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Found 14 results

  1. MasterBurte

    Surrender without losing your ship

    Hi captains, recently i was in a battle, where i was unable to run away/leave battle and i had no chance to fight the superior enemy forces. In this situation i would have loved to be able to surrender to the enemy. But as long as the only benefit from surrendering is to skip an otherwise impossible battle i see no resean to ever use this option. When you look films about pirates and naval battles, surrendering is often the last option to save your own life. If a pirate attacks a trader that has no chance to win the fight, i can imagen that usually the trader would surrender. He might lose most or all of his cargo, but he would be alive and still have his ship with enough rations to make it to another port before starving to death. If we look at big battles between two enemy forces, i could imagine that a surrendering party could get to some agreement with the winner. Maybe the winner would take a hostage to ensure that the agreement would be complite with. I suggest that we can surrender without immediatly losing everything. Instead the surrending party can't fight anymore (to prevent fake surrendering) unless the enemy continius fighting. Then the winner can board the ship, where an interface allows the partys to chat and come to an agreement. The best outcome for the loser would be that he could leave the battlefield unharmed (but unable to fight and can't rejoin the battle), where the worst outcome would be, that the loser has to sail to the next habour with rescue boats (crew still alive). Some rules would be following: 1. If the winner breaks the agreement (fighting the loser), the loser can immediatly fight back. Between the point of surrender till fight has to be aborded can be a time from 5 to 10 seconds. 2. The enemy don't has to accept surrendering and can continue fight (see point 1). 3. The enemy has a timer 30 seconds to decide if he accepts the surrendering. If he negates it or the timer runs out the surrending party can continue fighting. 4. To encourage gentelman behavior the winner get's a bonus money and xp if he doesn't harm the losers ship etc. - regular fight with sinking the enemy = 100% money and 100% xp - surrender/enemy crew unharmed (ship get's sinked or taken) = 125% money and 125% xp - surrender/enemy keeps ship = 150% money and 150% xp
  2. Hello I'd like to propose that in battle when a player surrender that those players can agree terms of surrender giving the chance to keep the ship to the other player in exchange for money or pvp marks or cargo..etc Like a trading but on battle map after one side has surrended to the other side, this could save us time of sailing to a free port having or not having fleet perk to give the ships back...etc. I think is a cool and nice idea and definitely something very realistic that could add a new interesting point to battles and people wanting to keep a trading ship after being attacked.
  3. FiLooT

    PvP marks and surrender

    If I tag a player in OW, than there is a battle where he surrenders and i shot only couple of shots on him, how do i acquire PvP marks?
  4. Based in the old "no quarter given/surrender or die" meaning of the pirate flag I have come with this idea to hopefully lessen the "surrender at the very end" problem New Officer Perk :"No Quarter" (Maybe only pirate for full flavor) Enemy individual ships cannot surrender(*) IF they have done more than X total damage in the battle. This perk should have a distance requirement (much as current "Control" perk) and it should be double direction (as control perk is too) (*) In fact the enemy ship should be able to surrender (to avoids griefers keeping people indefinitely in battle) so he can abandon battle, but losing all crew and an officers "live" as if they have been sunk.
  5. Skully

