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  1. I just lost 8 runes from my warehouse (La tortue, no outpost there) ... i had 11 of them, used 3 of them. Then when i use the 4th one, it loads a screen that closes quickly and i'm back in port ... except this time, there are no runes (7 should be left atleast?). I noticed that after the 3rd battle, i still had 10 runes in my warehouse (which is false offcourse, i should have had only 8 runes left). I did not leave port. Bugreport was sent ingame aswell. Character : Dolhain It would be nice to get 7-8 runes back 🙂
  2. I don't know anything about br, I don't know the values by hard 🙂 I just go in and get myself sunk 😛
  3. I, in a cerberus, was surrounded by 5 privateerfleets south of Mortimer an hour ago ... not one of those fleets even changed direction towards me. Even when i sailed close to them (within tagging range), nothing happened.
  4. People play the lottery aswell 😉
  5. It would need the possibility to set sails individualy, some masts could possibly carry 100% sails, while another is damaged and has to reduce the load put on it. You could add that saildamage (rigging) would also compromize maststrength, as in it will make the masts less stabile and less supported (and thus more likely to fall sooner/easier)
  6. sometimes, cannonballs would 'skip' the surface, like skipping a rock on a pond.
  7. 250k reals = one short sailingtrip with two tbrigs. It's the clans own fault if they want to hold too many ports?
  8. nice, if that ocean has special woods, it'll bring in a good price ... just have to wait a while until most free ones have been sunk 😛
  9. ah, les fantasmes qui nous font croire qu'ils sont réels ... 🙂 peut-être temps pour une pause et un peu de réflexion sur votre «habitude»?
  10. Hahahaha, I geuss I'll fight in ships that are disadvantaged by what? 50% now? lol (no acces to portboni or even decent woods ... atleast the woods I could get sometimes ... getting seasoned ones ... won't work this time ... atleast with the 'fine woods' i could have a chance of finding some in some randomport, nothing this time around apparently?)
  11. Effects of wind and speed and build (maybe in the angling and tankingchapter?) are not yet included. Perhaps put a little more attention on the fact that captured ships are basically free (including cannons), any upgrades or whatever are not likely to be saving a new player anyway, he'll still sink. "Only sail what you can afford to lose". Maybe some explanation about long guns and carronades aswell?
  12. what about 'revenge'-fleets then? Is that not the same as a 'screening'-fleet after battle?
  13. I geuss rebuilding will not be a problem for HAVOC ... as they get paid to move to Sweden? What is that? A compensation for SJ? 😉 Complaints have been made since portboni were introduced ... having a selective memory?
  14. If you have people staying and playing the game ... You wouldn't need alliances? Alliances alone wont make people come back I'm afraid ... it'll just be another bandaid to prolonge the deathstruggle?
  15. Didn't she die in some tunnel a while ago?
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