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  1. A plan of the New York does exist, but where the original source lies is beyond my knowledge, though the best place to start is with Howard Chapelle, as it was within one of his books that I discovered a copy of the plan.
  2. @More Indica Please have you not kept up with the winners of the last poll? All 3 of the leading vote winners for 3rd rates will be making an appearance.
  3. I think he just fired a warning shot across your bow LeB. Or at least I think that was the attempt, as the shot fell well short of the mark.
  4. indeed, it seems as if plunging fire from shells or bomb angles (again, plunging factor) did more to accelerate ship destruction than torpedoes. I would imagine it had something to do with minimal protection on horizontal surfaces, made only worse with what had to be a rather one-sided thought process on where the most damage would be received: vertical surfaces. It didn't help that the British had a very dangerous flaw in their turrets for loading the guns, something they took great pains not to repeat in the years after The Great War. That said, look at any of the combat opera
  5. if a game like BattleStations: Midway, or a development of Empire Earth's game engine were made with Cold War era in mind I'd be totally down with it.
  6. honestly looks more like a SoDak, than the Iowa, on account of the chubbiness.
  7. Devs might consider it, but iirc from a historical standpoint, that particular form of turret arrangement was ineffective for multiple reasons, hence why it wasn't repeated in future classes. A closer look at the turret arrangement: Quoted from Wikipedia: Kearsarge had two double turrets, with two 13 in (330 mm)/35 caliber guns and two 8 in (203 mm)/40 caliber guns each, stacked in two levels.[5] The guns and turret armor were designed by the Bureau of Ordnance, while the turret itself was designed by the Bureau of Construction and Repair. This caused the guns to be
  8. I won't presume to speak for the devs but I'm not sure this is where they would intend to go. They seem to be mostly focused on parts of history that don't get a lot of coverage.
  9. Laptops have come a long way for gaming. My last laptop could play anything available. My guess is his issue is hardware related, or he needs a fresh install. I'm leaning toward the former being the case. Naval Action isn't exactly low spec friendly.
  10. I was expecting Temeraire to be Temeraire, not Redoubtable, ah well, cheers.
  11. She is lovely, though perhaps some teasers of Montanes, Wreker, or Temeraire? Or were you working on Redoubtable before those three?
  12. Great read, excellent post, but belongs in the history subsection more than anything.
  13. Some of these belong in other threads bud. Also dates please.
  14. Actually, several French 64s were in action at the Battle of the Chesapeake in support of Washington's forces at Yorktown. French 64s saw continual action in battle up til 1783 from what I've read. As to when the last were built, I cannot say. I found some info on it, but nothing concrete. Links posted below. Surcouf might be able to answer your presumption more accurately. Sphinx class (1776) List of French lineships up to 1780 Battle of Cuddalore (1783) French SoLs of the Louis XVI era
  15. I'll do my best! Though it does seem as if Harbron was mostly focused on the ships of the line and their architects. I haven't found anything concrete on smaller warships yet, but I'm looking for other sources online!
  16. Spanish Naval Architects: Reserved. Picked up my copy of Harbron's book and started reading it. Will post when I have something solid.
  17. Another post from Facebook that popped into my feed: Below is an old photograph of the stern of Louis XIV, a 118 gun Ocean class ship of the line.
  18. A beautiful painting of two seafaring nations not shooting at each other with their lineships. Most paintings you see of two seafaring nations are of them brawling each other. Symbolic of the longtime alliance between these two.
  19. nothing wrong with that I hope. It wasn't exactly off topic.
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