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  1. When you're harassing people with tags when you obviously can't pull them into battle, don't be surprised if they tag back.
  2. Maybe 10% or 15%. Thinking of potential matchups, that would allow for a Req to get in and contest a battle against a Redoubt, or a snow to contest against a smaller 3rd or 4th rate. Those are reasonable ships that could potentially have a chance dependent on skill level and conditions. 20% would exclude those ships from contesting.
  3. Please see screenshots below. Group I was with observed a spanish player leave El Rancho and head north, and saw him engage a Russian ship. Decided to jump in on the Russian side and got in several minutes after the start. Upon entry into the battle I observed Steiner DE (ES) side to side with Bexters (RU), sails down, hammering Bexters with broadsides with no action or gunfire from Bexters. The presumed alt was sunk at 0033 as noted in the final screenshot - note, second screenshot is from a battle shortly after where we engaged Steiner DE, it's just there to show the timestamp.
  4. Ships end up running into shallows or sandbars while the player is doing something else We all do other things while we're playing, whether it's work, playing other games, doing computer stuff, or making food/doing things around the house. The ships can keep sailing for a while, but when they hit some sandbar or shallows they stop and get stuck, and you don't realize it for minutes to hours. Make it such that when you hit shallows or an island, after 2-3 minutes the ship's bell will start ringing alerting you that you've run aground. That way there is less wasted time and less fru
  5. Extended battle timer for battles near major ports System for joining battles where enemy ships are attacking friendly traders and small ships in port needs to be addressed. Current system allows for players to be attacked on the docks or nearby, and even with the fastest possible response it is often impossible to teleport to the port, jump in a ship, and wait out the join timer to help save said players. Historically it would be near impossible to attack ships near a major naval base without having other ships come support. Especially frustrating when the ships are of the type t
  6. Santo Tomas PB 4 very effective Spanish fireships with perfect wind, one inadvertent but beneficial British fireship, and a bloody as hello kitty melee
  7. La Navasse last night. Statline not impressive. Entire thing was a clusterhello kitty. Four PB players including the commander were tagged out by screeners and were retagged twice before two of them were finally able to get in at about 22 minutes in, the last two never made it in. As the two joined, the replacement PB commander had a hard crash and was never able to reconnect (he may be dead, we don't know 😒).
  8. Points differential not nearly as big - due to a bug or hardware failure I was out of the battle just after the first ranging shots. Something like 10K to 9.3K realistically
  9. Santo Tomas PB result. I watched from the beach when my keyboard controls stopped working and I ran aground by the fort. Someone had a stream up but it cut out partway through.
  10. In addition to this (please give me permission to post), Colonel Mustard, purportedly a GB player, tagged our Russian and Prussian screening allies several times in an attempt to remove them from the screening fleet.
  11. I signed up and did the validation from the email but still can't post.
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