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  1. Grimmbit

    Waiting for E3?

    Not really interested seeing since every game I looked forward to last year and this year was a flop.
  2. Grimmbit

    Tutorial feedback 2

    That moment right before you fire that last broadside into the last ship in the final exam.
  3. Grimmbit

    Tutorial feedback 2

    EZ. Git Gud.
  4. Grimmbit

    How start Ship model making

    I just started on my first model, the Revell 1/96 USS Constitution.
  5. Grimmbit

    Looking for Pirate Clan

    lets start one together, I have the funds
  6. What guild did you join?

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    2. Sir Madoc

      Sir Madoc

      KOTO is for you sir.

    3. Grimmbit


      You know what, I've been thinking about going back to piracy after all, I'll take you up on your offer!


    4. Sir Madoc

      Sir Madoc

      Ok great! Just join our discord and ask one of the officers to join. As it happens we have about 15 active members involved in a fleet battle right now so don't be frustrated if it takes them a little while to reply.

  7. Grimmbit

    Skull & Bones, by Ubisoft

    It looks sick. The only problem is Ubisoft and their recent lack of support on the other games they released this year that had potential but fell to the wayside due to the halfassing that is Ubisoft.
  8. Grimmbit

    I quit

    what clan?
  9. Grimmbit

    I quit

    Honestly though, not to sound like a debby downer, but the man has a point. As much as I love this game for the realism and whatnot; its a game. If you just play this game casually, unless you're in a highly populated clan with crafters popping ships out constantly and giving them away; then yeah, its pretty shitty. I honestly prefer to play by myself on the account of a lot of clans are quite snobbish and have sticks up their ass. I'm working on going to school to be a pilot and I don't have the time to no life this game like I used to so its kinda a bit suckish. I'm not quitting the game, I'm just gonna wait and see what happens I suppose.
  10. I did, just had some fish meat and tobacco.
  11. the LGs kinda suck for loot too but its whatever really.
  12. Grimmbit

    Let's meet great patch 9.99

    I'm down, we can make it into one of those "magical moments" of Naval Action history