalance)
  9. Eyesore

    Remove clone ships from game

    don't the upgrades and modules make us able to 'refit' our ships?
  10. Eyesore

    Remove clone ships from game

    I sail normal frigats and brigs and sometimes i even win in them 🙂 I think they are awesome, all those topships are not interesting to sail, because they pose less of a challenge.
  11. Eyesore

    Do we really need the "Recently Killed" Mechanic?

    So, you want a killed player to be sidelined for the next hour?
  12. Eyesore

    Le Req is changing the game!

    he probably doesn't want to lose it to a requin or hercules? :-p
  13. Eyesore

    Le Req is changing the game!

    I sail around in a normal frigat (oak/oak) (got a fight yesterday against a dane near Pasaje, he was in pfrig and he won (very close margin), battle took 50 minutes to complete, there was no running). The day before that i got 2 indiaman, one near 'spanish town (danish), the other one near Plymouth (Swedish). In that same frigat. Indiamen are not very challenging to fight (the second one had three of them, he made two escape, so it was easy to sink the player). Or I sail essex or belle poule or a wapen or a connie, anything that is not really meta. Becuase where is the challenge in using the best ship (and mods) and then 'overpowering' everything you meet? Do I win often? Certainly not. Ussually i either meet a group of players (no chance to even have a fight) and sink, or I meet a ship above my class (that is fitted for speed) and i lose again (sometimes, when i'm lucky and the other captain is less experienced I may get them to flee, but cannot catch them to finish off). But sure, some people want things to be easy. Each their own style i geuss?
  14. Eyesore

    Dock space for clan

    You bring a flawed arguement? Then make another? Then make assumptions and try to become personal? gg, wp