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  1. At the start of the campaign I'd love to have the option to have nations start with their historical fleet. What they build from there...I don't know.
  2. I'd also like to see coast defence ships, mine layers, mine sweepers and gun boats. Oh, and auxiliary cruisers and other raiders, as well as various armed merchantmen, and the Q ships.
  3. Just wanted to chip in to say that I agree about the timers. I'd love to fight battles without timers!
  4. My 2p on the clan thing. I have no interest in joining a clan, and would resent the game forcing me to do so. Creating my own clan is fine (I've already done so, just for fun), but that seems pointless for most people.
  5. Since i keep adding stuff at random times, from now on the new additions will be highlighted in green in the two posts containing my ideas.
  6. One more: Related to the above, relevant illnesses, such as scurvy, should be modeled, along with preventives, such as vitamin c rich fruits.
  7. The first post is becoming rather long, so I've decided to add some more points here, in a new post. This post will deal with the economy, the way I'd like to see it work. Master list of goods Primary Secondary Master list of buildings Building Upgrades When first constructed a building is level 1. To construct a building costs money. On construction of certain buildings, the owner is required to specify the desired output. The owner can change the desired output when desired after construction. A newly constructed building is empty, and won't
  8. Players should be able to send trading ships on runs under ai control, to help keep important ports supplied. If a ship is lost under ai control it is destroyed. Goods transported this way would be sold to the shop in the target port, or delivered to the player's warehouse, depending on the player's choice when setting up the trade run. It should also be possible to ship owned goods from a warehouse in this way. More than one player should be able to join their ai ships together, creating convoys that sail together. It should also be possible to define the route taken by a convoy, and to drop
  9. added one more idea: Players should be able to set up contracts offering loans of all kinds of money which would be repaid with interest determined by the lender.
  10. Reason being I got fed up with the game shortly after posting and didn't play until just now, which reminded me of how good the game could (have been?) be.
  11. I will (have by the time you read this) edit that point for clarity. You may well disagree with me still, but at least we will be disagreeing about the same thing.
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