    Mine Mine Mine Mine

    In similar vain with http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15472-pirate-pirate-free-for-all-battles/ If a player surrenders in a Pirate - X battle, then his ship should become a Free-For-All capture-able. (Fasti keeps stealing them away from us. ) Note that this would not apply to a Nation - Nation battle in which Pirates reinforce either side. (Or maybe this could be a National edict? )
  6. TL;DR Surrender, as we have it in game right now, did not exist. (It's a bit of a story, so I first want to sort things out in general discussions before going with full fledged suggestions.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesapeake%E2%80%93Leopard_Affair In the Age of Sail one would strike ones colours/ensign in a token of submission. Against the British this was completely free of charge. 18th Century King's Regulations: "When any of His Majesty's Ships shall meet with any Ship or Ships belonging to any Foreign Prince or State, within His Majesty's Seas, (which extend to Cape Finisterre) it is expected that the said Foreign Ships do strike their Topsail, and take in their Flag, in Acknowledgement of His Majesty's Sovereignty in those Seas; and if any shall refuse or offer to resist, it is enjoined to all Flag Officers and Commanders to use their utmost Endeavours to compel them thereto, and not suffer any Dishonour to be done to His Majesty. And if any of His Majesty's Subjects shall so much forget their Duty, as to omit striking their Topsail in passing by His Majesty's Ships, the Name of the Ship and Master, and from whence, and whither bound, together with Affidavits of the Fact, are to be sent up to the Secretary of the Admiralty, in order to their being proceeded against in the Admiralty Court. And it is to be observed, That in His Majesty's Seas, His Majesty's Ships are in no wise to strike to any; and that in other Parts, no Ship of His Majesty's is to strike her Flag or Topsail to any Foreigner, unless such Foreign Ship shall have first struck, or at the same time strike her Flag or Top-sail to His Majesty's Ship." "The practice was not disputed because England levied no duties on ships passing through the Dover straits, but only insisted on the salute, which cost nothing." http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/xf-nvtd.html#dip With the introduction of the Queen's Regulations, this changed to gun salutes. Leading to the awkward incidents with the French. The French didn't (and still don't) even understand the concept of surrendering. They gave the wrong form of gun salutes, turned the ensign up-side-down etc. In essence they only "abandonner le combat" to withdraw for croissants and wine. Hence we still have the term "Ruse de guerre". Anyway, my point is that getting a ship out of a surrender is unrealistic. In reality a captain would strike his colours after which the attacking parting would come over under the white flag to parley. Usually by putting an officer in a jolly boat to row over to the enemy ship, assert it has really surrendered, have a cup of tea, while discussing terms. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parley So if we really want to go the full mile, then we need to add an option to strike your colours. It can then be followed by either paying your way out of battle (levy duties). http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15314-allow-trading-between-combatants-in-the-battle-instance/ Or still an actual boarding. But your next step would be a costly affair crew wise. In the event of a merchant, you did not want to capture the merchant. Why slaughter a chicken when you want to have many eggs. For a warship you would have to deal with its crew as well. In most instances the goal was simply to turn back the enemy. (But that is boring as hell, so we should kill, murder and maim. ) This should also tie into the diplomatic patch, in which a rogue clan can ignore the striking of colours and board (or kill) the opposing ship. We would need the option in Parliament though to court martial clans and/or individuals.
  7. Almost spilled your coffee there Henry. It is not an exploit, yet. Can everybody please stop suggestion XP/gold rewards for a surrender without taking into account damage farming? Thanks. As long as folks that actually do battle get rewarded, we should be fine. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15149-i-ganked-the-british-and-all-i-got-was-this-lousy-t-shirt/
  8. Greetings! When having a fleet ship with you it would be nice to be able to order it to board/capture ships that have surrendered and place a price crew on it, we already have AI boarding in pve/fleet missions so I hope its not so much work for this to be able to be implemented. Perhaps have it tied to a perk for your officer to enable him to act as organiser of said action if you deem it to good without without any drawbacks? Also atm when players flee and leave there surrendered fleet ships they just sail along... I dont mind the notion that they abandon ship but the notion that the ship would sail straight and not lose any speed without crew manning the ship does not make sense as player ships that surrender stops during the surrender process.
  9. TL;DR Hard work and skill needs to be rewarded. Hearing reports of a British 6th rate fleet near Baxo Nuevo, I quickly readied my Suprise and set sail to intercept. With The Lone Wolf scouting out their movements I had no trouble lining myself up for the gank. There I was happily fighting along side some British flies. I almost had them, when I was forced into a surrender. Then gasp, only 16076 gold and 189 XP for such a good gank, fight and general entertainment? Not to mention the other party not getting too much, because hey, I surrendered. What would you do? And the details. But there are many more details: Hull x286 Sails x15 Shock x1 Leak x40 Cannon x2 Crew x21 Casualties x103 So rather than having a simple reward for damage, I would like to go to a more elaborate model. For example (and I'm just making up numbers here): Hull $10 Sails $5 Shock $1000 Leak $500 Cannon $25 Crew $10 Casualties $10 Then added to that we do an entertainment modifier, which is basically: damage received / damage sent This to prevent damage farming and such. Plus it rewards good gankees. (On traders you do little damage to get the goods, so that should balance out as well.) It would boil down to a reward of $40,395 as opposed to the current $16,076. Not too much, just good enough to ensure people go into good PvP fights. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VIzDMmnXiq59XBjVmlIvntCm2RTcoypymowm4Qh7S4A/edit#gid=1106635557 Note that the whole kill/surrender is no longer part of it. If someone wants to scuttle and go for the whaleboats, so be it. It might even be a dynamic money faucet or tied to diplomatic agreements. The most important is rewarding players for providing content. For reference here is the log from my end:
  10. Warm greetings to both the developers and the community. I would like to offer several suggestions that I have been mulling over in my head for a while now. Captain Lord Cochrane beat me to the officers' suggestion, so here're a couple more regarding morale, NPC pirates and finding crew on open seas, and potentially dealing with the “surrender issue”. Since we already have morale play a role in boarding, I would suggest implementing the general morale system that would in effect produce morale for boarding actions. I envision a simple system of morale status from “joyous” to “mutiny” with minor bonuses/penalties in crew transfer speed, sail raising speed, etc... As I see it, crew morale should decrease following a defeat and increase following a victory. Several factors can be implemented that would affect the degree to which it would either increase or decrease, so that, for example, being ganked would result in a minor loss of morale, losing a closely matched PB would moderately decrease morale, and winning a fair PvP fight or PB would significantly increase morale. Other factors that would influence morale could include number of crew lost in the battle, profits made from a voyage (especially for pirates for whom that could be one of the main factors), successful escape from overwhelming forces, etc... This system could also solve the “surrender issue” by penalizing surrendering