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5th-6th Rates Collection (With Plans)

Ned Loe

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Danish Fifth Rate

32 guns




I like it.


Every nation should get their own personal fifth rate and I hope this one will be for Denmark.



Ships of the same class:




20-24 guns 


Upper Deck: 20 x British 9pdr
Lower Gun Deck:2 x British 9-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck:20 x British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck:2 x British 3-Pounder



It says it was designed for 140 crew. I think this could easily be the pocket frigate with easy reach of First Lieutenants. It would ease the pain of grinding so much.


I want it now. :lol:

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One of the Leda (Diana) Class (total of 47 ships) 5th rate Frigate.

HM Unicorn.




Armament - 46 guns:

Upper deck: 28 x 18-pounder guns

Fc: 2 x 9-pounder guns + 2 x 32-pounder carronades

QD: 8 x 9-pounder guns + 6 x 32-pounder carronades


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British brig rigged sloop of war

16 guns




Part of the 1797 Cruizer Class: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_class&id=30




Length of Gundeck: 100' 1" Imperial Feet or 30.5054 meters
Length of Keel: 77' 3 ⅝"Imperial Feet or 23.5617 meters
Breadth: 30' 6 ½"Imperial Feet or 9.3091 meters
Depth in Hold: 12' 10"Imperial Feet or 3.9116 meters 
Draught Forward: 6' 10"Imperial Feet or 2.0828 meters 
Draught Aft: 11' 6"Imperial Feet or 3.5052 meters
Burthen: 383 51⁄94 Tons BM 

More plans are welcome :)

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I wouldn't mind seeing a Swan class 6th rate ,I'm actually building a model of Pegasus,(taken me about 3 years so far in my spare time currently coppering the hull - 1/64 scale copper plates suck to cut and fit!) ,the decorations make them unique for that rating of ship at the time.

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La Malicieuse

French frigate

32 guns




High res:http://www.sothebys.com/es/auctions/ecatalogue/2011/un-hommage-au-xviiie-sicle-adriano-ribolzi-antiquaire/lot.81.html


Plan of sistership Brune:  http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/82724.html



One the very few examples that ships could carry heavier armament than designed (8-Pounders/12-pounders) without great performance loss.

Blonde managed 10 knots close-hauled, 11-12 knots reaching 12-13 knots running, Brune 11 knots close-hauled and 12 running with a battery of 26 12-pounders.



Info Malicieuse:





Thank you very much for the info Malachi!

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Sella22, on 16 May 2016 - 9:30 PM, said:


America British 5th Rate, 44 guns, 1749



I'd been looking all over for plans of a good demi-battery or two-decker fifth rate, given that true sailing frigates weren't around for about half of the Naval Action timeline. I could find the plans for the Roebuck-class two-deckers that were built after such ships became obsolete, or the demi-battery galley-frigate Charles Galley, but nothing in between two fairly broad extremes. There's already plenty of British and American ships in the game, and a pre-Independence New Hampshire-built British ship called America might be too much to bear, but its definitely a good example of a fifth-rate that's not a sailing frigate and an interesting alternative to the medium frigates currently in-game.

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36 guns

British 5th rate











Euryalus is part of the Apollo class: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo-class_frigate







Length of Gundeck: 145' 2"  Imperial Feet or 44.1971 meters
Length of Keel: 121' 11 ¾"  Imperial Feet  or 36.8999 meters
Breadth: 38' 2 ⅛"  Imperial Feet  or 11.5856 meters
Depth in Hold13' 3" Imperial Feet  or 3.9878 meters
Draught Forward: 10' 11"  Imperial Feet  or 3.0734 meters
Draught Aft:  14' 10"  Imperial Feet  or 4.2672 meters
Burthen:  946 16⁄94  Tons BM
Upper Gun Deck:  26 x British 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck: 10 x British 32-Pound Carronade
Quarterdeck: 2 x British 9-Pounder
Forecastle: 4 x British 32-Pound Carronade
Forecastle: 2 x British 9-Pounder
Sorry if any ships of the same class have been posted before. I couldnt find any from a quick search.
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We really need more ships from other nations. Enough of the HMS. :)

Find some plans then.

Finding info and plans is not an easy job so don't discredit people's work so easily.

I agree that we need more non british ships but whether we like it or not GNM is the biggest source of plans and info of all nationalities but mostly British as expected.

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It would be a nice Idea to implement the US Corvette USS General Pike into the Game. This ship would be unique thanks to its extremly high Masts which were about 59.5m high. In Original this ship was armed with 28 Guns which makes it to a Ship of the 5th Rate if it will be implemented. Due to it s Takelage with more Square Sails than normal ships of this Class and it s agressive and sharp lines it should performe awesome downwind but also my have problems with her role angle in Battle. It may also require a bigger sailing crew than other ships of this size. There are so many Pretty ships already in the Game and so many that would be great to be implemented but the Pike would really be unique in it s construcktion design.


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On 1/6/2016 at 7:29 AM, BungeeLemming said:

all right here you go:





heads up to ragnar who gave ne an epic hint with some options!


all thats left to do is details, details and more details..

@BungeeLemming & @weirdguy Are either of you still 3d modeling? I have gotten into it with intent to 3d print and cnc laser cut. I'm using Fusion 360 and would love to see some more of you models. Do you share on Thingyverse or MyMiniFactory or YouMagine, or any other share sites? You can find me on those 3 sites as Reh3dZone. I've uploaded only 1 model of a KV-2 springohead (bobblehead) so far, but intend to do more.

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Few portuguese vessels, few frigates, corvettes and sloops of war.


44-gun Portuguese frigate, "Princesa Carlota" (Princess Carlota)



Corvette rigged Sloop 20-gun, "Lealdade" (Loyalty)


Another Corvette rigged as a Sloop, 26-gun "Andorinha"



Corvette D. João I 19-gun



Corvette "Tejo", 20-gun



Corvette "Reino Unido", 20-gun




Ship of the Line 98-gun, "Neptune"





Ship of the line 4th rate 64-gun, "Africa"


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