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  1. Isn't that the same mechanic that allows more ships in portbattles by undercrewing them? I geuss it is not a problem? Or will we have to start carrying rum to replenish crew in open world? (don't remember where the thread was, somebody asked a question about it a week ago?)
  2. They are not 'raiders' ... they are called 'entrepreneurs'. I resent your tone, sir!
  3. I ussually try to open communications with the other player when i'm a loki. On some occasions I made an agreement not to sink the other player (should he end up losing). I've gotten quite a few compliments from players that weren't really wanting to fight me (another player) afterwards. I have even had one player who didn't want to use his reps (until he actually hadto to survive), because he knew he was fighting a loki. When ending up against an obvious new player, I sometimes only fire one gun instead of the whole broadside, or I push them in the wind (like a boarder would do) and then
  4. 1. in tradinghubs, ussually capitals or craftingports 2. you can craft repairs and rum and ships ... however, if you want to craft ships ... it is better that you are in a clan that owns a (develloped) craftingport or that you are in a clan that is on a friendly list of a clan with a craftingport. this is necessairy because without those privileges, you won't be able to craft ships with portboni (as in , you will make inferior ships that nobody wants to buy, if you make your shipyard in the wrong port, you'll have to reinvest everything to rebuild elsewhere) 3. freetowns ussually ha
  5. I'd be hello kittying proud if i got that flag! I hope i get the big version 🙂
  6. i don't even bother playing that piece of crap, get boarded=game over, it's just a waste of time, boring as hell, pretty much a reason not to sail out if you ask me. Calling this game chess ... hmmm, you must not have played a lot of chess i geuss.
  7. a 1000 dubs isn't that much, you will gather those back quickly.
  8. I don't care, I just get myself sunk and ask questions later 😛
  9. Isn't a 'gazette' supposed to be daily?
  10. Thread about the same guy and clan : https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/33337-green-on-green/
  11. Hi, I was sailing a tbrig, not worth very much, and get intercepted by a hercules. I manage to avoid the tag by tagging an ai-fleet. The pirateplayer, Julien Blackbird (CAPT) then joins the battle on my side. Ok, no problem, i geuss he'll just wait for me to jump out and follow me outside again. But then as I'm getting away, Julien Blackbird decides to shoot my sails and makes me get caught by the ai-fleet. I clicked his name in the chatreportthing. Screenshots below: sails still at 95% out range from the ai: https://imgur.com/ao2MXjz sails at 78% : https://imgur.com/
  12. Yesterdayevening, i went to bed ... and when this morning, +8h later mind you!, I found out that the world had continued to revolve around itself ... and I wasn't even there! I mean, wtf man?! It didn't need me or anything? Am i so insignificant? Can't it wait up for me? A truce ... maybe on the 24th and newyearseve, but a full week?
  13. I'd like to see personal stats. Number of fights, br-difference, saildamage done/sustained, wins, losses, draws/escapes, crew killed, masts taken, pve stats are in a different column or something (different to count maybe in mixed fights), etc. Maybe we could even have a log from every battle we ever played? I don't need to see a ranking to other players, because of reason posted above already.
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