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  1. "maybe extremely rare and hard to craft (months of effort required)" ? Erm im sorry but we do have lives outside of naval action you know
  2. i personally would like to see this in game but not as a ship you can sail but more of a ship you can fight. i propose having it as an event where you fight this behemoth much like fighting the legendary ships on assassins creed black flag and beating it gives you a high chance of getting rare gold upgrades, thus it would be a very rare occurrence (and it would give me an excuse to play the black flag legendary ship theme ). oh and if it ever was added this way it would be nice if it had its own ai so it acted smarter and generally made it that much more difficult to beat. i personally believe that while it may have not been able to show itself to the world it can show itself in this game.
  3. would not let me put any more images in my first post lol
  4. no it just means i can keep my gold upgrades on for less now because once it goes to 1 dura i have to take them off and 2 are permanent so i can't knowing my luck i'll lose another dura tonight
  5. well what do you expect when all its upgrades are gold m8 also i did not insult you i merely went down swinging with my mouth
  6. thanks for all the advice guys nice to know that the community is here to help those in need 07
  7. thanks Konali for that really appreciate the advice i think i have an idea of merging my clan (what remains of it) with one of my friends clans since he is more of a leader than i am and hes played this for a lot longer too (i had to this frog is just hilarious) change nation? become what my clan was designed to fight off? hmmmmmmmmmm
  8. So i came on today to find i had only 4 members so i asked one of them why he left and apparently the clan was not "active" enough well let me just think for a moment if lets say we only had 8 members including myself then of course it won't be very active i said on multiple occasions we need at least 20 members before we started taking the fight to the gankers and reclaimed jamaica however it seems they did not have the same amount of patience i did and decided that they would rather leave which has almost broken my will to carry on with this game. The point of this post however is very different. The point of this post is to ask you the community for help i don't know what to do i feel betrayed and my will to go on is hanging by a thread now what do i do? how do i rebuild? how do i overcome this obstacle? should i carry on? (this is now invalid as the clan is built back up under a new name)
  9. also i just realised this is the post that i put in the wrong forum page lol so if you do want to join go to the guilds/clans section on the forum and post it there as there will be a much higher chance that i see it
  10. (message deleted due to me being an idiot and typing the same thing twice in 2 comments)
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