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Registration / Key / Installation / Activation Problems


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Hello to you all.


I must be doing something wrong.


I pre-ordered Naval Action today and received a PayPal receipt confirming my payment.


I have received nothing from Naval Action.


Checked my Spam folder. Nothing there.


Where can I download the game please?


Pre order pack is priced at $39.99 and includes:

  • 1x digital copy of the game $29.99 value
  • 1x premium Yacht $20 value
  • Immediate to limited Sea Trials, where we will be testing combat and sailing characteristics in PvE and PvP combat.
  • Early access to the game and open world prototype testing as soon as it opens on Steam.
  • Additional bonuses that we will add as we expand content

Thank you


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So i've finished downloading and installing, and I also read the forum post on how to activate but I'm still unsure of how to login. Do I use the steam login option or the default option? When I use the steam option I get an error "Steam: SteamAPI_Init() failed." Do i use my forum account to login? 


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So I got the steam key for the game today (can't wait to get playing) And I encountered something strange when activating the steam key. After typing in the key, I got a screen saying "Print receipt to remember your account" or something along those lines. When I hit print receipt all it printed was a strange black page with a few white rectangles of text saying "was succesful" "using the account name (my account name)" and other snippets of info. By the time I noticed it I had already gone to the next screen and started downloading the game which was probably a big mistake and could not go back. Question, was there something very important on that?


Thanks in advance,


Capt Aerobane.


 PS. also sorry if this is something that should be asked on the steam forums I am not very experienced with buying games online.

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