with a moral decrease. This way, since sinking is already punished by a durability loss and crew loss, surrendering would be similarly penalized by two factors: durability loss and morale decrease. In essence this would enable the transition from monetary rewards for damage to rewards based solely on ship destruction/capture from the admiralty and prevent exploits with people surrendering to each other to grind cash as their morale will plummet and they will face high risk of mutiny (more on it in follows) and decreased crew performance for any real battle. I would also love to see lower levels of morale progressively increase a chance of mutiny (which can be decreased by the presence of Marines on board and officers' perks). In the case of mutiny, however, I would want to see a captain lose his ship and be left in a rowboat (perhaps with a makeshift sail to facilitate faster return to nearest friendly port). This rowboat model could also be used to generate random shipwreck survivors that could be found in the open seas and picked up as free crew; this will help to liven up the seas and provide some free crew on occasion. The mutinied ship, would become NPC pirate ship and could be programmed to actively seek out and attack trader ships while avoiding and actively trying to escape battle with warships (perhaps admiralty rewards for capture of such ships could be introduced as well). Of course, mutiny and low morale levels should be extremely rare occurrences that would not deter players from enjoying the game. It can, however, add a bit of flavor and serve to prevent exploits. One should be able to increase morale from low to neutral levels through token “tavern expenditures” in port and victories over AI, so that high chances of mutiny will be attained only through neglect or extreme folly such as losing a warship to a trader in a botched attack. Essentially this system would provide minor bonuses (1-5 % range at most) to captains that take care of their crew and create a remote possibility of mutinies that would produce Pirate NPC ships and extra content. Ideas to improve these suggestions or potential problems/reasons for not implementing them are, of course, welcome.
  11. It is becoming very apparent with the current Development Poll that diplomacy and (more importantly) piracy war by far the mot popular aspect of the game that the community at large feels needs to be addressed. While on somewhat of a tangent, I believe that the current "Surrender" and "Capture" mechanics are somewhat lacking, and proper implementation could very well assist in starting to separate pirates and nationals in gameplay- both long and short-term. The Surrender Mechanic Now I've only ever resorted to using the Surrender button once (When it comes down to it, I prefer to go out in a figurative blaze of glory, or a more literal blaze caused by a shot in the magazine). I was in a basic cutter, carrying nothing. I think I lost a durability. I'm not sure if my opponent receive anything, be it gold, XP, or otherwise. Now I believe Surrender should be a viable option, however it should have some different possible outcomes. PotBS, when a player surrendered, the player who was surrendering was given an option of how much of their cargo they would surrender (I found this rather amusing, imagining the banter between captains: "Stop shooting! We surrender! Please don't sink me!...But I'm only giving you 25 percent of my cargo!). This was somewhat viable, as the attacker would most likely receive more booty than they would had they simply sunk the ship (if they intended to capture it, there was little incentive to accept a surrender). However, I feel the choice of mercy should not go to the attacker, not the one surrendering. A player can offer to surrender, and when they do, the attacker would be given a list of options on how to handle the surrender A: Ignore the Surrender ("Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarter, or take any from you!") B: Accept the Surrender; commandeer(plunder) goods/repair kits/modules. Surrendering player is allowed to leave, no durability lost. C: Accept the Surrender; Commandeer Ship. Player is effectively "Sunk", loses one durability. Player loses all goods, modules, etc. The Attacker takes the ship as though they had boarded it. D: Accept Surrender; show mercy. Surrendering player is allowed to leave with everything in tact; no cargo or durability lost. The last 3 options could have further implications should a sort of reputation system be implemented: showing mercy would garner a large amount of good reputation. Now, I'm not one to sing PotBS's praises. Like, ever. However what I did find interesting/amusing, was that when someone offered a surrender, the Attacker could accept the surrender, receive the loot from it, and be able to go back on their word and still sink the player. This was something that seemed like the most piratey: "Ok, we accept your surrender, you can go...Lolz, I lied" Now, as much as I loved the piratiness of it, I seriously believe this is not how it should be implemented here. It is far too susceptible to grief and trolling. The Capture Mechanic: "Send to Admiralty" The ability to "capture" and "take command" of a ship is reserved solely for pirates. Captured ships have one durability, and retain all the characteristics and permanent modules of the ship that was captured. - 1/2 way there, When a ship is captured, the quality of the ship and permanent modules are all degraded. Pirates can use resources to "craft" an extra durability for a captured ship (obviously the resources needed to be equal to what is needed to have build a ship of equal quality from scratch, then adjusted based on how much durability is to be added. Example: if ship A, of Fine quality needs 50 planks to be built with 5 durability, then crafting 1 durability for it once it is captured requires only 10 planks. refilling durability in this manner can only be done by pirates. Similarly, pirates can use resources to upgrade the quality of ships and modules The reasoning behind this is simple: the pirates need to be weened off of mass producing ships the same way that the Nations build ships. At first, pirates would still be able to produce all ships. However this mechanic would allow them an alternate means of acquiring ships, thus pulling them away from the shipyard and out to sea to plunder, where they belong. While pirates should eventually have limitations on what ships they can build, pirates should have the ability to capture any and all ships. NOTE: I do not think pirates should "want" to sail large lineships, however until mechanics change that shift pirate gameplay focus to smaller ships, they should not be limited in the ships they can command. Nationals send captured ships to Admiralty- The Nations' only option for acquiring new ships should be through production and trade. They should not be able to commandeer other ships. Any ships they capture should be sent to the Admiralty, at which point the player will receive one (or be given a choice) of a number of possible rewards, all based on the quality, size, rank, etc. of the ship captured. Such rewards could be - 1/2 there, As of Patch 9.7, all NPC ships are sent to admiralty. Reputation Resources Sums of Gold Medium-High Grade Modules (Only temporary? Only permanent?) Ship Tokens: tokens to be traded for a free ship of medium-high quality. (Example: 5 tokens gets you a Privateer, 500 gets you a Victory). Tokens can vary in grade: Token of Service- to be traded for rank 7-6 vessels (given for capture of ships of similar rank), Token of Valor- to be traded for Rank 2-1 ships. Now why this difference? Because there needs to be some give-and-take here; there needs to start being some differences between pirates and Nationals that don't simply limit one or the other. Instead this will place some level on restriction on both, while providing some sort of trade-off. A pirate can easily capture any ship, but that ship would end up being of a lesser quality due to it being captured. Pirates can still field exceptional ships, but they must do so via upgrading captured ones. Whereas Nationals would have the ability to purchase high grade ships with Tokens, essentially for free, but would have to capture a large number of ships of the same quality to be able to do so. ~Cheers
  12. Decoy

