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[SNOW] - Make it snow! RvR/PvP Pirate Clan

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             [SNOW] is now recruiting.


Applicants much use Discord, be over 18, and have passed the final exam in-game.

Please PM a SNOW member for more information on our recruitment process.

English speaking clan with a few peculiar foreign people such as Germans and Greeks.  

PvP/RvR focus.

Benefits of membership are to be accused of being a ganker solo in a snow and to make excellent puns such as, "you stand snow chance of escaping" or "it's snow problem sir!"


This is the SNOW Discord link: https://discord.gg/9J8YHBt 


SNOW is a democracy, upon full membership you get to vote, use clan warehouse and use our fun GoogleDocs spreadsheet.


We pride ourselves on being a modern clan and have made an effort to boost diversity and be an inclusive clan.

We have a token Pole, a woman and a stereotypical organised German!


Believe it or not we know Dean Martin and he was kind enough to record our official theme tune which can be found below



Bing Crosby not wanting to be outdone had a crack at is as well.



You get the general gist.

Be a special snowflake today!



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In RSC only two people had warehouse access out of thirty. Everyone who gets into SNOW will become an officer and all the magical benefits of "send to warehouse" that entails. While RSC was more geared towards world domination this is more about pissing around and having fun. The attitude and what we stand for is the biggest change I'd say :)


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1 minute ago, Banished Privateer said:

I've done more than 30, never counted. Overall found only 3 Epic Chests and no rare ship so far in any of those. Santa Cecilia anyways is avarage ship, nothing compared to what it used to be before the wipe :)

It's a legend living on the stories from the past.

I miss mine :(

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