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New members - cannot access content

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If you have registered and cannot access content this could be a problem. 


Our service provider has strict anti-spam policies and automatically bans emails that were associated with spam or fit certain pattern. It bans at least 30 registrations per day now and this number might increase in the future. We don't have the resources to do it manually and will continue to rely on this filter. 


If you are a real sailor - we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please change email and register again.

Also validating users (that have problems with validation can now post in this forum section. If you cannot access or cannot register please post here.

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Maybe you do have the resources, only you didn't realise it yet. You have a whole group of dedicated people hanging around here on the forums; I'm sure you can pick the ones that are trustworthy enough. Why not delegate this process to some of the community moderators?



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Having community moderators keep the forums clean shouldn't be too hard if there are enough of us for each section (Russian, English, etc.) Spam  that we have to deal with still finds it's way onto the forums despite the filter, however with the current number of moderators and admins it is often dealt with in an hour or two of it's being posted. It is also pretty easy for us to copy-paste a warning message to the spammer. 'One more strike and you're outta here' sort of thing. At least it would be slightly better than not letting people sign up because their email seems suspicious, you may be losing a lot of interest in the games.


With enough of the right people, you wont need the filter. You will have your own online task force constantly on the lookout for evil-dooers. :P

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Another soluiton is to restrict the rights of newcomers to post in all current forums, then create a subforum for newcomers only where they will intoduce themself or just say "hi, I'm not a robot", then by auto or manual via moderators they will recieve their posting rights back

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It is frustrating that as a newcomer I can only make one post until reviewed.

Will be interesting to see if this even posts. And this is the most restrictive forum I have been on zo far I must add.

Posted from mobile.


All new member posts must be approved

this was done after a huge spam spike

You see now you can post. 

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That could be why my friend couldn't register.


Anyway to get a list of emails that wont get banned?


two reasons

1) his email was connected to spam activity somewhere - or is very very similar to such email

2) he made some mistakes in the registration.


often users forget the login name or mix up the letters in it.. like  blacksails112  instead of blacksails121

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18 hours ago, vellnueve said:

I signed up and did the validation from the email but still can't post.

Greetings, you can post, but initial messages has to be verifed by moderation team to prevent spam bots. After a few messages it will be ok.

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