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  1. The fact that they did not press is leaning towards griefing
  2. I liked it when AI would attack back in the early days made OW more interesting now of course should make it so 1st rate fleet wont attack a player sailing a frigate
  3. Would be great if this was added relatively soon -nudges the devs-
  4. Not sure what questions need to be answered its a full wipe which means starting completely over....
  5. Alright and yes I took a break from this game awhile was a Moderator yer or two ago. And no the break wasn't from the shit storm/drama back then.
  6. Um I read that already and that was back in March and economy only, Im wondering if there will be a xp wipe.
  7. People seem to forget during EA everything is subject to change.
  8. Been away for while and was just wondering if there will be a total wipe before release?
  9. You seem to have ignored what the devs said in the 2nd sentence at the start of his post......
  10. Servers need to go down to backup everything and restart so it runs well. You wouldn't wan't the hard drive to fail and everything is lost do you?
  11. They should reward the person that is outnumbered say 3-1 or 5-1 more but idk how that will get implemented
  12. There will be items you can buy for the sole purpose because you want them they dont add much to the game in terms of how ships handle or behave
  13. It is pretty common to see lame ass fb games using video of much better games to promote their own... Why facebook has done nothing is beyond me.
  14. This is a good idea, have players conduct raids on smaller towns and such to begin port battles on the main regional port.
  15. Fine wood might have been one of the reason's people left. I did not leave just life for me got busy... 10hr days 6-7 days a week plus classes so yeah lol
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