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  1. To the OP. Admin answered well and to the point. It will be looked at and fixed. People need to understand there's a certain order on what can be changed/fixed. It's not ready, give it time. If you don't like it, come back at a later time. Player fluctuation will happen, the devs know it. They are the ones that have all the risk with making this game. Us, on the other hand...$40. I got my monies worth the first week of sea trials....
  2. Close Action is a must for any age of sail enthusiast.
  3. Petrov

    Huge FPS drop

    please lets not start a fps debate... Anyway, sometimes with new patches, graphics settings get reset. Maybe check the settings.
  4. Pretty much. We had zero intention of actually planting the flag. We were looking for PVP pure and simple. If mechanics were there so that allies could join in the port battle, it would have been a different story probably.
  5. It's still showing in Tribunal for me.... This is not against the current rules, so no tribunal should have been made. I don't think the captured ship is considered "green" by the game unless you take command. But I agree, the mechanic needs some work.
  6. Please close this thread or relocate it to suggestions forums. This not a tribunal case. The issue is that the OP is ok with competing for the Brit trader. But competing should also mean to shoot at the French who decided to come in. Realize that the current mechanics blocks the French from shooting at you as well, so you are on equal terms. Yes I agree the mechanic is somewhat odd and needs fine tuning. To the OP, posting this in the suggestions forums without name calling would have resulted in a much better discussion imo. Why bring this to tribunal? You were solo hunting in enemy contested waters...what did you expect?
  7. All this forum PVP makes for a interesting read... I think it's important to note that without proper diplomatic mechanics in game, no person or group of people speaks for a entire nation. We do not have nations. What we have is anarchy. Different clans, with different goals, different strategies across all nations. The nation that can unify its player base towards a single goal and strategy will have the advantage. Of course there's the whole numbers advantage, but that is a separate discussion
  8. I agree with this. I don't care about the grind, it's the fact that playing VS AI is just not my thing. The PVP combat is where this game shines. Make PVP the ultimate goal. Right now everyone is scared to fight and be sunk in their precious ship, so they all go PVE grind. Small PVP battles would be cool, but its all cutters and the larger ships just leave because they are afraid to get sunk. Personally I really like the concept of OW and what it could eventually offer, but the fun of this game is truly PVP combat,
  9. I heard an interesting idea from the devs. When diplomacy comes into play and nations become allies. The idea was that nations can use pirates as a proxy to inflict war on their "allies". I think we need to wait for more mechanics to be fleshed out before judging if pirates should change or not, but I generally agree that Pirates need to be somewhat different and play a different role.
  10. I love exploring, but I'm not going to get anywhere because no XP is gained. Make exploring a type of mission.
  11. This. Missions need to be more then just go kill this other AI. Exploration, courier etc. Make people have to travel the map and risk being caught in PVP. Risk vs reward should be properly balanced. For the first few missions, yes make them close to port and easy, but after that, it needs more.
  12. But once you are in any other ship other then free cutter, you loose it right? Yes, I've been in a few small PVP battles and it's early sea trials all over again....no teamplay, no chat, just pure grind XP to the next ship.
  13. Not exactly the same issue, but where are these ships? I can see one redeemable yacht and that's it. I first made may char on last tuesday on PVP1, but I now on PVP2. Haven't deleted any chars.
  14. I agree with the OP in that as testers we should keep our cool and try to answer the concerns as best we can. These steam post happen all the time when a game releases, especially on EA. Most of these post are just trolling. For the people who aren't trolling and are legit complaining about the price, I just don't understand. If you can't buy it, then either save up or don't buy it. It really just boils down to that. Each dev team have different price models and things to consider for setting a price. You can sell less at a higher price compared to many copies at a lower price and make more profit for example. Many niche games use this model. If the devs didn't choose the right model (I don't think that btw), then it's their company, their salary...not ours. We have the choice to not buy if we think it's not fair.
  15. Had to reboot, and just let steam do its thing....it updated after 5 mins or so.
  16. same here. Never had this issue with steam before. Verified local files usually pushes the update but nothing.
  17. That's why I was questioning. I can't really see any actual fun gameplay being in a storm, unless they implement many different scripted events. I just don't think it is really worth the time and effort at this point. Anyone who sailed in sea trials on storm map trying to get that last AFK player upwind will probably understand.
  18. but what is the game play once you are in this storm instance? What do you have to do to make this a fun experience if you are stuck for 30mins+ alone in the instance.
  19. So true. I really hope to see this again in the current OW. Large scale PVP battles. It's where the game really shines.
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