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  1. Very small suggestion - please add an extra space between player's rank and name as they appear in OW - the way it is set up right now if a player is not in a clan the rank and name form a single word (clan membership breaks that word up by having brackets around the clan tag). My apologies if this has been pointed out already.
  2. Foe me the game was most fun in early months following the Steam early access release. Back then fights were plentiful wherever I went and people engaged each other with wild abandon and little regard for their ships. But I do not think that it had anything to do with any particular mechanics, but rather the novelty of the game. With time, as they inevitably do in most things, people naturally developed tendencies to game the system and the understanding that it is just pixels evolved into a burning desire to win at all cost.
  3. If so many people "misunderstood" or "misinterpreted" your meaning, perhaps you need to work on your communication skills... I still have no clue what you are complaining about and how you would like it fixed...
  4. Do you have any hard data other than your subjective information? You bring up several valid points, but dismissing similarly valid counter points will not help you engage others in a productive discussion. How do people who like PvP ruin the game for others on PvP server? I mostly do trading/crafting/missions on PvP server due to time constraints that do not allow me to engage in meaningful PvP. I, however, understand that I chose to play on a PvP server and that other players could be coming by to hunt my trade fleets. I welcome that challenge and that risk as it makes things more meani
  5. I don't think he said that there was an agreement. It seems that he is reiterating Swedish demands, though it is unclear if anyone ever agreed to them or to whom he presented those demands to prior to posting them here...
  6. In case zee Germans come...
  7. From whom would you defend France from Basse/Grand Terre? That location makes little strategic sense and two regions are definitely not required for "defending France". Sounds like a bunch of hastily produced bull to me...
  8. I know that, but that's not always the best route to take for them... Say I have three traders lynxs, they can all go in a different direction and have a good chance of escaping, but there's no way to make them do so right now.
  9. I went into a mission sailing my Surprise and having a Brig in my fleet. We had one Essex to fight and I figured that I'll have the Brig put a couple of broadsides into the Essex and then escape. But then it happened to me again... My suicidal fleet ship attempted to board the enemy and lost. This time, however, I explicitly told it to follow me as soon as the battle started. The fleet map/fleet interface acknowledged my command, but as I passed the enemy ship on its port side and turned hard to starboard, I saw my Brig lower its sails and come in on Essex's starboard side to initiate boarding
  10. Now who is assuming? I provided relevant information that (although as Hethwill pointed out should be taken with a grain of salt) shows a steady decline of the playerbase. Personally, I will wait for the full release to raise any alarms regarding the playerbase, but the correlation (not necessarily the causation) is there. I did not draw any conclusions as I don't have enough data to do so. Neither did I assume anything, especially regarding reasons why people left the game; I would advise you to follow suit and speak of facts, not suppositions and highly subjective assumptions. For me
  11. I applaud your initiative and will gladly offer my services translating Russian to English and vise versa.
  12. I don't think you are wrong in promoting social play style. It is a multiplayer game played online with other people. A choice, however, has to reside with each player, and an option to play solo has to exist if a game is to attract large following. Otherwise limiting player options will also end up limiting the game. A sandbox is a sandbox; I can sit in the corner of it and dig my way to China, or I can join others and build a sand caste to rival the Hohensalzburg (beautiful place, btw). I fully agree that a trader has to be escorted by either smaller vessels, or at least ones of similar
  13. Fleets preclude people from solo playing... Don't sail a fleet, get a friend to escort you instead, start playing socially already... It gets confusing sometimes. Why do traders get told to get other players to escort them, but solo hunters seem to be immune from the same argument? What do fleets do exactly? On one hand they offer a modicum of protection for solo players. On the other they don't let solo hunters get the prize they feel they should be able to get. The problem as I see it is not in the fleets, but rather in the way people view them, as well as other OW mechanics that are current
  14. True, though it does benefit me as I often play on my laptop outside and the glare is so horrible when it's "night time" that I can't see anything. I would support the change to longer and more diverse night time, though. Perhaps some nights can be starry and others could be cloudy and dark. If we can also dim the lights at night, at least on smuggler ships (and maybe paint the sails black?), that would add another dimension to the night time in the game.
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