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  1. Well even its combat history is past the 1820 +/-5 year limit. A ships design should have no impact if it happens to meet requirements imo.
  2. I'm just saying the USS Independence is older(lol) in comparison. There is no reason to deny the USS Independence ingame along with its Razee variant when the Devs plan to do the same for other ships like the Pavel.
  3. Well you could consider making it a week cycle instead of a day cycle, one week = 20 minutes. 6 months would be 8 hours and that sounds like a reasonable period of time for a ship on a voyage. But again I am fine with the current decision but it does matter to crafters more. Also some people here need to read the first post slowly.
  4. Yes! Wind needs to do a thread on the North Carolina and Ohio for US First Rates. Personally I prefer North Carolina since its the earliest but I can go with either ship.
  5. Hmm I would bet they will go and change some things after players complain about the lack of SOL battles. I think some players really wanted to experience the Trafalgar battles than silly connie/inger fights.
  6. I would rather have the 90 gun version if the US ever needs a 2nd Rate spot to fill in. I'm not a fan of super frigates anyway.
  7. I guess in future updates you have to get the food by fishing probably or other farming related things. But basically this thread is for crafters and is not really connected in any way with the Captains and the sailing part of the game. It is a nice step forward just a bit lame for those of us who wanted provisions management.
  8. I think its kinda dull because exploration ships or any ships on a long term voyage will not go through harsh food conditions. No need to fish or scavenge nearby islands to stay alive during desperate times. But I guess maybe I'm in the minority? IMO I would rather have provisions management over the crew management feature in the game.
  9. Yeah I think maybe it would serve the game better if ports were built by the players instead. Clans can make the capitals and towns, trading companies can set up outposts built near valuable resources and have them ship back to the towns. Many of these ports will be important to one clan or another and enemies will fight over these locations.
  10. Thats surprising. I think its a good choice anyway the ship is very pretty.
  11. I guess the North Carolina is out of the question for you or any post 1810 ship.
  12. I think Montebello is from the same class as that ship. Its much earlier time period too. She has the 2nd best firepower below Santisima if added into the game. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_Montebello_%281812%29
  13. Ok but the crew transfer thing would still be good for fleets out at sea. I'd like to think maybe the Gros Ventre and Indiaman could have a use in fleet support by supplying men to other ships in the open world and in battle. It would lessen the number of trips back to port for the main fleet. It could be a good compromise for guys here that think this will reduce pvp gaming.
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