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  1. The fact that they did not press is leaning towards griefing
  2. Not sure what questions need to be answered its a full wipe which means starting completely over....
  3. The thing is that kind of game will get boring rather fast which was starting to happen before OW was released. I rather not have another WoWs type game... we have one already.
  4. USS Pennsylvania if we go by when keel was laid down fails within the timeline i believe right?
  5. Never is it ok to sink a friendly and there is never a legitament reason too
  6. That is why the green on green issues are handled automatically for the most part.
  7. A easy fix is to make captureing 3rd rates extremely hard because for the most part a ship of 200 men doesn't stand a chance against a ship of 600... And please do not use the rare occassion that historically it can be done because key word here is RARE
  8. Amendus there were nothing but SoL's in large battles. Battle of Trafalgar a total of 40+ 3rd rates were involved in that battle to 10 frigates maybe.
  9. I tack a little different than most people I think, it is way more tricky to do however.
  10. No to removing reinforcements they were put in place for a very good and valid reason.
  11. The current speed in OW is designed so it takes time to travel, Developers did not wan't the players to get from one end of the map to the other in 15-20min or less. The teleport system was designed with the intentions to be used when people got stuck. It use to have a 8hr cooldown for which i think it should go back too or even a 10-24hr one. If you wan't to play with friends plan accordingly and all setup up a outpost in the area you wish to be in.
  12. I would be careful how much you change the damage raking does or we will end up with a single yacht to a frig soloing a first rate, something like that would never happen in reality.
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