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  1. I know, I know, I'm not the biggest fan of being able to teleport stuff around, but you can carry the needed dubloons in your hold? Was that not the point of the limit? You can keep some dubloons safe in your chest, but bulk needs OW-transport? I think it is a positive that people would have to sail with dubloons onboard (but many will just create an outpost probably (I would) or use a friend to make the transaction?). Same reasoning as the one for the woods that need to be shipped to the craftinghub? (thus creating more, possibly worthwhile, targets/jackpots?)
  2. Some outfit their tradeships to fight ... not for speed (as it wouldn't help anyway). Repelled and even managed to sink a few 'raiders' that way. Sure, you will lose a certain percentage of your tradeships, just calculate that into your prizes ... losses are unavoidable.
  3. Perhaps, as was already suggested in other threads, mods and books could count towards BR? But i understood it would/could create difficulties for rvr (fleetcomposition that becomes very hard to calculate?)
  4. Eum ... for the record: I'm not swedish, I play for/as a dutchie. I like fighting against swedes sofar, they give good battles (I don't think i have fought any Cabal the last few months though). They/Swedes are perfect for training, it is a shame that they all want to run away and hide in the pve-server now :-p
  5. Yesterday, fought a battle against a player (bellona vs Pavel) on testbed. (only one battle with the new update)(only 3 people were online, so lucky to find one of them close by) To me it felt like the fight (patch/update) was better than the ones i had a week earlier (did only pve). My bellona was teak/white, navy hull and structure, something that gave me 10% thickness on masts, medium guns (32/24/9). Only one bookslot unlocked which had 'melee training'. I don't know anything about the pavel, except that it seemed very hard to penetrate it (even when at pointblank (tried doubles and charged)). Startingpositions : both ships point almost into the wind, land on the starboardside (in front of Philipsburg), Pavel sits behind the bellona. Pavel tries to maintain its position (and succeeds for a while), Bellona tries to get into a position to take controle of the wind. Being in font of the Pavel, the bellona fires broadsides into the pavel's bow at first, one broadside of chain. The shots to the stern did considerable damage to the pavel's structure. When the bellona got on the pavel's stern it could just continue to rake and bring down the structure to nearly nothing. The bellona's broadsides on the pavel's flanks (perfect angle) had little effect (compared to the structuredamage the raking chad caused (which makes me thinks it may have been live oak and/or had thicknessmods equiped?)). Two broadsides from the pavel took out 50/60% of the bellona's portflank,almost no structure lost. Bellona repaired hull while continuing to angle and get/stay behind the pavel and rake more structuredamage. The pavel then chained the bellona (2 chainbroadsides brought it to 49%, big mistake on the bellona's side, well done by the pavel). It was too late by then, the structuredamage on the pavel had slowed it down to a crawl aswell, even the loss of a bowsprit and frontmast on the bello could not turn the tide and the bellona could rep sails a few minutes later, while it chained the pavel once more (which sailrepped soon after). With all the raking through front and bow, no masts fell on the pavel. The bellona hit only 26 masts. It did never really aim the masts, mostly hull (90% : stern and bow). The pavel also did not concentrate on masts (the bellona would have been demasted much sooner if it had? (after the fight it is easy to point things out, but the structuredamage through the raking went fairly quickly which made the pavel suffer severely in speed and manouverability and thus dimished it's potential to get guns on the bellona)) - Angling worked again. Not as much as in the old model, but it felt pretty ok to me. The 'window' seems closer (which is good). - Damage to structure through raking (stern and bow) seems very high, especially considering the penalties such damage comes with. - the fight lasted longer. Perhaps something to add : at the moment, it doesn't matter where you hit the hull, it will lose armour/structure, even if you keep shooting through the same hole ... Is it not possible to make destroyed areas (?) invulnarable to new damage? So, we would have to really target specific points/areas on the hull to do critical structuredamage? (a bit like how damage for masts work? but a horizontal version of that?) Picture to illustrate the structuredamage.
  6. Movement around all three axis would be awesome 🙂 Wouldn't latency come into play though?
  7. If anything ... trade should be the fuel to make war. It would help if trade would have an impact/influence on ports/regions (may suggestions have already been made).
  8. https://forum.game-labs.net/forum/44-guides/ That will get you on your way. Like others have said, some of the info is outdated, but many things/concepts are still the same. Like Koltes' ressurrected post, some things may have changed or lost weight, but most of the approaches/concepts will still apply and form the basis of your tactics/strategies. Iroquois confederacy is also good. Both threads are about solo-play (that is how i learn most, i never win, but i learn ... expect to sink many times and try to figure out what your mistake was). Anolytic recently made a guide on how to beat the exams in tutorial. But again, you probably learn more if you try to find solutions yourself. This : "A treatise on Naval Action: a complete guide - Mr. Doran", might be a bit hard to read, but it is worth it's weight in gold (and then some).
