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  1. Lannes


    Nothing's changed, by the look of it. Still not a playable game. I'm waiting for it to be released still! I bet there is only one developer working part-time. It's a phenomenal failure. I'll look in again in a couple of months.
  2. Lannes


    The prices are higher now than they ever were. No reasons it looks like. Just make life hard instead of enjoying playing. I see that this game will continue to be unattractive and have at the most 500 players for a few hours a week in-between playing other games.
  3. Lannes


    What are the positives of 1 durability?
  4. Lannes


    I would like to see increased durability returned. A single durability is too fragile to risk PvP and sometimes also in PvE combat. It's just too costly in time and resources. The old system wasn't perfect. It made the costliest ships, the 1st rates too risky to play. A more balanced and simple system would be to allow 3-5 durabilities to all ships.
  5. I have changed clan to one which is English-speaking in the French nation. This means that my base at Fort-Royal is 4 hours sailing from the clan base at Nouvelle Orleans where I would need to buy an outpost to take part in clan operations. The huge sailing time is one thing that cannot be a favourable aspect of this game as it is now. The second thing is that at any moment during that necessary sail, you can get attacked and sunk, and have to do the whole sail all over again. Another aspect of the game that is negative. The third thing is that you have no way of knowing where you are when at sea, because the old grid with longitude and latitude has been inexplicably removed. A third aspect of the game that makes it less sell-able. I am sorry to say, but I have had this game for some years now, I would not buy it in this condition, whereas when I bought it, it was fun and exciting to play.
  6. I would've thought that 3) being able to change the name, would not be difficult, given that there are only 500 players left and only a percentage of these might want to change their captain's name. It would be easy to do a survey to ascertain how many.
  7. 1) When will the game be finally released? 2) Will current players keep their ships, resources, gold, rank, crafting level? 3) Will there be the possibility to change the name of my captain? (I have a different name in Naval Action Legends than I have in Naval Action. I would like to have the same name in both.)
  8. Thank-you very much. Will do.
  9. I would like to join. I was in a clan that is now defunct, the Legion Etrangere, and moved to another, La Confrere des Botteurs de Culs, but they have persuaded me they have too few English speakers. So, now, I am looking for a truly English-speaking, French nation Clan. I am located in Italy and speak fluent Italian as well. I lived in Australia for most of my life, and have been a wargamer in miniature figurines (Napoleonic 25mm) since 1973.
  10. In the game I am Augustus Keppel, rank of Lieutenant.
  11. Yesterday, I fought a battle and was scoring well, when I got sunk about 30 minutes before the end. I exited the battle and waited about an hour but received no credits for that battle at all. I sent an F11 bug notice. I checked this morning and there was no change to my scores. Please inform me what's happening.
  12. I have exited a battle and after an hour received no credits for that battle. Is it happening to others?
  13. I am looking for another English-speaking French clan. The one I am in has become defunct. Any suggestions, please?
  14. Lannes

    Connection lost after won PB Barahona

    I am playing as French. I have 4 redeemable forged papers. If I change nation and captain's name what do I Iose? Redeemable forged papers? Gold? XP? Rank? If I put my ships in a free port, how do I recover them with a new name and nation?
  15. My question was, how many players in the queue would trigger a battle. From this answer, I get that the number of players doesn't trigger a battle. From a previous answer, I get that 5 minutes triggers a battle--even if there is only one player. Correct?