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  1. Eyesore

    Duel/Small Battles

    Here again, I geuss it is only fair to post a losing battle aswell, gg, wp:
  2. Eyesore

    Duel/Small Battles

    Sorry for posting twice today, but this happened by accident:
  3. Eyesore

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    every french player i see in ow turns to attack me, everybody keeps telling me there is a deal ... i'm not sure the french know about it either. I don't really care, i'm here to fight battles (so i'm fine with war 🙂 ), not to make endless deals or do diplomacy.
  4. Eyesore

    look out perk

    The circle that gets drawn around the targetship obscures that ship. Making identification from long distances more difficult. The circle rises too high above the water.
  5. The 4-5 tradeships i capped on saturday resulted in 6000 dubloons for me (2 hours of playing, in that time i also accidentally tagged a player-reno in my lgv and got 672 dubloons from its cargo)... i'd say dubloons can hardly be called rare or hard to come by? I'm not even looking for dubloons anymore, I want a trader loaded with rare woods ... and all i get is dubloons! 😛
  6. Eyesore

    Duel/Small Battles

    No survivors! It was an awesome fight, took 85 minutes to complete. Patrol at La Mona yesterday. My shabby bermuda/crew indefat was the obvious weak link, especially as soon as he other team realized that and started to focus me ... luckily I had the inger to hide behind after i had lost 3/4 of my left flank armour. Unfortunately the circle made us make a tack and I got separated (well played by our opponents) ... All credit goes to T3nZ, who saved the/my day. He ended up with 4 kills. The last indefatigable got boarded on the edge of the circle ... both players timed out outside the battlezone (5 minutes battletime left). Battleresult for T3nZ : 66.7k Battleresult for me : 22.4k
  7. Making it cheaper/easier to build could also be seen as buff? Less need to change performancestats of the ship that way?
  8. Why is that an issue? (I admit, the first time i thought the same thing 😉 , but it makes sense to be the way it is) Isn't that the point? Having more people sailing around carrying dubloons? If you absolutely always have to sail to your main hub, then that is the players choice? Personally i just dump them in whatever outpost i happen to be in (collect and move in bulk)(we are teleporting between outposts all the time, plenty of opportunities to empty your chest and load it up again, you don't even have to go out of your way to get them wherever you want) And if you went out on a trip/patrol/hunt/whatever and you come back with a full chest (10k) and a couple thousands in your hold ... wouldn't that mean you had an extremely good run (or perhaps they are too easy to come by)? 🙂 The getting home/port part (with those dubloons in your hold) will also make your return to safe waters more exiting (as you have something more to lose than only your ship (and modules)? I assume that a real ship at the time that happened to catch a big fish at the start of their patrol wouldn't like sailing back their prize (or atleast make sure it is somewhere secure)? I doubt they'll say: "Dammit, thou bawdy tardy-gaited whey-faces! *sips rum*, such a big prize, *sips more rum*, we're only 3 weeks in and allready we have to sail back to port again! *refills glass, sips more rum* The goatish weather-bitten admiralty won't care and we like to sail around, don't we, pribbling plume-plucked pumpions!? We don't want or really need that prizemoney anyway and all that glory, and on top of that, sigh, *empties the glass* we won't ever be able to keep those puking dismal-dreaming wagtail women away from us in port!" 😉 And if you have that many dubloons ... Why would you care about the teleportcost to unload your chest (10k dubloons) and teleport your far away stash for what? 20 dubloons maybe?
  9. Eyesore

    Ship refits

    I think this is it? (I'm not aware of a more recent thread)
  10. Eyesore

    What is the purpose of dubloons?

    it only costs repairs and the time to capture two 5th rates (maybe 3 or 4, depending on how lucky you get with the fights in the zone) ... 🙂
  11. If 2016 was your last playsession ... then wouldn't all redeemables and ships and what-not be deleted last may? (or were the experience-redeemables safe from that wipe? (can't remember now))
  12. Does this mean that resources will/may be found in another port? Only a one time switch when the patch is applied? Or will resources continue to switch after patch to another new port after a while? (perhaps some sort of simulation how a port/region gets depleted from it's natural resources and needs time to build up again before it can be harvested again?)(perhaps a port/region gets depleted faster if more players 'harvest' there?(overconsumption?))(perhaps not every port has the same potential (some produce more resources or have larger stores, so it takes considerably(?)longer or is impossible (there is a constant resourcefeed but it is very low?) to deplete those (maybe the harvestingcost could be higher?), to have some more stability(?) and prevent people to completely having to live like hunter-gatherers and move around all the time) Will prices be still fixed? Admin already said that distance may play a role in pricedifferences. Will supply and demand matter to set a price? Will tradeships still supply the ports? (so they can still be intercepted at sea before delivery?) Maybe the ports that are on mainland also get delivered (basic) resources from the continent? While the islands only get supplied by ship?
  13. This is what leads me to think that eco lovers are shooting themselves in the foot. Someone could probably explain this to an idiot like me... greed 🙂
  14. I had weekends like that :-) including the red lamp and an alarm to get me back to the screen. Friends thought/think i was/am weird though :-p