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  1. Here is a link to the topic you're looking for T0byJug Keyboard Shortcuts List / Keybinding Suggestions Also see: Where's the topic am I looking for?
  2. I personally have no problem with it, I think the Surprise looks just fine. Also, while it's not an issue for me personally, this section of the forums is the english section. Perhaps if you could use google translate to translate what you're saying in to english before posting, that would be a little more helpful, whether it's broken english or not Like I said, I don't really have a problem with it, but it might be better to do it that way.
  3. Oh alright, I see what you're saying. Wow that is a really strange issue. I'll have to give it a try myself and see if I can reproduce your results. Admin, do you happen to have any information as to why the left mouse button seemingly cannot be used as the single shot button?
  4. Fun fact, (as an indie developer that uses unity) the reason it is called jump is because Unity provides it's own Input manager that provides default ones as well as the ability to add/remove new ones and full customization over it. One of the default buttons used for recognizing input is spacebar and is named Jump since that is typically what it's used for. It's this Input Manager that allows control customization because the other way to check for input is literally hardcoding specific keys that CAN'T be changed without editing the script file itself. It's strange that the devs haven't chang
  5. Lol if it weren't for this awful limited likes per day thing, I would like your post so hard xD it wasn't even that funny, but for some reason I died at that part of the movie. I guess going from the mostly serious attitude and dinners shown in the Hornblower series, to seeing a drunken captain making bad puns was unexpected
  6. Yeah, while I understand where the OP is coming from, I wholeheartedly disagree with this idea. Like others have said, you need to just get used to the aiming system, it's really not that hard once you start getting used to it, no matter the size of your vessel. It takes a little instinct to aim your shots, and know when and where to fire by judging the roll of your ship, your speed, the enemy's speed, the direction they're traveling in relation to you etc. Instinct that you will develop more and more over time and you'll get used to between ships. This is one of the things that makes a good p
  7. I semi agree with this only I think it should be Survival mode as Balsafer mentioned. Maybe while in survival mode if you haven't fired your cannons for a certain amount of time (something short but reasonable) your crew would very slowly repair hull and sails up to maybe 30% of their total health/armor.. Players could peel off and buy themselves some time while not becoming too unreasonable. But at the same time, I am ok with the current system. If you've had to use 3 repair kits, and are still getting pummeled, you've already suffered a huge amount of damage, which in the real world would mo
  8. Wait a minute. Isn't this my thread? I know for SURE that poll is the one I created. Unless somehow me and Ligator asked the SAME question with the SAME options to choose from. Mods may have taken my poll and associated it with this thread instead. Lol meh, as long as the topic has been suggested or brought up I'm happy, and he's a fellow fleet member .. I obviously am all for staggered deck loading, I think it'd be very useful to have.
  9. I am not sure if this has been asked, mentioned, talked about, etc. etc. before. The search on this site doesn't like me .. Anyway, I was curious about separate deck loading. For example, deck one loads chain, while deck 2 loads cannonballs. That way one could lock their lower decks, fire their chain at sails, then fire their cannonballs at the hull. Is this practical? Or would it be overpowered? Are there any cases in history where this kind of tactic was actually used? I have to imagine it was. While it presents an additional advantage I can see how it could also be considered overpowered, e
  10. Yes please. I'd love to see this in Naval Action. My love for the Hornblower series drives me to fight for this if necessary
  11. Just thought I'd share this with everyone. While I appreciate the youtuber hanano miri for uploading the Hornblower series. I must give kudos to Shu WB as well, as he has also uploaded the hornblower series and in much higher quality. Also in hanano's upload of episode 4, he turns on some strange auto focus thing which makes episode 4 of the series an absolute horror to watch. So without further ado, here is the link to Shu WB's Hornblower playlist. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQWnME-bgtLzy7qIf3bp2S7ZjSBM0K4C0
  12. If you've got room, yet another novice sailor, at your service.
  13. These are some great pictures. Very beautifully drawn
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