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  1. At the start of the campaign I'd love to have the option to have nations start with their historical fleet. What they build from there...I don't know.
  2. I'd also like to see coast defence ships, mine layers, mine sweepers and gun boats. Oh, and auxiliary cruisers and other raiders, as well as various armed merchantmen, and the Q ships.
  3. Just wanted to chip in to say that I agree about the timers. I'd love to fight battles without timers!
  4. Am I the only one that misses it? The new system seems bland and dumbed down by comparison.
  5. Why do ai ships have to randomly spawn? Why can't they follow some logical behavior? Lack of X in port Y = ai traders see a chance to cash in and more of them head there, bringing X from ports that have a surplus, and so on.
  6. And, to elaborate, without international trade, why would I ever leave the safe areas? With it, other nations would have a chance to catch me in the national waters of a 3rd nation, where they can attack me.
  7. Which is why I'm starting to wonder why we need the open world at all. PVP players are unhappy at having to spend time looking for kills and traders are unhappy because the open world has very little of interest to them. Just forget the open world and go back to being world of sailships.
  8. So trading is infuriating now. It seems prices only update when the server updates, which twice now has caught me mid trade run, meaning that by the time i get to my destination the goods I brought sell at a huge loss inducing 1 real. Last time was Wednesday. I left those goods in the warehouse, and finally got to sell them today (Saturday). Also, the fact that, as far as I understand, the main idea behind the trade system is to bring goods from other ports to the capital seems, at the moment, to mean that more often than not, the capital is flooded with goods. International trade is impossible since nations are at permanent war with each other.
  9. My 2p on the clan thing. I have no interest in joining a clan, and would resent the game forcing me to do so. Creating my own clan is fine (I've already done so, just for fun), but that seems pointless for most people.
  10. See picture below. So, in Gustavia there are over 800 units of cacao. So many units that the price you can sell for is 1. The price to buy 1 unit is over 12k. Why? If there is such a surplus, surely the buy and sell price would both be low? New Bitmap Image.bmp
  11. My 2p. The weight of the resources (100 for most) means more wasted space in trader holds. It also means that fighting ships have less opportunity to pick goods up from sunk merchants. The streamlined crafting is nice i guess in a meh sort of way. I actually preferred the old one. Love me some historical detail! Trading makes little sense to me at the moment. In Gustavia one type of good has accumulated, driving the sell price down to 1, where it has stayed for days on end, since no sane trader would buy for the way too high buy price. Shouldn't a glut also drive the buy price down?
  12. Since i keep adding stuff at random times, from now on the new additions will be highlighted in green in the two posts containing my ideas.
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