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New Captains - Read This First

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Erm..one more thing - To chat press enter, type, then press enter again to send. To exit chat press esc.


And one more... to enter aiming mode, right click when looking in the direction you want to fire. To fire - space-bar for a single ranging shot, or left mouse button to fire a whole broadside.


Last one, i promise... if someone could scare up a screeny with some explanations for the damage indicator... my editing skills are pretty bad.

Basically though, the 4 bars in the top left of the screen show your ships armour. If you look carefully you will see that they are surrounded by an outline of a ship, facing right. That means the two vertical bars represent your front and rear (bow and stern [i hope i got that right! would be embarrassing otherwise...]) armour, and the two horisontal bars represent your left (port) and right (starboard) armour, top and bottom bar, respectively.

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For the system requirements you might want to include a bit about confusion with directx.  Just because your dxdiag says you have directx11 doesn't mean your card supports it.  You need to double check with the manufacturer as you stated above.  This is mostly an issue with integrated video chips in laptops instead of discreet video cards.  Some people have become quite upset because they have looked in dxdiag and it says they have dx11 when actually their card is not compatible with dx11 so they need to check the specs on their card instead of looking at dxdiag.

So, if you have an integrated chip, here is a list of intel chips (Intel HD Graphics):



Basically, in this list anything in the 7th generation should work with Naval Action.  Those before the 7th will NOT and there is nothing that can be done about it except get a new computer or if you have a desktop computer get a video card.

I do not know much about amd chips as I have never owned one or if I have it was several years ago:


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