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5th-6th Rates Collection (With Plans)

Ned Loe

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Yeah, Sloops-of-War <3!!


I´ll focus on relatively unknown ships first, because plans for these are hard to find. Well, harder to find than plans for the Vic, Conny or the two you mentioned.

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14 gun polacca San Jose/HMS Calpe










polacca model: http://www.greekshipmodels.com/default.aspx?pageid=169



I couldn't find any pictures of the specific ship so i am going to post some that are similar




















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 Le Curieux

("The Inquiring")

1800, 16 guns

French Brig


Captured by the British and refitted as the Brig-sloop HMS Curieux in 1804.



Armament :
French service : 16 x French 6-pounder
British service :10 × 24-pound carronade + 8 x 6-pounder guns
Sources :



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16 or 12 guns





Some history about it:


Aris, along with 5 other brigs, were anchored at Sphacteria when, on the morning of April 26, the combined Ottoman-Egyptian fleet arrived and started its attack on the island, bombarding the Greek positions and disembarking numerous troops. Most captains of the ships were on land, along with part of their crews, who were manning the island's cannons. The other ships sailed before the Ottoman fleet could seal off the bay, and after fighting off the Ottomans, were able to escape. The crew of Aris however still awaited their captain, who had been killed.


Aris sailed through the midst of the Turco-Egyptian fleet, being attacked on all sides for several hours and facing in total 32 ships one after another, before reaching the open sea. Casualties among the crew were just two dead and six wounded.


The figurehead:



The brig Ares at Poros in 1905:









One of the most famous Greek brigs that took part in the Greek War of Independence.


General characteristics:


Displacement:350 tons

Lenght:30,5 meters

Width:8,8 meters

Draft:4,9 meters



Guns(as built):

16x12pdr cannons


2x12pdr cannons

10x24pdr carronades


Before anyone starts asking why she has no plans:


The plans today do not exist.Although according to some testimonies they existed until WW2.The model pictured above is housed in the building of the Old Greek Parliament and was built at the begining of the 20th century when the plans and the ship itself stil existed.So consider the model as accurate as it can get.She was sank with honours in 1921.

About the model show in the second link:

For its building another model in the posession of a Greek Admiral was used which according to him it was built by a naval cadet who served on the ship itself.





And a model: http://www.naftotopos.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=239:briki-aris&catid=166&Itemid=530〈=el


A model of Ares before his conversion to a fighting vessel: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/19192/lot/2047/

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16 or 14 gun sloop-of-war





What is really interesting about this ship is that before she entered navy service she was the British mercantile Hector.So i guess this ship could be used for both purposes :D


Her info: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=5647

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Le Milan


16-gun brig






She was captured by the British and remaned "Achates".




14x24pdr carronades

2X6prd carronades (bow)





Pay attention to that amazing figurehead and bow! :D

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HMS Speedy, unrated brig-sloop (1782). Lord Cochrane's famous command.



Armament: 14x long 4pdrs, 12 swivels (16x French 6pdrs after capture)


Vincejo / HMS Vincejo, Spanish quarterdeck brig (1799).


Armament (in British service): 16x 18pdr carronades on upper gun deck (pierced for 20 guns), 2x 6pdr cannon on quarterdeck (alternatively described as having 18x 18pdr carronades)

At daylight on May 8th, the Vencejo, 18, Commander John Wesley Wright, found herself becalmed near the mouth of the

Morbihan, and driven by the ebb close to the Teigneuse rock, off which, for safety, she had to drop anchor. The Vencejo was a quarterdecked and forecastled brig, mounting eighteen 18-pounder carronades, but pierced for twenty guns, and carrying fifty-one men and twenty-four boys. Although more formidable in appearance than in reality, she was of only 277 tons, and was scarcely a fair match for a couple of French gun-brigs. While, nevertheless, she was endeavouring, after she had weighed and warped into the channel, to sweep clear of the coast, she was approached from the mouth of the river by six brigs, each of three guns; six luggers, each of two guns; and five luggers, each of two guns; the total force arrayed against her being seventeen vessels, thirty-five guns (i.e., six long 24-pounders, twenty-four long 18-pounders, and five 36-pounder carronades), and between 700 and 800 men, under Lieutenant Laurent Tourneur. The enemy rowed down within range, and at 8.30 A.M. they began to fire. By 9.30 A.M. they had so decreased their distance that Commander Wright swept his brig broadside on to them. For nearly two hours he engaged them within about a cable's length; but, having his rigging cut to pieces, his hull badly mauled, three of his guns disabled, two men killed, and twelve, including himself, wounded, and most of his armament temporarily put out of action by the fall of the booms, he at length ordered the colours to be struck.


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Saint Sulpice

French privateer

18 + 8(?) guns







Some info:

"The plan depicts an 18-gun ship, Le Saint-Sulpice,a privateer.She has additional armament on the quarterdeck and has a greater height of topside.Her hull form is rather different,displaying a body that is probably fuller than La Gracieuse.The waterlines show the intent to achieve fine lines at bow and stern but her midship section is very different - an early version of what would become a common French form,with short floors and a two turn bilge,but a rounder overall shape and markedly less deadrise than later examples.The hull is also shorter and deeper,so whilst she may well be the better sea-boat ,she is unlikely to be as fast as La Gracieuse.Howewer.she did enjoy a reputation as a fast sailer.She was taken by Advice,a 50-gun ship."

Taken from: The Sloop of War,Ian McLaughlan

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