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  1. I understand that that this is an Invision Power board but it is just used under license so to speak in my experience. All of the templates add-ons and plugins as well as other features are usually dealt with by the person who starts the board up or a webmaster. I could be wrong but usually you deal with these additions from the Forum control panel. and if not available seek them from the forums over at IPboards
  2. I could not see this covered so started a new thread to cover suggestions for the forum.. to start it off. On the mobile site may I suggest having the ability to pick the page I wish to view from the thread or could you add a first post and last post button? I am finding sometimes I have to flip through 15 or more pages just to see the last post..... not desirable when one may be in an area where mobile internet is slow. Many thanks
  3. It is frustrating that as a newcomer I can only make one post until reviewed. Will be interesting to see if this even posts. And this is the most restrictive forum I have been on zo far I must add. Posted from mobile.
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