  9. Could be a beginnersquest maybe?
  10. Eyesore


    Oh, but I'm all in favour to have different maps (from storm to windstill) and damage from the elements to ships when badly handled in foul weather (and shallows). I'm up for any change that makes sailing more like real life (or an approximation atleast)(so we can use real-life logic to sail a ship ingame (less 'gaming' the game sort-of-speak)). Maybe KSP can be an example of real-life approximation (compromises have been made offcourse, but many things work (or can be approached) like in the real world (more so if you play it with specific mods ... n-body-simulation would be awesome (i played that mod), but is very demanding on calculations). Il-Sturmovik (forgot the name of the mod, too long ago) or cliffs of Dover (with Team Fusion mods) (mind you, I'm not the best pilot), i feel you can also approach with real-life knowledge (maybe i roleplay (or try to imagine what a real human would do in a real situation) it too much and ignore (or don't know about) 'features'/compromises, i usually read up on the subject though, like i did/do now with NA (doesn't make me a specialist on the topic though, not by far, but it keeps me busy for a while 😉 )) to push your airplane to the limits (again, as in any 'simulation', compromises have to be made (for gameplay and technical limits)). These games (single-player and more arena-style) are offcourse nothing like Naval Action is, just examples for attempts at authenticity and real-life approximation (probably some games go even further ( i can think of 'Orbiter'(is almost a real-life simulation of a space-shuttleluanch) and probably many more exist that i'm not even aware of). We will always have to use our imagination and ignore any 'plotholes' or inconsistencies. It is up to the devs to make it possible or see whether or not it is worth the time to try and develop it (I'm no programmer, I have no idea about the technical limits). As far as i understand their comments on the subject, it is also what they want ... so i geuss, if there is a way ... they might/will look into it, maybe find a possible solution (i read something about having two servers??? but like i said, i'm completely ignorant about this technical and/or programmingstuff) and evaluate and hopefully decide that it is worth the trouble (even if implemented later, or in NA2 (should that prove feasable)). Maybe the community can be allowed to make their own mods, devs could see what they like, or look at different solutions from different people and bring those mods into the official game? (Again, i have no idea what i'm talking about here, probably books exist, full of reasons why it is not possible or very hard to do) I don't think a server-wide hurricane for a full day would amuse many players though ... also, people back then would have known if a hurricane was coming? (barometer, experience) Would that not risk that many players simply would not log in or not take the chance to lose a ship to weather during this time? What if that day is the only day of the week you can play? I only see weather-effects happening in battle-instance though, not so much in open world. (perhaps windstrength could be more dynamic or the wind turns at a different speed depending on location?) Anyway, most, if not everything i wrote here, has been suggested earlier by other people in multiple threads ... we can only ask, learn and hope 🙂
  11. I don't mind not getting many dubloons for a pvp-kill (not opposed to get a bit more dubloons as reward for a sinking though (maybe double it from what we have now, but still leave the rng work for what you can find in the cargohold?), i would like to get more reals for sinking a playership (or ai) though). If we make dubloons like pvp-marks ... would that not risk that we resort to 'farming' players again? ( i say 'farming', because ussually it was the only reason someone attacked defenseless tradeships or much weaker or lower rated or outnumbered war-vessels?) I find that battles, at the moment, are more fought because of the battle itself and not so much because you need the pvp-marks. I'd even say that since the dubloons were introduced i have the impression that i get more 'good' (even/balanced) fights (like i said, an impression, i have been looking for pvp (solo, sometimes with another player) more than ussual lately).
  12. All true offcourse. But ... perhaps it would be advisable to not advise new players to use huggingmechanics to defeat an ai-opponent? Isn't the point of the exercise to show what you can do while sailing, and not to show you what you can do while exploiting ai-weaknesses? (in PVE we offcourse always exploit the ai, but newer players will probably not know yet how to do that? (and perhaps shouldn't know about it too soon?)) Hugging ai can hardly be called a skill ... and it will get you/me (a new or inexperienced) killed against an experienced player. I didn't need to hug any of those ships to sink them (beat the first exam the first try and the second one on the second try (i was too aggressive the first time): chain one ship down, separate and drag the other one with me, destroy it, then went back for the second (the 'chained one') and graped and boarded it (no ram, just waited for it to make a tack (another abusing of predictable ai-movement)). Many new players, though, think that they should be able to finish the exam after they have done the tutorial. Perhaps a message could be given (in the tutorial) that the exams are hard (even for some veteran players apparently) and that getting more experience in OW (capping some tradeships, capping/sinking a few warships (missions or just free roaming)) is advisable before moving on and trying to complete the exams. (Obviously the whole tutorial needs some more work to make more sense to a new player)
  13. I'm afraid it's the chinese at the moment :-p
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