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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTckM-cNeII
  2. Perhaps there is a bounty out on you?
  3. And how exactly does the current system stop alts from joining a clan on a friendlist and just go 'inactive'? Perhaps look around and open your eyes? Some clans on friendlists are full of known alts from other nationplayers. This only helps to alienate or make acces needlessly harder for new and normal players. If clans want to have the bonusses, then why can't each clan develop it's own portbonusses? There aren't enough ports to be claimed for each group of people that want to play as a clan, essentially blocking some honest groups/players from accessing a necessairy part of this game. Hard work develloping a port ... hmmm, again, clans wanted everything for themselves, many/most people didn't even have a chance to help with the development ... but still, known alts can be found all around showing up in clans on friendlists ... funny that is. It doesn't matter what the intention was to implement this ... the goal was clearly not fulfilled and this reasoning even added extra hurdles for normal players. And clans wonder why they don't find players to do rvr 🙂 or just simply stop playing. Feel a bit less entitled maybe?
  4. they wont as resources are port ownership based. but if alts control a port then yes. So, solo-players and clans not on the friendlylist will basically be even worse of than they are at the moment? And if it's not alts that will monopolize, then i'm sure some enterprising players will see a way to controle the market? (maybe the ability to stockpile (huge amounts) should be removed then?)
  5. An ai surprise did the same thing in pz, two days ago. It just sailed out of the circle and stayed there, it didn't time out or die (counter/timer doesn't seem to work for them?).
  6. You can deliver the items without a mission active. (so you can delete the mission in your journal and take another one, this does not delete the item (cargo or passenger)). Just right-click the item itself and select 'deliver'.
  7. Texas is just trying to justify buying and levelling all his alts ... which he seems to need to be able to play the game, because his clanmates don't do any work and he has to do it all alone. He thinks that everybody should be an idiot and buy alts, like he did, to be able to play 'solo' 😛 Next he will be crying again about how the US is soooo disadvantaged ... too bad they joined servers so i/we have to read is crap in chat again.
  8. Eyesore


    Yes! Maybe we can pray again then! 😛
  9. in queue ... number 168, then 131 ...
  10. But atleast we have a confirmationmessage when delivering some crap-missionitem ... Because that is a real priority ...
  11. Maybe something like the insult-generator? (can't find the link atm) "yee salty rumdinking landlubberwench!"
  12. lol, limited-content-dlc 😄 Buy a cheaper alt? 😛
  13. If you want controle ... go capture that FFA-port (with help from a foreign (alt)clan) then?
  14. Eyesore

    Quote of the day

    "history is written by the victors"
  15. How about captured ai-ships with portboni? Same reasoning applies as to the dlc-ships, the ai is buffed anyway, so why not compensate? Atleast i'd have played the game to get some better stuff?
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