    Surrendering Cargo

    Right now, people who are obviously going to lose a piracy encounter have no incentive to cooperate with their assailants in order to spare themselves anything. Either they escape, or they lose it all. I think it would be beneficial if there was a way to negotiate a surrender so that the fleeing party has the option (if they so chose) to dump some or all of their cargo in order to preserve their ship. It would save pirates a lot of unnecessary hassle and it would save traders...their ship.
  13. Vangeroth

    Surrender =/= Captured Ship

    So I have run into a possible bug. I have made about 6-8 ships (trader vessals to be exact) surrender and about of those 6-8, two of them were available for me in the post-battle menu (after I choose "Leave Battle") to right click and send to port. Then other 6 or so were not available in the same context. I don't know if this is a bug or what, but after the two that I could send to port I kept trying the same thing. Yet it didn't happen after them. Does anyone else know what's going on? I have dropped the crew count for all off the ships in this situation to 2 or fewer and then I can visually see the white flag. However I don't know why I can't just leave battle and take the ships with me. I mean it even says in the Scoreboard while in-battle "Captured" yet the game doesn't seem to recognize them as such. Maybe something is buggy with the code? I don't know. Thanks for any help give.
  14. I am relatively new to the forum, so I don't know if this has been discussed, but it seems to be ahistorical for each ship and crew to fight to the very death. Is there a way to incorporate a ship striking its colours? Maybe an incentive to limit complete crew and ship destruction could be built in to the open world gameplay?