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On 4/23/2018 at 11:44 PM, Cornelius Trash said:

That just drastically reduced your recruiting pool. How do you prove it? Show your Hercules? (Didn't you lose yours?)

A screen like @Banished Privateer posted would suffice. We're not interested in riff raff, we want to have fun and that means no incompetent people or people who will always remain incompetent because they cannot learn. The exam is easy if you just ask people how and if they're too stupid/proud/stubborn to ask for help then they'll probably never be a good player anyways.

Let's face it, do people enjoy sailing with people who cannot manual sail and cannot grasp it? I'm sure they're lovely people but I can meet lovely people by going to the old folks home down the road.

Edited by Gregory Rainsborough
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3 minutes ago, Gregory Rainsborough said:

After many months of deliberation and following a near unanimous vote, SNOW will be leaving Great Britain after the release/wipe.

More details to follow.

Finally coming to your true vocation as Pirates....Completely understandable.

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