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  1. Isn't that the same mechanic that allows more ships in portbattles by undercrewing them? I geuss it is not a problem? Or will we have to start carrying rum to replenish crew in open world? (don't remember where the thread was, somebody asked a question about it a week ago?)
  2. They are not 'raiders' ... they are called 'entrepreneurs'. I resent your tone, sir!
  3. I ussually try to open communications with the other player when i'm a loki. On some occasions I made an agreement not to sink the other player (should he end up losing). I've gotten quite a few compliments from players that weren't really wanting to fight me (another player) afterwards. I have even had one player who didn't want to use his reps (until he actually hadto to survive), because he knew he was fighting a loki. When ending up against an obvious new player, I sometimes only fire one gun instead of the whole broadside, or I push them in the wind (like a boarder would do) and then escape from the boarding and let them try again ... no point in murdering a new guy, is there? But yeah, I don't get why anybody that uses a rune, would then try to run away in the battle ... Why did you even use the rune for in the first place? You know you will be in an inferior ship (makes no differene to me, I sail crap in open world all the time) and not likely or supposed to win. You also know that you won't get any xp or gold, so not playing as a loki can only be griefing? I have had players that run away as soon as they see it's a loki they are fighting ... I hunt them down as long as i can then (easy to be denied as they only have to chain me once) ... one could say that the player is griefing the loki-player? People have ran away while they were full health and the ship I got was already down to half structure and only half a flank of armour on one side left ... all they had to do was fire one more broadside to make me immobile, but they choose to run away ... I'd say that is griefing ( 😉 ) I demand to get sunk in every battle!!!
  4. Admin said they are working on that.
  5. 1. in tradinghubs, ussually capitals or craftingports 2. you can craft repairs and rum and ships ... however, if you want to craft ships ... it is better that you are in a clan that owns a (develloped) craftingport or that you are in a clan that is on a friendly list of a clan with a craftingport. this is necessairy because without those privileges, you won't be able to craft ships with portboni (as in , you will make inferior ships that nobody wants to buy, if you make your shipyard in the wrong port, you'll have to reinvest everything to rebuild elsewhere) 3. freetowns ussually have something to sell (being a new player, i would advise not to buy the expensive stuff (learn how to sink first 😉 only use what you can afford to lose!) 4. get a higher rank, each rank lets you have more crew.
  6. Can you not make it so that carronades also (have a higher chance to) cause fire in-game? Perhaps they can do saildamage to the ship that is firing them?
  7. Can be a perfect ambush ... too bad the cat is out of the bag 😛
  8. Why would a snow need to chain a first rate? They are floating bricks?
  9. I'd be hello kittying proud if i got that flag! I hope i get the big version 🙂
  10. Only if I can choose to hear it, or have the option to disable the sound.
  11. i don't even bother playing that piece of crap, get boarded=game over, it's just a waste of time, boring as hell, pretty much a reason not to sail out if you ask me. Calling this game chess ... hmmm, you must not have played a lot of chess i geuss.
  12. a 1000 dubs isn't that much, you will gather those back quickly.
  13. I don't care, I just get myself sunk and ask questions later 😛
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