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  1. On a point of clarification, brought up by this discussion of all ships of smaller rates, but Cerberus is listed as a 6th-rate on the opening list. I know HMS Cerberus was a sixth-rate ship as far as the Royal Navy was concerned, but isn't Cerberus a 5th-rate in game? (second level shipyard, mid grade notes, deep water warship, frigate class as regards the mastery perk, the whole ball of wax)
  2. Are we? Endymion and Indefatigable will outgun any fifth-rate presently in the game and the question regarding the Kepler is 'how heavy will it be?', rather than 'will it be heavy?' A newly-arrived ship of the line with Bucentaure, four more definitely in the pipe, with Ocean and Agamemnon suggested to be just around the corner if they are to be tournament prizes. There are nine potential wild cards from the last poll that are heavy frigates or ships of the line, and only four that are corvettes or brigs. Not saying that more diversity would be bad, but Post Captain and up are being lo
  3. When I said libra grossa I probably should have said converted pounds. I was just curious because he was not just converting to British measurement, but also rounding to British/in-game armament weights and 8-pounder was a break in that pattern; for now I'll assume he's referring to 12ls cannon.
  4. Look at the bow again, both on the model and on the plan - it's not sharp as in 'pointed' like a wave piercer or a galleon, its sharp as in 'edged.' Her bow isn't particularly full, not apple-cheeked or rounded, but her keel length is pretty close to her waterline length and the bow isn't insubstantial or unsupported. As for judging her sailing qualities based on her hull shape, I'm only judging it in comparison to other hull shapes. Her handling, sail plan, condition include marine fouling could easily invalidate every guess I've made, but her hull shape does reveal things about her water res
  5. Only claiming to be moderately versed in maritime architecture but that extra-sharp bow means her keel runs almost her full length, and like a good French frigate she doesn't have that much bulk below the waterline (not like the long-term storage capacity built into a British ship). A fine-hulled ship of her length with minimal water resistance would be faster under ideal conditions, but she would be more stable and weatherly. At the same time, she'd be faster than a broader or fuller ship of her length while still probably being more stable (though only in terms of roll, rather than roll and
  6. I'm aware that there is plenty of information about the De Ruyter and the other Wreker-type two-deckers. (from threedecks: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=24682) Main gun deck: 28x36 pounders (Dutch) Upper gun deck: 30x30 pounders (Dutch) Upper works: 2x60-pound carronade, 6x30 pound carronade, 14x12 pounders. Translating her upper works to 22x12 pounders and her 30-pounders and 36-pounders to 32 and 42 pounder guns, her armament comes out at 1200 pounds. If you do as was done with the Bucentaure and add an extra pair of guns to her main deck, it com
  7. (Please note that the following is intended as a critique, but not as a criticism) In the previous poll there were 4 Dutch ships, which did split up the 'vote for something Dutch' votes more than was necessary; two (Vrijheid and Mars) were addressing roles already covered by existing ships rather than gaps in gameplay, while Admiral de Ruyter was presented largely on its name and there wasn't enough information to clearly differentiate it from the Pavel. That left Dordrecht, and a two-decker with less firepower than the Constitution is going to be a hard sell. If a future poll comes ar
  8. There are other classic Dutch flagships which do fall in the game timeline - I'm struggling to find much in the way of details of the 1694 De Zeven Provincien, but there's a few contemporaries of note with information available - like the 92-gun Prinses Maria (1683), the 90-gun Beschermer (1691), and the 96-gun Vrijheid (1695) - and a few ships that would be interesting if information could be found, like the 100-gun Eendracht (1703). Beschermer is a famous name in and of itself, while the ship has 36-pounders on its main gun deck (most of these ships are listed as carrying 24-pounders) a
  9. I'd bet on a Temeraire-class ship for the unconfirmed third-rate in development, but it could be all sorts of things. Thanks for the signs of Kepler to come - I wasn't expecting a 36-gun ship; I thought it might be a 'Pavel's Indefatigable' of about 50 guns with big guns on both gun deck and weather deck or a 50-54 gun spar deck frigate. Even with 36 guns, though, I think it will have a broadside to suit a fourth-rate.
  10. Query to Arvenski: looking at the possible ways a Pavel-derived frigate could turn out, it could be a fifth-rate, but it could very well match or exceed the Diet Bellona for firepower; what made you count it among the fifth-rates?
  11. The Temeraire-class feels like a must-have; more than the most numerous 74 or ship of the line built to a common design, it is the most numerous man-of-war ship altogether. The only designs more numerous are man-of-war brigs like Cruizer and Cherokee or gunboats - there simply isn't a better representative of warships from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The summary in the OP's link is light on for crew - Le Redoutable carried 700 by design and reportedly carried 690 into battle at Trafalgar.
  12. She's got such a big spanker that without the deckhouse the poop deck would be an enormous empty space. As a detail in and of itself it is... well it's a shed, isn't it, but I think she looks more resolved with it than without it. She's a very imposing-looking two-decker; well done the design team.
  13. I would have referred to Pavel's guns on the roundhouse as poop deck guns; Bellona and Victory have guns in the roundhouse itself that are counted as part of the weather deck armament.
  14. Roundhouse and quarterdeck guns are combined into a single deck for other ships and the extra pair of guns on the main battery is in keeping with the pattern seen in other in-game ships. They could bump up the crew a bit, though.
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