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  1. Just got back to NA after a very long absence. I am unable to start the game beyond the Shard Selection screen. SELECT does not activate. Grateful for any help.
  2. OW is currently very quiet with just a hint of some sea sounds. I am a big believer in the importance of sound to create a suitable atmosphere and enhance the immersion factor. Sailing in OW towards your mission target, for example, could include some dramatic music and battle drums on the approach to the target. Anything to break the quiet monotony.
  3. I have tried setting up my own mission, but when I arrive at the mission location, I can see the crossed swords on the map, and the crossed swords in OW. I am still unable to enter the battle. Do the crossed swords for my mission look any different to the usual white ones?
  4. I have been playing for hundreds of hours, but as of today, i am unable to join existing battles. When I select and approach the crossed swords, nothing happens. The Join Britain pop up does not appear. I have tried with 20-30 battles. I have reported it with F11. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. For some reason, the join battle box is not appearing any more. Tried in different battles, but no luck.
  6. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5421-open-world-server-status-servers-are-on/page-36 Has this thread been replaced by another one? Last post is dated January 23. Currently shows SERVERS ARE ON. Login shows maintenance on all servers.
  7. OK a couple of things. 1. When a battle ends, why does the crossed swords symbol still remain in view? I seem to be spending a lot of time clicking on the battle symbol, only to be told that the battle is closed. Shouldn't the symbol just disappear when the battle is over? 2. Map view.The small symbols (coloured circles) that give you information about the various ports are very difficult to distinguish.Some of the colours used are very similar. Perhaps letters could be used instead (B for British,. F for French, etc.)
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