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  1. The fact that they did not press is leaning towards griefing
  2. Not sure what questions need to be answered its a full wipe which means starting completely over....
  3. You seem to have ignored what the devs said in the 2nd sentence at the start of his post......
  4. They should reward the person that is outnumbered say 3-1 or 5-1 more but idk how that will get implemented
  5. It is pretty common to see lame ass fb games using video of much better games to promote their own... Why facebook has done nothing is beyond me.
  6. The thing is that kind of game will get boring rather fast which was starting to happen before OW was released. I rather not have another WoWs type game... we have one already.
  7. Only thing that has become more time consuming is building ships and perhaps pb's Building ships became more difficult to curb the abundance of 1st rates. PB's become a little more time consuming to curb having 10 or more pb's in one day. Cant have those two things to easy to accomplish or we go back to having to many 1st rates and to many port battles in one day.
  8. So then might as well not bother making the ship rare then or make 1st rates rare... The whole means of the tournament is add some ships but make them hard to get or rare but nope guess not. Maybe the devs should go the later route and make the ships take months to build....
  9. I'm not confused all that matters is if a Nation has the ability to build said ships for pb's British has the ability so does everyone else. So this boils down to the simple fact you can't build the ship also. I do recall the ships are meant to be rare right? They are not very rare if everyone one can build them
  10. Ships are not exclusive because from what i can tell everyone can build them now, just about every nation has a BP or has a ally building for them.
  11. There will be other events to attain ships and blueprints. There will be PVP and PVE events, PVE events are now at the moment being reworked why on earth people are getting upset over this is just simply insane... It is just pixels Magnum SLRN and a few other nations GOT BP's for ships it is not putting anyone at a disadvantage when as I see after reading this just about everyone can build said ships, only one nation has a regional bonus that gives stronger hulls maybe perhaps instead of complaining about bp prizes for tournaments suggest reworking some of the regional bonus's. I say thi
  12. To bad cant prevent him from deleting peoples comments on the review.
  13. The issue is most of the people that read that now think game labs are like EA or other dev teams that dont care about the community ect ect
  14. It is not even possible to implement such a feature. I think we need to add ship maintenance task or other features to perform while sailing long distance to give players something to do.
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