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  1. It's a terrible idea IMO. There is already a very nice system in place that works rather well: player experience. You fight with or against a certain ship, you'll learn its strengths and weaknesses. This is what NA should be about. Not some artificial "bonus" unlocks for grinding Constitutions.
  2. IMO the fact that you need to lose a ship 5 times in order to actually, finally lose it already provides quite a bit of a safety margin. Without at least some kind of feeling of danger the game would lose much of its appeal to me.
  3. I just did a Kapitein-Lieutenant mission in a Cerberus, the proper ship for that level (195/200 crew). I was pitted against a Renommee with close to 300 crew, commanded by a flag captain. I managed to beat him. Barely. AI at that level is absolutely deadly with the gunnery.
  4. Ich habe gestern eine unterbemannte Renomme mit meiner Cerberus versenkt. Ich bin locker auf ein Verhältnis von 2:1 Breitseiten gekommen. Das macht die stärkere Panzerung und Bewaffnung nicht wett. Fürs PvE Grinding OK, aber fürs PvP sind die Mali auf Nachladezeit und Segelmanöver übel.
  5. I think crew penalties ATM are pretty much spot on. The AI needs to suffer the same penalties as human players do though.
  6. A magic GPS marker, no. An ingame instrument like a sextant to get a vague sense of where we are, yes please.
  7. Capturing trade ships can yield very nice profits. I once captured a a trader snow with a load of compass wood: 30.000 gold. Got a blue upgrade: another 20.000 gold. Sold the snow plus the gold for the fight: another 5.000.
  8. Lower level AI is fine IMO, but the higher level ones (like flag captain) are veritable snipers.
  9. Two hours earlier would probably work best for all the guys in the Euro timezone.
  10. No broadside batteries for trader ships. Until we get real merchantmen the brig and snow models are just substitutes.
  11. You can capture enemy ships. And there is a pirate faction.
  12. Depends on playstyle and situation. I prefer carronades on ships smaller than frigates because the engagement ranges are usually quite small and at close distances carronades do substantially more damage than cannons. The longer reload of the carronades are no problem if you constantly turn to fire off both broadsides. I would fill the snow's broadsides with carronades and use some long bow chasers. This setup would do best in PvE. In PvP the lower speed of the Snow means a faster ship with cannons could kite a carronade Snow, so you might consider a different setup if you plan on mainly doing PvP.
  13. Der Autoskipper stellt die Segel immer für die beste Geschwindigkeit ein. Wenn Du eine Kurve segelst willst Du idR aber nicht die höchste Geschwindigkeit sondern möglichst die engste Kurve fahren. Mit dem manuellen Einstellen der Segel benutzt Du praktisch den Wind um entweder den Bug oder das Heck (je nach Windrichtung) mittels der Segel herum zu drehen und damit deutlich schneller zu drehen. Und bei den schwerfälligeren Rahsehglern wirst Du es ohne manuelle Segelsteuerung auch kaum schaffen durch den Wind zu kreuzen. Das Ruder musst Du während der Kurve entweder fest stellen (2x die enstprechende Taste drücken) oder die Taste gedrückt halten, die Tasten für die Ausrichtung der Rahen so lange bis sie die korrekte Ausrichtung haben. Ist man wieder auf Kurs wird mit F dann wieder den Autoskipper eingeschaltet.
  14. I would prefer to keep it simple with a unified currency, called either Gold or Doubloons. No need for copper&silver IMO.
  15. Right now ramming is still encouraged by the minimal amount of damage sustained in the process, especially for the ramming ship. Just crash into a ship at full speed, flip survival on and you're good. IMO true ramming should result in the almost certain loss of both ships.
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