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  1. Those windows are a sternrakers wet dream Anyway beautiful ship.
  2. Can you post one of the North Carolina with the top deck? I was curious to know what it looks like. Also do you have one of the little Galley Lee from 1776?
  3. Would this ship be equipped with 42 pounders in the game since there is no 36 pounders?
  4. She has many identical sister ships one of which has this armanent: They all carry 102 ports as well. Here is model of USS North Carolina From what I can tell in North Carolina plan in OPs post She could carry 34x 42 pounders on the main deck 32x 32 pounders on the gun deck 34x 42 pounder carronades on the spar deck 2x 32 pounder chasers on the gun deck If players had the option of choosing 9 pounders on the spar deck then she basically had a broadside firepower of 1,379lb. That is very comparable to other ships of the line. Right inbetween the Victory(1,296lb)
  5. Well how many guns could she carry in 1820 and what was the intended size? I remember Admin testing cannon suitability on the Rattlesnake so maybe it might not even matter to them what guns were used in 1838. If whatever guns could be fitted in the 1820 model then admin will probably go with that no?
  6. I'm always a bit worried about ships that make the Victory and Santisima inferior so the Ohio looks like a great option. What guns would she carry on each deck?
  7. The love he had for that ship is amazing. I feel sad that they broke it up after that.
  8. Certainly the most beautiful of 1st rates, the little decoration on top is the perfect touch.
  9. 20 9 pounders sounds great especially with bow chasers. I'd throw a recommendation on it in next years voting just because I love baby frigates. Though I do wonder if it will be speedy enough and not rather sluggish like the snow.
  10. Its looks like a good privateer. The stern rake will be endless and you will never need to worry about sail tagging.
  11. I was going to say that its a little underpowered but the fact that it has 200 crew tells me this is a good incentive for lower level players. Every player dreams of owning an SOL.
  12. What about making deck guns fire first during single shots as a toggle option. It would help make the mix of carronades and guns a more viable setup. I know we can just X out the carronades but it seems a little tedious especially in the middle of an intense battle. If deck guns fired first players can basically accept that carronades are a bonus to the ship and are not meant to be used for aiming.
  13. 1. Clan flag on main mast - Logos submitted and approved by devs or - Done via special clan editor that contains pre-approved images, symbols, and backgrounds 2. Ship Paint schemes - Two tone paint schemes in the open world - Three tone paint schemes in the premium shop 3. Captain rendered on the ship 4. Windows that break and done in the least performance impacting way possible.
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